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Webinar: 2018 Product Roadmap for Secure, Scalable, Productive Team Collaboration


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In this webinar, speakers from our team presented the upcoming improvements and also demonstrated, live, the applications scheduled for release soon.

Watch the Webinar Video here:

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions, to help us fine tune and refine the offering.

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Webinar: 2018 Product Roadmap for Secure, Scalable, Productive Team Collaboration

  1. 1. Roadmap for Secure, Scalable, Productive Team Collaboration Date:16th May 2018, Time: 3PM to 4PM IST + Powered by
  2. 2. Sunil Uttam Director, Principal Solution Architect Rohan Pujari Solutions Expert Speakers Sandeep Sukhija Senior Software Engineer + Powered by
  3. 3. Vision for the Collaboration Environment
  4. 4. Unprecedented Scale & Elasticity 2017-2018 - Top Benefits Delivered Improved Onboarding Automation Fast, Easy, Always-On Knowledge Discovery Near Zero Downtime Zero ransomware infections via email Flexible Mixed Plans Managed Purchase & Subscription Via AWS marketplace Stronger System & Data Security Wider support for 3rd party tools
  5. 5. Product Vision for Our Customers Peripheral Security Filtering Integration Disaster Recovery
  6. 6. Data Security Compliance Knowledge Discovery Product Vision for Our Customers
  7. 7. Product Vision for Our Customers Secure Dependable Scalable Adaptable Flexible Affordable Private Open Productive Hassle Free
  8. 8. Deep Work Team Productivity Un-complicating Team Collaboration Product Vision for Our Customers
  9. 9. Continuous Platform Upgrades Product Vision for Our Customers Auto Scale API Auto Monitoring
  10. 10. System of doing business Product Vision for Our Customers Onboarding Automation Easy Subscription Managment
  11. 11. Digital Business & Email Email is not dead, It just become more valuable
  12. 12. The world is going Digital and Email is gaining importance as • Your Base Identifier • A universal Authentication key for any application you consume, & • A Single Notification window for all your digital traversal Digital Identify & Authentication
  13. 13. With all these messages flowing in, it is a security challenge and also a productivity drain to manage ever bloating mailboxes and ensure a reliable backup of all these email
  14. 14. Losing Mail, Not finding messages quickly, can mean a loss of business, reputation or even liability.
  15. 15. What you need is a Secure, Dependable and Supportive Business Email & Collaboration platform, as you go about transacting Business Digitally.
  16. 16. The robust Mithi Cloud platform provides a host of applications and tools to assist your Email communication with Business class email, Secure access, Contact management, Task lists, E-discovery, Data protection, Data privacy, Team collaboration and a host of add-on productivity tools…to make sure you’re on top of things. Scalable, Dependable, High Performance Cloud Platform
  17. 17. Continuous Improvement of the Security
  18. 18. Encrypted at rest and Encrypted in transit Upcoming Security Upgrade Intelligent rate control to mitigate DDOS attacks DLP connectors for Third party integration MDM connectors for TP integration VPN availability for customers by choice HTTP protected by a WAF
  19. 19. Upcoming Security Upgrade Third party certifications Digital signing and encryption of email Multi factor authentication
  20. 20. Scalability, Automation, & Access tools to meet future demand…
  21. 21. Upcoming Platform Upgrade Auto Scale APIs & WebServices Modularisation Automate Monitoring
  22. 22. The NEW Application Delivery platform comes built in with a range of new capability, is mobile responsive and is extendible with plugins, API to rapidly add features and capability, even by your teams.
  23. 23. Quick Overview of SkyConnect Apps Search across Folders Accessible from Mobile, Tab, Desktop Save Mail as task Threads/ Conversations Personal Groups
  24. 24. Quick Overview of SkyConnect Apps Multiple Compose windows Task listPhoto Notes for Each Contact Import/ Export VCARD
  25. 25. Quick Overview of SkyConnect Apps Import EMI & MBOX (Thunderbird) files Dropbox Connector Save mail as event Smoother Integration with calendar - integrate Tags for Tasks
  26. 26. Here’s a quick look at the Upcoming release for SkyConnect applications
  27. 27. SkyConnect apps in some detail E Mail Accessible from popular chat apps on the desktop, mobile devices and via browsers. Chat Accessible from popular chat apps on the desktop, mobile devices and via browsers. Calendar & Task Manager Accessible via popular calendar apps on desktop, mobile devices and via browser. Contacts Shared and Personal Contacts, Accessible via apps and browsers Integration Open Standards & APIs based interface to integrate collaboration features with business apps.
