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J.D. Stanley - Connected Urban Development Portfolio


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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J.D. Stanley - Connected Urban Development Portfolio

  1. 1. J.D. Stanley III Public Sector CTO Internet Business Solutions Group Cisco
  2. 2. Be Proud of CUD Accomplishments Broader commitment to ubiquitous broadband, information transparency, and services aggregation Deeper and broader public, private, and people partnerships emerging More and more civic and urban engagements focused on “experiences” & “the services,” rather than just features Visible progress toward environmental, economic, and social behavior changes that benefit individuals, along with local, regional, national, and global communities
  3. 3. Accomplishment: Portfolio of Opportunities Connected & Connected & Connected & Sustainable Sustainable Sustainable Sustainable Connected & Buildings Socio - Work Sustainable Energy Economics Mobility Work Buildings Engagement Mobility Driving an evolution of how Energy Modular and adaptive Fostering sustainable work people increase quality of How electric power is approaches to urban environments to meet the Personalizing the mobility life, along with participate generated, delivered, stored, management, along with needs of existing, new, and experience and enhancing and contribute to and consumed within virtual and physical future workforce ecosystems urban sustainability sustainability communities community engagements management through accessible and efficient for improving behaviors services Sustainable Planning Sustainability Collaboration Framework and Platform Broadband and ICT Platform – 4th Utility IP-Enabled Homes and Offices, Roads, Utilities, Workplace Design
  4. 4. Portfolio Mobility, Work, Buildings Connected and Sustainable Mobility Connected Public Transit Connected and Sustainable Buildings Personal Travel Assistant Connected Home Smart Transportation Pricing Connected Real Estate Urban Development and Renewal Connected and Sustainable Work Smart Work Centers Hub Pavilions Connected Workplace Connected Worker
  5. 5. Portfolio Energy, Engagement, ICT Connected and Sustainable Energy Smart Grids Green Information & Communication Micro Generation Infrastructure (ICT) Demand/Response Emergence of 4th Utility Connected Home/Community Sustainability Clouds & Fabrics Service-centric Platforms PoC Architectures Sustainable Socio Economics Sustainability Social Communities: Eco-maps Social/Incentive Networks: Eco-Pets; Green Rewards Global Climate and Carbon Communities
  6. 6. Connected Urban Environments: Urbanization Eco-Social Networks Configurability Eco-Social Networks Mobile Interactions Energy Contribution
  7. 7. Personal Travel Assistant: Extended Services
  8. 8. Connected Home: Integrated Approach
  9. 9. Community Community Exchange Web Collaboration Toolkits
  10. 10. Harnessing the Power of Collective: Digital Swarming Framework Emerging Sustainability Collaboration Approach Digital Swarming – harnessing the power of the public/private/people sustainability collective Cohesive execution with a purpose and intent Digital Swarming Framework Applied to PoCs Sustainability Social Networking Integration of Service Provisioning & Aggregation Avatars Personal Travel Speech to text/text to speech, automated Assistant integration, Distributed Intelligence Rich and immersive data access and utilization through Automated Assistance & Events mash ups of sensors, video, Integration of fused data, social networks, Existing Applications and other content Collaborative Communications Click to collaborative with co- workers, transportation Integration of authority, and others. Immersive Environments Decision Support tools Interact with assistant for BI, Simulation, etc planning day and improving upon day to day travel experiences overcoming disruptions, and ensuring productivity. Integration of Integration of Integration of Integration of Unified Content Communications Collaboration Aggregation Presence Integrated decision support TelePresence, Web, Geospatial, VoIP, IM, radios, Video, Voice XML, Video, Sensors, Connectivity, etc environment across, urban mobile, etc RFID environment, partners, businesses, and service providers