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Hãy bỏ chút thời gian


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Published in: Education
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Hãy bỏ chút thời gian

  1. 1. Take the Time … (Hay bo thi gio…)
  2. 2. Take time to Love… It is the secret of eternal youth! (Hay bo thi gio de yeu… Do la bi quyet cua song tre!)
  3. 3. Take time to laugh… It is the music of the heart! (Hay bo thi gio de cuoi Do la ban nhac cho con tim!)
  4. 4. Take time to cry… It is the sign of a large heart! (Hay bo thi gio de khoc… Do la dau hieu cua trai tim bao la! )
  5. 5. Take time to read… It is the source of knowledge! (Hay bo thi gio de doc… Do la tai nguyen cua kien thuc!)
  6. 6. Take the time to hear… It is the power of Intelligence! (Hay bo thi gio de nghe… Do la manh luc cua su thong minh!)
  7. 7. Take time to think… It is the key of success! (Hay bo thi gio de suy tuong… Do la chia khoa cua Su thanh cong!)
  8. 8. Take time to play… It is the freshness of childhood! (Hay bo thi gio de giai tri… Do la lam tre lai doi minh! )
  9. 9. Take time to dream… It is the breath of happiness! (Hay bo thi gio de mo mong… Do la hoi tho cua Hanh Phuc!)
  10. 10. Take time TO LIVE… Because time passes QUICKLY And NEVER returns! (Hay bo thi gio de song… Boi vi thi gian se troi qua nhanh va di khong bao gio tro lai!)
  11. 11. Last but not least send this to all friends & Happy road to life! (Cuoi cung hay goi thu nay den cac ban khac, Do la Hanh Phuc cua cuoc doi!)