Quach Thi Thu Trang - Luong the Vinh Secondary School


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I'm a global citizen competition (Vietnam)

Quach Thi Thu Trang
Luong the Vinh Secondary School, Vietnam

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Quach Thi Thu Trang - Luong the Vinh Secondary School

  1. 1. I’m A Global Citizen National Winner Vietnam
  2. 2. ORANGE MISERY Quach Thi Thu Trang Class 8f – Luong The Vinh Secondary School
  3. 3. One day, I found some dreadful photos on the “Morning news”. The title was : “Orange misery” It really haunted me. Orange misery Morning news TW Hanoi City 13/06/2009
  4. 4. <ul><li>Agent orange is herbicide medicine what was used by American Empire in the Vietnam War. </li></ul>
  5. 5. In the 1960s, American Empire dropped about 18,000,000 liters of agent orange into Vietnam forests, disseminated the cancer over Vietnam. *About millions hectares of forests in Vietnam destroyed * 4.8 millions of people in Quang Tri Province and provinces along Truong Son Mountain effectes. What terrible data!
  6. 6. And, these are their life … Are there any impartiality and mischievous of a child in his eyes? They are living but what do they mean “life”? Have he ever seen the world? Have he ever felt the warmth of his mother’s hands? No! They never know how the real life is! What terrible photos!
  7. 7. But, let’s see what they – crippled – can do… Famous musican who play the piano with his feet. Student get won the first prize in the Olympic Contest. Young scientist. And all of them are actual Vietnamese, people who have humaneness and national nerve. They are Vietnam’s pride.
  8. 8. They caught the agent orange from their parents who attended in the war between 1961 and 1971. They don’t have completed bodies or intelligences, but they have iron will and determination to recure happiness for themselves and their families. They made me look back myself…
  9. 9. I usually complain recycling is too tired and taking much time. But he only wants to walk once. Sometimes I think studying is hard and stale. But their happiness is school. When I was six, I still want my mother to wash for me. But does he also want that? After a school year, I only want my result isn’t at the bottom of the class. But their aim is the best! I was surly with my mother’s excessive caring. But her mother’s caring console her too much!
  10. 10. I ask myself what do I really want? What have I ever do for my darling? What have I ever do for my community, for my nation, for my country? I want somethings mediocre : money and a full life. But I haven’t ever thought that there are also someone who only wants the normal life like everyone but can’t!
  11. 11. I can’t complain! I’m too lucky more than I need. I will share my luckiness to all miserable people by economizing my money to send to them. I hope that it can console to some extent their misery!
  12. 12. Let’s do for the better tomorrow!!!