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Brochure - Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics


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Brochure - Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics

  1. 1. Profitability & Segmentation Goal: Challenge: A more complete customer view
  2. 2. Profitability & Segmentation Develop more profitable customer relationships with end-to-end customer insight
  3. 3. Web & Social Media Analytics Insight from new digital channels
  4. 4. Web & Social Media Analytics Understand and improve brand perception by integrating a broader set of data
  5. 5. Data Quality Master Data Data Integration Powerful, integrated BI tools for IT professional Reporting Dashboards Analysis
  6. 6. Self-Service BI Self-service BI with the familiarity of Office and the power of the cloud
  7. 7. Empower users with self-service in Excel
  8. 8. Power BI Service v1 Q&A
  10. 10. Connect to on-premises data Live Query & Scheduled Data Refresh
  11. 11. Power BI Designer
  12. 12. Advanced Analytic tools for Data Scientists
  13. 13. Data mining add-in for Business Analysts
  14. 14. Azure Machine Learning Personalized Workspace Combine R modules with Microsoft’s best in class algorithms running Xbox and Bing Work with anyone, anywhere by simply sharing the workspace Easy Access to All Data Drop in desktop data sets into the built-in storage space. Bring in cloud data with the ease of a drop down Deploy Models as Web Services Operationalize in minutes and refine models at the speed of the market Partner Tools ML partners enjoy SDK access for robust solutions Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio Microsoft Azure Machine Learning API service Microsoft Azure Machine Learning SDK Use historical data to predict future outcomes using new Azure Machine Learning
  15. 15. Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Data Mining Predictive Analytics RP Statistics
  16. 16. Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Data Mining Predictive Analytics RP quantifying data Statistics
  17. 17. Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analytics RP using statistics to find patterns hidden in the data Statistics Data Mining
  18. 18. Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analytics RP Statistics Data Mining computing systems that improve by experience Machine Learning
  19. 19. Artificial Intelligence RP Statistics Data Mining address the likelihood of something happening in the future, even if it is just an instant later Machine Learning Predictive Analytics
  20. 20. RP Statistics Data Mining Machine Learning Predictive Analytics behave and perform a task as an intelligent agent would Artificial Intelligence
  21. 21. BI Services AlwaysOn SSDT In-Memory OLTP Azure SQL Database SQL VMs on Azure
  22. 22.