Congress of mining and industrial


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Congress of mining and industrial

  1. 1. IV COLOMBIAN INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF Systems: Guillermo Franco.MINING AND INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS. Design: Activa Multimedia graphic design and Communications.ORGANIZATION:CMI Metallurgical and mining company of Colombia CONTACT:Ltd. CMI – EL DIARIO journalMetallurgical engineer Hernán Neira Mora – C.C Centro Norte, office 146 - Fax: 57 (8) 7 44 9452Manager. Cell phone number: 310 208 9949Metallurgical engineers: Marco Antonio Monroy, TUNJA - BOYACÁ – COLOMBIAFernando Mancilla, Marco Ardila and César Mauro www.congresomineroindustrial.comMariño. congresomineroindustrial@gmail.comCommercial representation director: Alejandra hneiramora@yahoo.esCarolina Ortega. www.periodicoeldiario.comResearcher: Diego Hernán Neira Acero. www.ccolombochina.comCommunications consultant and journalist: Pedro 2nd, 3rd and 4th August 2012Esaú Mendieta- PERIODICO EL DIARIO Conventions CenterMedia and communications: Sandra Liliana Vega L. Chamber of commerce of TunjaConsultant: Mauricio Bermúdez Bernal. Tunja-Boyacá-ColombiaConsultant: Oscar Victoria Benítez. Emerald-gold- Silver-Platinum-Coal-Petroleum-Consultant: Rafael Alberto Rodríguez Rincón. Natural gas-Nuclear energy- Copper-Zinc-Iron-Consultant: Germán Palomino - CORESCOL Phosphoric stone- Limestone.Lawyer: Alexa Catherin Ortíz RodriguezScience consultants: Ulpiano Libreros and Hugo SHOWING:Brión. *Machinery-Hardware-Jewelry-Emeralds.Web development: *International mining certifications.
  2. 2. *Project structure managing V Colombian International Congress of Mining and*International investment Industrial Projects to be celebrated on the 2nd, 3rd and*Business conference 4th August 2012 at the Conventions Center in Tunja.*Conferences*CTL Coal to liquid In collaboration with: Boyacá departmentalDu Temp Corporation Government, Mines and Energy Secretary, TunjaPlant for Boyacá-Colombia. Conversion of 9.000 Mayor’s office, Conventions Center, Colombian-tons/day to 50.000 barrels. Chinese integration, Fedesmeraldas, Esmeracol, Asocoesmeral, CDTEC Technological Development Center of ColombianCOLOMBIA: Mining and energetic country. Emeralds, SAEM CORP s.a.s. – Project structure manager and international investment, EZ Street Cold Asphalt, ColombianSponsors: -Patrocinadores- plants, Juan de Castellanos University, AMCOLSpecial guests: - Invitados especiales. Engineering, EL DIARIO journal, Renovación Internacional journal, among others. From a not long time ago, CMI –Metallurgical and Mining Company of Colombia has been working to overcome the current economic situation in Boyacá and Colombia. It is paradoxical, but true: “Geologically, Colombian lands are formed by metalogenical environments that show the world’s biggest metal and mineral production. The AndeanCMI – Metallurgical and mining company of system and the Guyana’s pre-cambric shield.”Colombia calls all interested parties to carry out the I
  3. 3. (Strategic minerals for the development of Colombia development with mutual strategic alliances- 2000 UPME - MINERCOLINGEOMINAS). between local and foreign investors to generateOur slogan: Employment over everything else, an wealth and progress among the members of ourindustrial Colombia over everything else. That is the society and those who are directly or indirectlyideological foundation to achieve peace and social related to the projects.justice in Colombia.During the I Colombian International Congress of VISION:Industrial and Mining projects, organized by CMI,carried out in Tunja, the President of the Colombian- To show to the world the mining and energeticJapanese of Industry and Commerce said: “Japan resources in Colombia, and its current industrialdoes not have emeralds, nor coal, nor phosphoric projects to draw the attention of investors and highstone, nor kaolin, nor gypsum, nor iron mineral… technology companies that Colombia deserves tohowever, it is a remarkable world power in all those work with.fields; on the contrary, here in Colombia you are To plan industrial plants to obtain metal and otherstanding on all the mining resources and you are still materials that Colombia imports nowadays.poor. Japan realized that richness is not to be found To integrate technical experiences to planon the floor but in the brain, in education, in commercial achievements.research, in investment for science amongst other The petroleum and gas industry has been, andfactors”. undoubtedly, will be an essential activity to keep the country expanding. That is why the IV ColombianMISSION: International Congress of Industrial and Mining Projects intends to gather professional and technicalThis meeting promotes the industrial development in experts, both local and foreign within an adequateColombia, integrating high technology systems, environment to share knowledge, experiences andgetting private and public areas together for their
  4. 4. technological advances that let the activities in our In underdeveloped economies, production is focusedregion improve. on exporting minerals with a very low processingColombia is a rising power regarding alternative degree. In developed economies, mineral importsenergy sources; the IV Congress promotes the plus local production are integrated into a mining-development of new techniques towards energetic metallurgical and industrial transforming chain in theefficiency, products and services that increase the subsequent stages. It’s essential not to sell our rawcreation and application of new technologies. material at bargain prices; we have to TRANSFORMWe are working with international enterprises on an it.ideal to process coal: We consider of vital importance for our Country thatCTL – COAL TO LIQUID, to process 9.000 coal tons the combined strategy in our natural resourcesper day and to obtain 50.000 barrels of liquids; exploitation works as a base for an industrializationelectric energy, plastic without heavy metal, the process, accelerating the economic growth rate thatcreation of a community. The commitment of the the Nation requires to solve its persistent problems.government and the mining sector is needed. Additionally, culture, at its best, will have anWe are stimulating projects like the Phosphoric important place within the framework of the IVStone Gathering Plant and the assembly of industries Colombian International Congress of Mining andaround phosphorus and the industrialization of Industrial Projects: Paintings exhibitions, as a tributediatomite. for Pedro Pablo Siauchó, -plastic artist – and for his valuable collaboration in the last Mining and Industrial Congresses and for his contribution to Colombian culture.Petroleum, natural gas, geothermal science, nuclear Besides, poetry, instrumental and vocal music will beenergy and more will be main topics with the presented at this Congress.presentation of productive proposals. In the last three Congresses we have been supported by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, INGEOMINAS,
  5. 5. Boyacá departmental Government through theSecretary of Mines and Energy, Tunja Mayor’s office,the Chamber of Commerce of Tunja, the Pedagogicaland Technological University of Colombia and themost important entities and organizations that seethe ideal opportunity to plan local and nationalgrowth in this event.INTENDED FOR:This event is intended for you PROGRESSIVEMinistries, Departmental Governments, TownCouncils, Official Embassies in Colombia, Chambersof Industry and Commerce, Mining workers andmanagers, Investors, Industrials, Students…