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D1 Living Break Out Agenda


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Published in: Technology, Business
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D1 Living Break Out Agenda

  1. 1. Breakout Session Agenda Connected and Sustainable Living Themed Breakout Sessions Day 1: Thursday May 21, 2009 Time: 10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Overview In a time of global economic crisis and significant threats to climate change, cities are becoming vital hubs for the development of innovative solutions that address a new concept called Connected and Sustainable Energy—one that will have a positive effect on urban living. In urban environments, 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings and homes, which, in turn, represent more than 50 percent of total energy consumption. As a result, technology-based energy efficiency policies and measures are becoming instrumental not only in fighting climate change, but also in optimizing energy consumption patterns and costs, while creating new business opportunities that are a unique combination of economic and environmental sustainability. From smart electric grids that integrate local energy production based on renewable energy resources, to intelligent energy management systems, to smart buildings and domotics, to energy monitoring and control systems that can predict energy consumption based on human behavior, Connected and Sustainable Living is an innovative approach to improving the energy efficiency of urban environments through the use of broadband as the fourth utility. Connected and Sustainable Living is increasingly becoming more human- centric by encouraging citizens to engage in developing, testing, and adopting innovative solutions. Through interactive discussions, this breakout session looks at new ways to intelligently manage energy in urban areas, smart projects in development, and current Connected Urban Development (CUD) projects in Lisbon and Madrid. CUD cities and partners share their challenges, achievements, and lessons learned. Theme CUD Projects and Solutions CUD Team Carla Pedro, Maria-José Sobrini Time Speaker / Moderator Topic 10:30–10:40 a.m. Maria-Jose Sobrini / Carla Pedro, The principle of Connected and Cisco IBSG Sustainable Living (introductory remarks) 10:40–11:25 a.m. Panel Discussion: Evolution, achievements, and Mrs. Ana Reguero, Head of lessons learned from CUD Residential Department, Urbanism sustainable living and energy Area of Madrid City Council; projects in Madrid, and Lisbon; João Fernandes, Ministry of - UrbanEnergy Management for Education, Portugal; homes and communities in Madrid Moderators: Maria-Jose Sobrini / - Smart UrbanEnergy for Schools in Carla Pedro, Cisco IBSG Lisbon 11:25–11:40 a.m. Vin Sumner, DEHEMS / Green Technology evolution in sustainable Shift living 11:40–11:55 a.m. Carolyn Purcell, Cisco IBSG Urban energy communities and providers: “Pecan Street” project.” Is this the future? 11:55 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Final remarks and wrap up