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Issue 9 Nov 2


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Centenary College of Louisiana's weekly, independent student-run newspaper. Contact:

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Issue 9 Nov 2

  1. 1. The Conglomerate November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 Centenary College of Louisiana’s Weekly Independent Press Halloween Hoopla 2007 Basketball season introduced with a bang Versha Sharma for the Hoopla, which consisted with support. Entrants in the “I came because I like to of Halloween-themed activities, costume contest included students support all different aspects of the Editor-in-Chief basketball competitions, and and even one basketball coach Rob school, and athletics is a pretty big an impressive show from the Flaska. one,” said Senior Parker Jarnigan. The basketball season was gymnastics team. Students Ben The Hoopla also had local After the Hoopla, many students introduced with a bang Wednesday Crismon and Lindsay Ezell were the Centenary alumni in attendance– trekked over to Cline for the night with the Halloween Hoopla emcees for the night and provided James Maher, a 2006 graduate, Haunted House in the basement. event at the Gold Dome. With the running commentary of the various came out to show support for the The basketball teams will play combined efforts of CAB, Residence competitions – a dunk contest, a athletic teams. “I like that it was an exhibition game against LSU Life, the Athletic Department, and Maroon vs. White scrimmage, and very interactive for the fans and Shreveport next Tuesday, November other Centenary organizations, the a costume contest. they gave out good prizes,” Maher 6th, before starting the season the night’s activities both entertained Junior Nick Stallings, who is said, referring to the Centenary following weekend. On the 9th and students and demonstrated from New Orleans, won the dunk paraphernalia awarded to contest 10th, the men’s team will travel to the college’s collective athletic contest easily with high-flying winners and regularly thrown Iowa to compete in the Iowa State prowess. stunts that had the crowd both into the crowd by the emcees and Tournament, while the women will Over a hundred Centenary apprehensive and then screaming basketball players. be playing in Mississippi. students filed into the Gold Dome Top left: Coach Rob Flaska joins in the Halloween festivities. Top right: A very creative entrant in the costume contest. Bottom left: Junior Nick Stallings displays his dunk contest trophy with emcees Ben Crismon and Lindsay Ezell. Bottom center: The gymnastics team entertained the crowd with impressive flips and somersaults across the Gold Dome floor. Bottom right: One of Nick Stallings’s many impressive dunks. All photos courtesy of Jennifer Majchrowicz.
  2. 2. November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 Letter from the Editor: On D.C., rain, and big-time newspaper conventions Versha Sharma to and fro from metro stations and weather, we still have them. They – first. the hotel where the conference was include ideas on how to improve the Conventions like this, put on Editor-in-Chief held (walking in pouring rain for design of the newspaper, from the by the Associated Collegiate Press, three days can do that to a person), front page to the horoscopes (which certainly have an intimidation Here’s what we learned in but we still had a good time. Courtney has already been working factor. The exchange table, where D.C.: the rain can really suck. To cut accommodation costs with in terms of redesign!), how all attendees put copies of their Alright, maybe that’s not all and to have a newspaper reunion, to write more engaging headlines, own newspaper, included the we learned, but the freezing rain we stayed with Centenary alumnus how to cover all areas of the campus likes of the New York University definitely seemed to dominate our and former Editor-in-Chief Roxie effectively, and most importantly, and University of Texas at Austin trip – a trip made possible thanks Smith (2005-2006). Quite apart how to reach out to the readers. papers: full-color broadsheets to the generosity of the Provost, from reminiscing about 12-hour We’re going to be making with a circulation of 15,000-30,000. Dr. Darrel Colson, and the Student layout sessions, our gracious host some changes in the Conglomerate, Daily! The Conglomerate can’t hope Government Association. They treated us to an evening of Xanadu some noticeable, some minute, and to compete with the size of those paid our way from Shreveport to (if you don’t know it, IMDb it, and we want your feedback on all of it. staffs and budgets, but we can still Washington, D.C. and back, as well prepare for glorious fun). Email us at improve and work with what we as our conference fees. Layout We absorbed quite a bit of to let us know, for example, if the have. That’s what we plan on doing, Assistant Courtney Delaney, information – we scrupulously took new font size works for you – for box by box, page by page, until Copy Editor Rhagen Russell and notes on our gorgeous (and free) the technical-minded, we normally we truly feel we’re delivering the I attended the National College notepads provided by news agencies run a 12-point font, but after design best product possible. Remember, Media Convention, where over around the country (it sounds guru Ron Johnson of Kansas State throughout that process, we want 4,500 delegates from colleges and so nerdy, but a clean and stylish University told us the perfect size as much input as possible, whether universities all over the country notepad is pretty much the coolest is 10.4, we decided to downgrade positive or negative. came to learn about the newest thing ever for an aspiring reporter). to 11-point. We might go for trends and themes in newspaper Even though the notes later became perfection, but we want to make continued on page 3 content and design. Poor Courtney a bit wet thanks to the dreary sure it’s readable – for our readers became sick after all the trekking Question of the Week “A booger.” - “Chicken wings.” - “A paddle ball.” - Alysha Wallace, Betsy Smith, Brady Loflin, Junior Junior Freshman What is the strangest Halloween treat you’ve received? “A Bible.” - “A singing skeleton.” “Mardi Gras panties.” - Kat Michiels, - Nikki Mattson, Michael Anne Wheeler, Senior Senior Junior
