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Dr CK Kim, City of Seoul - U-TOPIS & Seoul PTA


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Dr CK Kim, City of Seoul - U-TOPIS & Seoul PTA

  1. 1. -0-
  2. 2. Seoul TOPIS Now TOPIS System (~Phase V) Create general Seoul traffic information such as TOPIS brand speed and integrated traffic volume Build optimized route guidance system based on all traffic-related information, real-time public transport information and incident information Provide intuitive traffic information service through DMB, Mobile Service(m702), Radio, TV, and Website: Customer-centric content -1-
  3. 3. Seoul TOPIS Now Type of Linked Information Speed Traffic Volume Integrated CCTV Image Traffic Emergency Data Information Bus Service Transportation Card -2-
  4. 4. Seoul PTA Now Pilot Features Citizens can access Seoul PTA on web-enabled device at anytime anywhere: Smart phones, PDAs, websites, and personal computers Seoul PTA is the world most advanced real-time personalized mobile travel assistant: For citizens to view and manage their personal mobility carbon footprint Haechi as a Virtual Assistant Haechi leads the citizens to the right direction by providing green route guidance. Consistent branding across the city -3-
  5. 5. Seoul PTA Now Integrated TOPIS functions (Back-end) Integrated monitoring Traffic speed and volume information Real-time traffic information Internet, Radio, Terestrial-DMB TV On-line traffic analysis program Speed, Volume, and T-Money data analysis DW (Data Warehouse) operation Data integrated with TOPIS Real-time traffic speed Public Transport (Bus and Subway) information Real-time incident information (Traffic accident, Open-air meeting, Construction) Mobility Carbon Reduction Guide Providing carbon calculation on each transport modes Providing carbon reduction incentive option -4-
  6. 6. Seoul PTA Live Demo -5-
  7. 7. Seoul PTA Live VoD Seoul PTA Video will be played. -6-
  8. 8. U-TOPIS in the future Vision of Seoul Urban Mobility (TOPIS + Seoul PTA) Optimized green route using real-time traffic, parking, and public transport information using all TOPIS systems Truly ubiquitous travel information service based on enhanced real-time traffic monitoring and control Based on open & standard platform, personalized mobility live navigation with maximum benefits Full carbon mileage program implementation using enhanced carbon calculation with real-time vehicle, transit, bike and walk information 1km Ahead Road Maintenance A Traffic Accident 10km/h 미만 정체 10km/h 미만 정체 지점 통과후 소통원활! B 도로 소통원활 우회하세요! 전방 승용차 추돌사고 10km/h 미만 정체 사고지점 통과후 소통원활 A 도로 승용차 추돌사고 10km/h 미만 정체 B 도로 소통원활 우회하세요! There is an Incident. Do you want to re-route? Real-time mobility carbon Park your bike and transfer to subway -7-
  9. 9. Seoul PTA Rollout Roadmap May Jan June 2009 2010 2010 Seoul Rollout Seoul PTA PTA Pilot Architecture Service Citywide CUD Seoul Planning Platform U-TOPIS Seoul PTA Global Launching V1 Service Conference Launching Seoul PTA Pilot Launching May 2009 Implementation Rollout Architecture Planning ~December 2009 Rollout requirements, Open Mobility Platform Architecture Resources planning and detail scheduling Platform-based Architecture, Seoul PTA V1 Implementation June 2010 Real-time bus speed enhancement Real-time public parking lot information integration -8-