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connect digital health

  2. 2. Why digital health is important to your business?o Digital innovation is transforming healthcare like never beforeo A new landscape of a patient-centric, connectivity-driven service economy is evolving rapidlyo Future healthcare leaders yet to be choseno Lucrative opportunities for fast lateral movement for non healthcare industries
  3. 3. What are the CDH’s objectives?Building Ecosystem: Digital delivery of healthcare will reorganiseexisting relationships by injecting new players into the dynamic mix.CDH brings stakeholders together into a cohesive ecosystem.Thought Leadership: CDH continues to attract some of the leadingplayers in the world of technology and healthcare in order to become thevoice that guides the industry which is currently in the early stages of itsdevelopment.Industry Trends & Insight: What are the current trends in digitalhealth? What is the FDA/EMEA thinking regarding regulating socialmedia? When is an app a medical device? One of the objectives ofCDH is to make such insights, best practice and other curated contentto its members.
  4. 4. What are CDH’s activities?1. CDH Online: CDH offers aprominent online presence of itsactivities, opinions and sponsors2. CDH Advisory Board: CDHhas an active advisory boardcomposed of leading investors,entrepreneurs and industryplayers. We expect to expandthis board in coming months.The advisory board steers thevision and activities of CDH
  5. 5. What are CDH’s activities?3.Flagship Events: CDH annualinvestor and partnership forumheld in May will be the flagshipindustry event which bring togetherhandpicked attendees to networkand meet innovative ideas fromaround the world4. Ecosystem Events: Throughoutthe year a number of smallerevents will focus on nicheecosystem players such asacademics, makers and hackers .
  6. 6. What are CDH’s activities?5. Industry Intelligence: CDHis in the process of launchingsector focussed reports, newsand intelligence.6. Innovation Forum: Onlineand offline mentoring schemematching entrepreneurs withinvestors and industry players
  7. 7. Digital Health Partnering & Investment Forum 2013This is CDH’s flagship event taking place in May 2013 at The KingsFund in London, UK. Annual Digital Health Partnering & InvestmentForum will bring together industry leaders and investors for a globalupdate of digital health. This conference is an exciting opportunity forCXO/VP/Partner level executives in digital health related fields to learnabout developments in the field. “interact one to one with potential partners and innovative thinkers in digital healthcare”
  8. 8. Digital Health Partnering & Investment Forum 2013 Confirmed Speakers:Agenda: David Ewing Duncan award- winning, best-selling author of eight• Future of books published in 19 languages; he is a journalist and a television, healthcare radio and film producer and correspondent. His most recent• Innovation book is When Im 164: The new• Partnering science of radical life extension, and what happens if it succeeds• Investment Tamar Kasriel is listed by Wired• Regulatory magazine as one of the worlds landscape most influential futurists and uses her logical and creative approach to understanding the consumer of the future.
  9. 9. Attendee Mix & Key Features Technology Others Companies Providers • Stimulating keynotes Big Pharma • Designed for partnering Medtech and investmentStartups • Attendance by invitation only Venture IT Solution Providers Capitalists • Strict entry criteria for High Growth Digital Health presenting companies Companies • One on one meetings
  10. 10. Benefits of SupportReach out to an emerging andincreasingly complex industry ecosystemIdentify and exploit industry trends asthey happenPosition your organisation as a leadingand innovative brand in healthcareNetwork with business leaders andparticipate in exciting events relevant toyour businessBuild new networks, join new ecosystemsand explore new innovations
  11. 11. Upcoming Ecosystem EventsDigital Health Economy From apps to a patient centric new economyImpact of Big Data on Healthcare Outcomes3D Printing Impact on medical device industryBig Data Mining IP and Regulatory Issues
  12. 12. Sponsorship & Support Platinum Partner Event Partner Session Ecosystem Event Supporter Supporter• Steering Committee • Social media • Provide person to • 3m x 2m exhibition Role commentator chair the session stand• 10 complimentary • 8 Complimentary • 4 complimentary • Signage on event passes passes places material• 6m x 2m exhibition • 3m x 2m exhibition • 3m x 2m exhibition • Logo on event stand stand stand website• Private meeting room • On screen • Name on website • A4 advert in delegate• On screen logo/projection • Logo on event booklet logo/projection • Signage on event website • EITHER• Signage on event material • A4 advert in delegate • Logo on front page of material • Company name on book delegate book• Company name on website • Facility to use the • Or main page of website • Logo on event one to one partnering • Main page of• Logo on event website website system conference website• A4 advert in delegate • A4 advert in • Facility to use the booklet delegate booklet one to one partnering• Facility to use the one • Facility to use the system to one partnering one to one system partnering system
  13. 13. Thank