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Whitchurch Primary School

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Alesha evie rosie

  1. 1. How do we recycle in the Uk? Recycling
  2. 2. How we recycle in the Uk? • We recycle paper, plastic bottles, tin cans, card board, food waste and garden waste. Everything that we don’t recycle goes to the landfill site. Toxins from landfill sites end up in lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans.
  3. 3. Where does our food waste go? • Our food waste goes outside our house in a compost bin. After that the bin men come and collect your compost bin. Compost gets turned into soil.
  4. 4. Where do are plastic bottles go? 1. Plastic bottles for recycling are collected from bottle banks or from curbside recycling boxes. The bottles are taken away by lorry to be sorted and then squashed into big blocks. The blocks are then taken to a factory, where they are cut up into small flakes – like little, colorful corn flakes. The flakes are washed and dried, then taken away to be melted and made into new plastic objects.
  5. 5. By Rosie, Evie and Alesha
  6. 6. By Rosie, Evie and Alesha