  3. 3. November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 Features Centenary Conglomerate Staff Versha Sharma Voting on an additional mascot will take place this month Editor-in-Chief Dr. Robert Prickett, Mascot the commission was given a can be “dressed and entertain” Commission, Faculty Co-Chair list from students, faculty, staff, during sports and campus events. alumni, and community members The work of the commission is Rhagen Russell Countless words have been of approximately 30-40 suggested to assist in recommending an Copy Editor written, spoken, and rumored mascots to analyze, research, additional mascot – rather than about Centenary’s mascot (or discuss, and oversee. Looking at replacing – the “Gent.” As it lack thereof ). To allay some of the such factors as perception of mascot most recently was depicted, the Courtney Delaney rumors and concerns, we offer idea, personality of mascot idea, “Gent” was a Southern gentleman Layout Assistant this piece in an attempt to answer impact of mascot idea, uniqueness bearing the likeness of a male questions and concerns that may or of mascot idea, extension of plantation owner. At the very may not be founded. campus identity, marketing of least, this image is not inclusive First, the history. In recent mascot idea, and so on, we have of Centenary’s female, African- Aleks Kasztalska years, Centenary has examined reviewed and reduced the initial American, Asian-American, or Features Editor the role and impact of the mascot list to five potential mascots. This international students, faculty, through informal SGA student/ proposed list will be voted upon staff, and alumni. There are faculty forums, alumni surveys (via online survey) in the upcoming concerns that the “Gent” does and questionnaires, the Campus weeks – planned voting to take not represent our entire student/ Todd Johnson Diversity Climate Assessment place the week of November 12th alumni/faculty/staff population A E Editor and so on. At the end of the last – by current students, faculty, and has the potential to offend school year, a Mascot Inquiry staff, administration, and alumni. a substantial population of both Committee was initially formed by We also will invite a few top current and prospective students. SGA to discuss this ongoing issue. prospective students (as identified The addition of a new Michael Jarboe The committee was made up of a by Admissions) to join in the voting. mascot will hopefully act as a Sports Editor diverse body of students, faculty, From this initial voting, if no clear unifying force across campus, and staff representing many facets “winner” is chosen, a follow-up not only in gender and ethnicity, of campus life. At the beginning of run-off voting will occur in the but also among groups such as Emily DeLatin this academic year, the committee same fashion. The results will then athletes, music students, and Mindy McKoin was enlarged to include Marketing, be presented to the President as a Greeks. While conscious of the Alumni, Athletics, and Admissions final recommendation. Ultimately, need to preserve tradition, the Photographers Departments. This group was then the current plan is to unveil the commission is aware of the desire commissioned by the President to new mascot during Homecoming of our community members to Carly Carpenter develop, analyze, and coordinate an festivities in February. have a mascot that past, present, Business Manager inquiry into the mascot issue. This Third, the rationale. The and future Centenary students/ commission has been operating search is for a new visible mascot; faculty/staff can rally around Copyright © 2007 since September. not to replace the nickname. and support for the 21st century Second, the process. From the Students have clearly voiced a Centenary College of Louisiana previously mentioned endeavors, desire for a “fun” mascot, one that experience. The Conglomerate is an independent student Letter from the Editor, cont. from page 2 publication, and does not reflect the opinions of Centenary I can promise you I get almost P.S. We also had the privilege If you want a more detailed College of Louisiana. as excited about a negative response of listening to Sam Feist, CNN’s idea of what we did and who we as I do about a positive one, because political director, give a keynote saw, visit Contact: either way, it means someone is address at the convention. He was acp. reading the paper and cares enough pretty inspiring, even if I don’t agree For a few pictures from Phone: 318-869-5269 to comment. With as much work with his disapproval of “The Daily our trip to D.C., see page 9, as we put into The Conglomerate Show” - it is real news! They just put which features Sam Feist and the on a weekly basis (and the kinds of a very obviously biased spin on it! Washington Monument on the The Conglomerate weather we trudge through in order They still do a better job of exposing National Mall. 2911 Centenary Blvd. to learn how to improve it…), that’s hypocrisy in politics than many Shreveport, LA 71134 always a cause for celebration. major media outlets, though...