  28. 28. • Spam & Virus, malware Protection from world leaders • Lightning fast email delivery • Advanced Security features like mail policies, access control etc. • Integrated web client and support for popular and free desktop and mobile email clients over secure and standard protocols Email
  29. 29. • Mobile Responsive • 3 pane Modern interface • Integrated Contacts, Task, Calendar, Chat • Rich compose with in line graphics, spell check • Single click multiple file attach, • Personal folders • context sensitive menus, quick filters • Intelligent search and sort • Extendible with Plugins Webclient ( Baya )
  30. 30. Email in Mac Mail Email in Outlook Email in Thunderbird • Access and manage your mailbox using popular desktop email clients Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac Mail • Automatic placement of sent email into the "Sent Items" folder in the mailbox Desktopclient
  31. 31. Email on iPhone Email on Android • Access and manage your mailbox using popular mobile devices like iOS, Android • Automatic placement of sent email into the "Sent Items" folder in the mailbox Mobile Devices
  32. 32. • Meetings • Events • Multi Device Access with CalDAV compliant clients • Task lists • Tags for tasks Calendar & Task Manages
  33. 33. • Manage your tasks, events and schedule meetings, check the free/busy status • Create and access multiple calendars and Share with colleagues • Set email alerts for upcoming events and meetings • Collaborate with people on other networks via email invites and responses Webclient ( Baya )
  34. 34. Calendar in Thunderbird Calendar in Mac Access the calendar using CalDAV compliant desktop clients such as Thunderbird, Mac or MS Outlook 2016+ Desktop Client
  35. 35. Calendar on iOS devices Calendar on Android devices Access your calendar using iOS or Android devices Mobile Devices
  36. 36. • Personal contacts • Shared/ Global contacts Contacts
  37. 37. • Manage, Sort, Search or Filter your Personal or Shared Contacts • Auto-complete to locate contacts Webclient ( Baya )
  38. 38. Key takeaways • One on One chat • XMPP based • Chat history Chat
  39. 39. • Communicate instantly with colleagues over chat, use emoticons to express yourself, avoid embarrassing mistakes by using the online spell check Chat Webclient ( Baya )
  40. 40. Chat on Pidgin Chat on Thunderbird • Connect to chat using desktop chat clients like Thunderbird or Pidgin Desktop Chat
  41. 41. Chat on Android mobile Chat on iPhone • Connect to the chat using popular chat clients on your mobile device Mobile Devices
  42. 42. Getting around the productivity limitations of Email systems
  43. 43. While email is now critical to transacting business digitally, using it for team communication can be counterproductive in cases where you need quick feedback and turn around or when you need deep and intensive collaboration with your team.
  44. 44. While it is better to use the enterprise chat that comes as part of SkyConnect for quick and real-time information exchange, Ideolve is the app designed for intensive team collaboration.
  45. 45. In Ideolve all the collaboration happens using notes. A note captures an Idea, Objective or the outline of an Initiative. Notes can be shared with other team members for their reference or comments.
  46. 46. Notes can be classified using tags that represent broader themes, projects or initiatives for easy organisation and location of information.
  47. 47. By having all the discussion with the team and related information around an idea or initiative in one place, you don’t spend time locating or stringing together pieces of conversation to form the complete picture.
  48. 48. And that can mean that you can get a lot more done in a day
  49. 49. What’s more, with team discussions moving to Ideolve, your email inbox begins to look less cluttered and is easier to manage So it’s less likely you’ll miss something important landing up in your inbox.
  50. 50. What’s more, we’ve given an easy way to move the discussion away from your email inbox to ideolve. So you can use Ideolve to collaborate with your team on resolving an issue or work on a request for proposal that lands up in your inbox. Ensuring a more effective response.
  51. 51. Ideolve Feature Summary Notes Sharing Workspaces Tagging Commenting Mentions Notifications Search Responsive Webclient Apps Email Connectors
  52. 52. Here’s a Quick Look at the Ideolve App to see how it can be used as a file share, team collaboration / issue resolution companion to email, for Email Management and Personal Workflow Management
