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UK_Our Lady's Abingdon Secondary school_8C


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UK_Our Lady's Abingdon Secondary school_8C

  1. 1. Olympics 2012Welcome Athletes To London 2012
  2. 2. What makes the U.K so famous? Let’s have a look……
  3. 3. The Houses of Parliament
  4. 4. Stone Henge
  5. 5. Tower Bridge
  6. 6. The London Eye
  7. 7. The Gherkin
  8. 8. Buckingham Palace
  9. 9. The Angel of the North
  10. 10. Hampton Court Palace
  11. 11. Windsor Castle
  12. 12. Wembley Stadium
  13. 13. Great British FoodGreat British food can be fish, Tea, chips, marmite Sunday roast, full English breakfast and Anglo-Indian curry. English food is very established it comes from the cooks heart he cooks it withcompassion and love. The most common English food is the full Anglo -Indian curry. Tea is themost consumed foreign export in England. English breakfast is a worldwide cuisine it is mainlyserved in many hotels and bed n breakfast.