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About Us

  1. 1. About us
  2. 2. Inspired by INDIA India's tradition and thinking drive us towards a bigger purpose The greatest good for all.
  3. 3. We believe that much of the economic progress of the 21st century will come on the back of collaboration infrastructure. Just as much of the progress of the 20th century was build on the back of Transportation Infrastructure. Infrastructure for the The 21st Century Our Vision
  4. 4. To making Technology Useful, Usable and Affordable for all Mithi distinguishes itself in providing Collaboration Software that help substantially lower costs & improve productivity for an enterprise. Our Mission
  5. 5. Since its launch in 2003, our email and collaboration software has been adopted by Enterprises of all sizes and spread across many enterprise segment such as Healthcare, R&D Establishments, Financial Services, Education, Government, BPOs, Software, Defence, Manufacturing, Banks, NGOs, Agro Industries, Logistics, Media, Internet Service Providers, Infrastructure, Media, Retail, Energy & Power, Transportation etc. Installations spanning over 40 cities in India and abroad are maintained, monitored and managed remotely from Mithi's support center at Pune. Email and Collaboration Software Our Product
  6. 6. Worldclass in India Despite the perceived and real odds of doing it here in India, we have doggedly followed this idea for much of our working life. Over the 20 years of our existence, the persistent theme across our many endeavors has been the desire to create worldclass software products in India.
  7. 7. CIO Magazine's - Ones to Watch Award 2011 Top CIO award for cost savings achieved from implementing a combination of Connect Xf Email Server and MS Exchange. Mithi is ranked amongst the Top 100 Software Product Companies in India by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) India for 2011 2011 PWC ranks Mithi amongst the Top 100 Software Product companies in India An Award Winning Team
  8. 8. PC Quest Users Choice award for Leap (Indian Language Word processor on Windows) India Interactive was part of the award winning e-governance project AP-online implemented by TCS- 2002 Ministry of Information Technology - Best Hindi Software Award 2000 - Indo American Society - Young Achiever's Award The best India software by Smart Computing - July 2001 issue. Mithi Connect Xf and India Interactive were part of ITC-IBD's award winning IT implementation project eChoupal 2000 2001 2001 CSI Infosys award for the best shrink wrapped product Runner's-Up 1998 An Award Winning Team
  9. 9. Free Indian Language Email Site (mailjol.com)1999 - 2001 Geometric Modeller for Free Form Solids - Used as part of CAD systems this program could be used to modify the features of a solid by filleting, blending, tweaking, chamfering or modifying fillet cross sections or conversion of a straight edge of a solid to a free form Bezier or vice-a-versa and modification of the curved edges. 1990 - 1992 Award winning Indian Language Software (LEAP). Developed jointly with CDAC, Mithi's key contribution in creating this software was to make it easy for users to work with Indian languages on the PC. The product pushed up the popularity of use of Indian language software many-folds. LEAP has an estimated user base of over 5,00,000 users that include customers such as RBI, MTNL, IOCL, Income Tax, Ministry of External affairs, BoI, BoB, Allahabad Bank, PNB, Indian Railways, Govt. of Maharashtra, GAIL, LIC, Oriental Insurance, Indian Parliament, HPCL, BPCL etc. 1993 - 1999 Application Development Tool for building Indian Language interfaces for Web Applications 2002 - 2004 Email and Collaboration Server Software on the Linux Platform that delivers higher performance, greater adaptability at lower costs.2004 Company History
  10. 10. Mithi's path breaking work has been extensively covered in hundreds of articles by leading regional, national and international media publications. Some of these include India Today, Times of India., Indian Express, Financial Express, Outlook, India abroad, Malayalam Manorama, Daily Thanti, Eenadu, PCQuest, Computers Today, Asian Age, Deccan Herald, Hindu, Hindustan Times, Siyasat Delhi, Business Standard, Navbharat Times, Gujarat Samachar, Sandesh, Sakal, Star News, Zee News, Doordarshan, TMG, and Aaj Tak, CRN etc. Mithi In News
  11. 11. People @ Mithi Mithi is jointly managed by the 4 co-founders of the company. The core team at Mithi has a collective experience of over a hundred man years of software product development. The team has received wide recognition and acknowledgment from industry observers and customers for its work. Sincerity, frugality, quality and innovation are the fundamental drivers for value creation at Mithi.
  12. 12. Tarun started his career as a Research Associate at the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (India) before leaving it to found Mithi. He has led the team through many business initiatives and in raising two rounds of venture finance for the company. He has written several articles in business and IT magazines and main line dailies. He also speaks at various industry forums and at engineering and management institutes. Corporate Blog: Read articles about business impact of Collaboration technologies Personal Blogs: Age of the Entrepreneur, Collaboration Advantage, Life Divine, Right Agenda, Engineering By Design, Alternative Development People @ Mithi Tarun Malaviya Founder & CEO Dreaming by the day and worrying by the night. Founder and CEO of the company, Tarun is a leader who inspires others and is happy to let others lead. Learning from them and coaching them he works alongside his team to get things done. Much of his time is spent on design of products and pulling through new business initiatives.
