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  1. 1. Look around your classroomWhat color did you see?
  2. 2. TODAY’S LESSON 1. Color theory 2. How color affect our emotions
  3. 3. COLOR WHEEL Primary Color Secondary Color Tertiary Color
  4. 4. COLOR THEORY• Cool and Warm color• Complementary color• Monochromatic and Achromatic color• Analogous color
  5. 5. Cool color• left side of the color wheelEg. blues, greens, purples(and their values)
  6. 6. Warm color• right side of the color wheelEg. reds and yellows (and their values)
  7. 7. COLOR THEORYComplementary• Opposites on the colour wheel.• Placing complementary next to each other enhances them
  8. 8. Monochromatic• "mono" means "one", "chroma" means color; one color and its values Eg. – yellow (tint + shade)
  9. 9. Achromatic• means “free from color” referred to grey, neutral color
  10. 10. AnalogousColour sit side by side on the colour wheeland have a common hue. For example,orange, yellow and green are analogousbecause they all have yellow in common
  11. 11. VIDEO1. Take note of color used2. What kind of combination did they used.Dulux wall
  12. 12. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF COLOR?• PRIMARY COLOR, - Red, Blue, Yellow• SECONDARY COLOR - Purple, Orange, Green
  13. 13. RED• Passion• Power• Desire• Love• Danger
  14. 14. BLUE• Calm• Stable• Trust• Wisdom• Confidence
  15. 15. YELLOW• Happiness• Cheerful• Energy• Joy• Sunshine
  16. 16. GREEN• Harmony• Refresh• Growth• Nature• Fertility
  17. 17. PURPLE• Royalty• Nobility• Mysterious• Romantic• Luxury
  18. 18. ORANGE• Enthusiasm• Joy• Creative• Encouragement• Harvest
  19. 19. RECAP• Using color pencils. Complete the worksheet given.