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RB 3on3 Huntsville Presenting Sponsor

  1. 1. Presenting Sponsor Rick and Bubba 3on3 EventHuntsville | Madison Square Mall 2012
  2. 2. Quick Overview Web andMass Media Social Media Event DayPrint Media Exposure Title Sponsor Commitment
  3. 3. City Wide Basketball & Family Event Tour!Over $300,000 in Promotional Value For Your Company
  4. 4. Huge Regional Impact Last Year | HuntsvilleOver 70 Basketball Teams and over 350 Players | Largest in Alabama
  5. 5. Over 2,500+ Total Event Day Attendees
  6. 6. Spanning All Ages
  7. 7. May 5th, 2012 | Huntsville Presenting SponsorEvent features approximately 100 teams consistingof proven leaders and influencers in their workplace, community, and schools Event provides FREE Family Fun Zone for all agesgiving your company and/or product an attentive and involved audienceExposure on The Rick and Bubba Show, featured onthousands of flyers, posters, t-shirts, billboards, and other printed material
  8. 8. Captive Event and Pre-Event Audience Millions of Impressions
  9. 9. Big Prizes For Participants!Big Cash Prizes For Winners  $10,000 Hot Shot Contest  $500 3-Point Shootout
  10. 10. Media Exposure
  11. 11. The Rick and Bubba Show | 8-10 weeks of Live Mentions| Over $150,000 Value
  12. 12. Rick and Bubba Show3 Million Listeners Each Week | Syndicated Mon-Fri in 67 Markets & XM Radio 166 Promotions Cut for Huntsville by 100.3 The River/Clear Channel
  13. 13. Mass Media• Every other mention of the event on air will include your company as a Presenting Sponsor• The Rick and Bubba Network will provide $150,000 worth of promotion and marketing between February and May 2012 • The Rick & Bubba Show generates 1 million listeners every quarter hour• Local Radio 100.3 The River provides over $115,000 value in promotions • Rick and Bubba will personally record 30 second promotions to be aired in your market• Fox 54 Television Ads • 50+ Thirty second Television Commercials • Over $50,000 Value
  14. 14. Estimated $50,000 Worth TV Commercials April 2012 – May 2012
  15. 15. Web and Social Media• Your company will be featured on www.rickandbubba.com/events • Traffics 2 million page views per month with 400,000 unique visits• In addition your company will be featured 10-20 times prior to the event on the Rick and Bubba Facebook Fan Page with over 133,000 Fans!• Your company will also be featured on www.rickandbubba3on3.com • Traffics 29,600 Page Views and 15,900 Unique Views during peak months • A link to your website will be included on this page • All player registrations will take through this site as well• 100.3 The River will include your company in Site Display Ads and Rich Media including logos and links • An estimated 9,000 impressions during peak marketing time frame• 100.3 The River will send thousands of VIP Listeners an email many times prior to event day• Connect 3on3 will include your company name and a link to your website in emails sent to over 2000 individuals and organizations within your region
  16. 16. Event Sitewww.rickandbubba3on3.com
  17. 17. Print Media• Your company will be displayed on every printed marketing piece for the Event • Over 100,000 promotional flyers • 1000 posters • Newspaper advertisements • Banners: 3 minimum
  18. 18. Event Day
  19. 19. May 5th, 2012 | Madison Square Mall• Your company will be recognized as it’s industry exclusive sponsor.• Your company will be able to place coupons, advertisements, and/or flyers in the tournament bag given to every participant (2,000 – 3,000 bags)• Your company’s logo will be on every tournament player t-shirt• Your company will have exposure throughout the event by way of banners and other printed materials
  20. 20. May 5th, 2012 | Madison Square Mall• Your company will receive 3 wristbands for entry into the VIP Tent• A logo banner will be displayed in the hospitality tent during event, as well as, a banner on championship courts representing your company• Your company will be given 5 free team registrations for the Tuscaloosa Rick and Bubba 3on3 Tournament• Your company will have the opportunity to set up 10’X10’ or 15’X15” display area in order to display and distribute your product to all event participants
  21. 21. Event Day: Basketball Tournament
  22. 22. Free Family Fun Zone• Up to 2,000 Attendees•5-7 Inflatable Obstacles•15 Carnivals Game Stations•Major Food Vendors•Prizes and Giveaways All Day•Music, PA Sponsor Mentions and More
  23. 23. Quality Life Event
  24. 24. Presenting Sponsor Commitment•Your company contributes $9,500 to the Rick and BubbaConnect 3on3 Basketball Event•Your company would cooperate with Connect 3on3 staff inproviding appropriate branding and marketing file to ensureyour company is represented in a satisfactory way•Your company would commit to the over all excellence ofthe Rick and Bubba Connect 3on3 Basketball Tournament
  25. 25. Place a check mark next to your desired level of sponsorshipPresenting Level Sponsorship $9,500I, _______________________, on behalf of ____________________________, commit to sponsor theHuntsville Rick and Bubba Connect 3on3 Basketball Tournament._________________________ _____________________Authorized Signature Date_______________________ ___________________________Phone Number Email AddressScan/Email your completed contract to josh@connect3on3.com or mail to the address below.Payment for sponsorship should be made to Connect Basketball.This payment can be mailed to the following address: Rick and Bubba Connect 3on3 PO BOX 453 Nolensville, TN 37135If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Once payment is received, you will be provided with more informationabout the event along with marketing materials for your place of business. Thank you for your partnership!
  26. 26. Presenting Sponsor Rick and Bubba 3on3 EventHuntsville | Madison Square Mall 2012