  53. 53. E-Mail Data Security and Knowledge Discovery
  54. 54. Data is the New Oil “By 2019, 75% of organizations will treat archived data as an active and “nearline” data source, and not simply as a separate repository to be viewed or searched periodically, up from less than 10% today.” - Gartner
  55. 55. The Growing Volume of Email Data
  56. 56. 1. Email continues to be the primary document transfer mechanism in organizations of all sizes, with nearly 37% of all electronic content residing in users’ email boxes. 2. Email is where a typical worker in any organization spends upto 30% of her productive time, making email a system of record on how employees spend their day. 3. Email data is required as documentary proof in case of litigation and Some industries also need to store email for compliance 4. An email archival can be used for knowledge management, as most of the critical knowledge of a company is shared via email 5. Having an email archive with a self help portal increases end user and IT productivity when searching for or restoring old mail. 6. An archival helps as a disaster recovery site and can provide an alternate access to a user's mailstore Source : Radicati & Osterman Why Archive Mail? Over 1151 million corporate email accounts worldwide A recent Radicati report* states that there are over 1151 million corporate email accounts worldwide in 2016. With such a huge number of email users, it is vital for all businesses worldwide to seek an email archiving solution to avoid overloading their email servers. In addition, an email archiving solution is useful in providing a backup for end users or in complying with regulations.
  57. 57. Tamper Proof The archive store is safe from accidental or malicious deletion of mail and user accounts. Journaling from the primary mail server ensures and mails sent and received are archived before they hit a user's mailbox. In-line Archiving Most archiving solutions take a periodic snapshot of a user's mail box. This does not guarantee and all mail sent and received by a user are archived. Vaultastic archives mail before they are delivered into the user's inbox. Security Guaranteed All Email data is encrypted and read only. No possibility of accidental or deliberate deletion of email. Access over TLS, access and activity audit logs, role based administration add another layer of security. Why Vaultastic ? 99.99999999999% Durability Email Archived in a Cloud Storage with multi layered security making it the Easiest and the Safest Email Archiving solution out there.
  58. 58. The Vaultastic app runs on the familiar and intuitive Baya interface, which allows users to search through all mail sent and received by them. Users can download, forward, print, reply to any mail from their archive accounts. Discovery Vaultastic allows the end users to recover any specific mail which they may have lost from their primary account. In addition, the entire mailbox of a user can be restored if required. Recovery Enterprises can rest assured that no end user or admin can accidentally or deliberately delete any mail from the archive store. The Vaultastic Mail storage is a read only encrypted store and is available only to authenticated and authorised users via the app only. Compliance Why Vaultastic ?
  59. 59. • Deeper, Faster, reusable knowledge discovery • Analytics to spot trends and patterns • Intelligence while forming queries Upcoming Data Archival Upgrades
  60. 60. Here’s a Quick Look at the Vaultastic application
  61. 61. Making it Easy for you to do business with us
  62. 62. Self Training Content Deployment Automation Billing Automation Easy Subscription Management Making it easier for you
  63. 63. • Un-complicating Team Collaboration • De-cluttering the mailbox • Mobility • Rich & responsive • More Secure, Scalable • Pluggable productivity tools New Email/Calendar/Contact Platform Team Productivity • Easier, Faster Ediscovery • Higher level of Automation • Analytics and Intelligence Effective Email Data management • MFA • Digital signing and encryption of email • Certifications Continuous Improvement on Security A Summary of the RoadMap for 2018-19
  64. 64. Rapid Adoption of the Cloud based Services • Vaultastic storage grows at 3GB/second • Mithi cloud transacts 2 million+ mails daily • Currently managing over 25TB of archived email. All these mail are indexed, online and search ready • Receive, index and store about 400,000 mail a day. + Powered by
  65. 65. Products Summary
  66. 66. Q & A
  67. 67. Drop in your queries at Thank You for trusting us. We love making things better for you For more information visit