  13. 13. Sunil has lead the product engineering team across three different product lines in the consumer and enterprise category, on the Windows and Java platform. Sunil started his career in 1989 at Wipro (one of India's largest IT companies). Sunil left Wipro in late 1991 to co-found Men-at-Work which was later merged with Mithi in 1999. His ability to engineer and architect mass-use software has resulted in software created at Men-At-work and later Mithi being used by over 750,000 users. He is a sought after speaker at corporate training institutes and industry forums. Currently leading the services team he is busy improving the Services systems whenever he is not talking to Customers or helping his team overcome a difficult situation. Blog : Life is Good People @ Mithi Sunil Uttam Co-Founder & Director Services His head carries more information than the racks of hardisks in our data center. A really smart guy who can take up any kind of work, but is mostly clueless on all the latest happening in the world around. Tea with very little milk is his latest fancy he's absolutely sure he'll stick to this now. We who've seen him through several phases of black coffee, black tea, masala tea and filter coffee, chocolates fixes...know better.
  14. 14. People @ Mithi An Automobile Engineer by training, he loves to travel. He has worked on both the channel program and the direct-to-customer sales at Mithi. Instrumental in building the partnerships with the system integrators and ISPs such as HCL, Wipro, PCS, CDAC & CMC, Trimax etc. Ashok still loves selling directly to customers. Currently he is reworking the Sales system at Mithi to help accelerate growth. Ashok Malaviya Co-Founder & Director Sales You will find him nodding off at meetings especially while others are engaged in an animated debate but he springs to life the moment he smells business. Ashok has lead the sales for much of his time at Mithi.
  15. 15. People @ Mithi Having swapped positions with Sunil about 3 years ago she is currently leading the new product development work at Mithi. A keen learner, she is always willing to learn from anyone who can help her do things better. Aditi Malaviya Co-Founder & Director Technology She can stick longer to see something to the end than most others. She usually finds herself being asked to take-up tasks that most would run away from from the dread of tedium and enormity. To her credit she has been instrumental in transforming what was once a chaotic services set-up into one that was professional and responsive.
  16. 16. Ashish Vice President - Marketing Never afraid to experiment with new technology, Ashish has been leading the business team in the use of newer technology tools to engage better with customers and partners. Anita Deployment Manager Quiet but persistent and firm, she assists Sunil to manage the Services division. Pankaj Tech Lead - Technology His head is full of ideas and information and is usually the one people call on, in case they are looking for a breakthrough to a tough engineering problem. Amol Tech Lead - Technology Quiet, conscientious and skeptical, he can be depended on for not letting a halfbaked code go through. Abhijit Production System Engineer He loves to see order in things and would meticulously work at running a tedious list to get things done the way they should be. Some other team members
  17. 17. We believe that there is much we have gained from the world around us. And that we must in turn contribute back to the world. Change Republic is our initiative in creating a platform to help people collaborate over voluntary work. Kusum Foundation is a not-for-profit trust set-up by the founding members of the company with the purpose of recognising and supporting people who are making outstanding contributions to the society. Giving Back
  18. 18. About Our Logo We stand in awe of all that has been achieved by human thinking in the west and the east. Mithi, our company name means both churning (manthan) and knowledge. We see it as signifying our quest to blend the knowledge from across the world to reach new levels of excellence.
  19. 19. Other presentations on Slide share The High Performance Email & Collaboration Server Collaboration Applications and Other Features  Email  Contacts  Calendar  Chat  Spam Management  Email to SMS  Admin Console  Class of Service  Mail Policies  Access Control  Mail Archival  Password Policy  Provisioning Administrative Features
  20. 20. About Mithi Mithi’s Business Email and Collaboration Software is Secure and Highly Adaptable. You can easily manage Email, Shared Calendar, Contacts and Chat on Mobile Devices, Desktop Email Clients and Browsers. Over 300,000 users in over 200 enterprises across 50 cities and 15 verticals use Connect Xf Email Server for their email and collaboration needs, deriving substantial benefits in cost savings and performance. Visit www.mithi.com to know how we can benefit your enterprise. Send email at websales@mithi.com
  21. 21. Join our social network to stay connected and updated www.slideshare.net/connect2mithi www.youtube.com/user/connectxf www.youtube.com/user/connect2mithi Join Us! www.mithi.com/blog www.linkedin.com/company /mithi- software-technologies-pvt.-ltd. www.facebook.com/connect2mithi www.twitter.com/connect2mithi
  22. 22. Thank You