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JO_Althawra school_Ahmed


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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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JO_Althawra school_Ahmed

  1. 1. Warm up for the games Welcome to Londonfamous Places in london Ahmed alsmair work catalog
  2. 2. Buckingham palaceLondon residence of Her MajestyQueen Elizabeth II.Buckingham House was build by Dukeof Buckingham in 1703 and George IVrebuild as a castle.Buckingham palace has been open forpublic since 1993.
  3. 3. Buckingham palace
  4. 4. Big Ben
  5. 5. Big Ben
  6. 6. London Eye
  7. 7. London Eye
  8. 8. Tower of LondonTower of London is a historical monumentlocated in central London adjacent to the RiverThames and Tower Bridge. This complex wasbuild in year 1078 by William the Conqueror.This was used for different purposes such as apalace, as well as prison through out the history.This also used storehouse of the royal jewels.
  9. 9. Tower of London
  10. 10. Tower bridgeTower bridge was build in year 1894 across theriver of Thames. This London attraction wasbuild with two giant towers and middle can beraised up so ships can pass through. This wasdesigned by Wolfe Barry and 60 meters inlength. This can be raised up to 43 meters.
  11. 11. Tower bridge
  12. 12. Hampton Court PalaceHampton Court Palace is a historical building with more than500 years of history. This was a former Royal palace and Theconstruction was started in year 1515 by Thomas Wolsey, thechief minister of the king. King Henry VIII took over this from him and made this as hispalace. also he has done major changes to the original design.
  13. 13. Hampton Court Palace