  4. 4. November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 AMERICAN POLITICS First baby boomer applies Stephen Colbert runs for President in home state of South Carolina for Social Security benefits Versha Sharma mockery of the political process), Colbert’s legion of fans – known as Editor-in-Chief Riley Adams now we’re preparing for so many of the Colbert Nation – have mobilized Staff Writer them to file for retirement.” the social networking sites. The Stephen Colbert, most The Social Security program’s Facebook group “1,000,000 Strong famous for his right-wing pundit While Warren Buffet hardly trustees said that by 2017, Social for Stephen T. Colbert” grew TV character on “The Colbert seems to be slipping away into Security would be paying more in in membership at exponential Report” and his former work as retirement at the age of 77, Kathleen benefits than it receives in taxes and rates, soaring over a million and correspondent for “The Daily Show Casey-Kirschling filed for Social by 2041, the Social Security trust easily besting groups supporting with Jon Stewart,” is running for Security benefits as the first baby fund is projected to be drained. presidential candidates like Barack president. boomer of a generation. Until the next president takes Obama. Comedy Central announced As reported by Reuters, in the office in January of 2009, little is Colbert has already been visibly a few weeks ago that he will be next 20 years it is expected that over expected to happen due to President campaigning (or just garnering running for president in his home 80 million baby boomer retirees will Bush’s recent failed attempt to publicity) in South Carolina, state of South Carolina, both as draw on Social Security and cause privatize Social Security. speaking at a “Rock the Vote” event a Republican and a Democrat. what has been dubbed the “silver According to National Public last Saturday and receiving a key to Since then, however, that stance tsunami” effect on the system. Radio, Kirschling was born just the city of Columbia from Mayor has changed to just Democrat Social Security Commissioner after midnight on January 1, 1946, Bob Coble. The extra exposure of – the Republican fee of $35,000 to Michael Astrue said at a press making her America’s first baby his newly released book doesn’t appear on the ballot was just too conference with Casey-Kirschling, boomer to retire. She will enroll hurt, either – “I Am America (And high. (According to, “We are already feeling enormous online at a public ceremony and So Can You)” is currently sitting Democrats require just $2,500 or a pressure from baby boomers being receive her first check in February pretty at #1 on the New York Times minimum of 3,000 signatures.) in their peak disability years and of 2008. Bestseller List, above memoirs from Since the announcement, Eric Clapton and Supreme Court met with amusement by most and Justice Clarence Thomas. criticism by others (for making a College Night has moved! To Pieworks on Pierremont in Towne Oaks Square next to Superior Steakhouse Every Friday from 5 until close. get a medium 1 topping pizza for only $5.00, 2 for 1 Wine, Well, and Draft $4.00 Domestic pitchers, $5.00 Import Pitchers
  5. 5. November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 Peace Corps recruiter visits Centenary campus Sara Carpenter one. Volunteers serve for 27 Staff Writer months. Three of those months are spent training and the other 24 are On Thursday, October 25, actually on the job. While in the Erica Gannon, a Peace Corps Peace Corps, volunteers are given a recruiter, was in the SUB offering living allowance and provided with information to students interested complete medical and dental care. in joining the Peace Corps. Travis The cost of transportation to and Reece, a Centenary student going from the country of service is also into the Peace Corps, was also there provided. giving advice to fellow students. For most people, moving to The mission statement of the another country where you do not Peace Corps is “To help the people speak the language is a very scary of interested countries in meeting thing. The Peace Corps tries to their need for trained men and alleviate this women. To as much as help promote possible. a better left: Regional recruiter Erica Gannon and future Peace Corps There is an understanding volunteer Travis Reece talked to interested students last week. office in each of Americans countr y, on the part of above: Gannon speaks with Centenary students about serving in the and staff the peoples Corps. members served. To Photos by Mindy McKoin. visit help promote v o l u nt e e r s a better on site. understanding Safety of other peoples Send us your secrets! of the on the part of v o l u nt e e r s Americans.” is a number The one priority. Gannon did not finish Peace Corps has been around since her stint in the Corps because of a March 1, 1961, and currently has coup in the country she was serving. 187,000 volunteers who serve in 139 The Corps made sure she was safe countries. Peace Corps volunteers and got her out of the country just are diverse in their backgrounds in case. and in the way they help. The application process should Travis Reece commented, In honor of the newly released Post Secret book A Lifetime of Secrets begin about a year prior to the date “Different talents are needed. You you would like to join. Volunteers may think you have nothing to the Conglomerate will be printing secrets of Centenary students. can give a regional preference, offer, but you have everything to but that does not guarantee they offer. Any skill you have can be will serve there. When asked what used.” Travis will be teaching math, In order to particpate take a postcard and tell your secret advice she had for those thinking science, English, and tap. anonymously. Send the card to campus box number 786 or slip it about joining, Gannon said, “Do There are opportunities your research. Call recruiters. Talk to help in education and youth under the Conlgomerate Office door on the third floor of the SUB. to volunteers and get the good, the development, health and HIV/ bad, and the ugly.” AIDS, agriculture, environment, Reece contributed, “Start early business development, and Some tips.. . even if you’re barely thinking about information technology. There is it. Apply anyway. You can always definitely something for everyone. Be brief - the fewer the words the better change your mind in the process.” Former volunteers can be Be legible - use big, clear, and bold lettering For more information on anyone from senators to CEOs. Reed the Peace Corps, visit the website Hastings, the founder and CEO of Be creative - let the postcard be your canvas at, call the Netflix, served in Swaziland from regional recruitment office at 800- 1983-1985. Senator Christopher 424-8580, or e-mail Erica Gannon, Dodd served in the Dominican Visit for inspiration the regional recruiter, at egannon@ Republic from 1966-1968. The Peace Corps community is a diverse
  6. 6. November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 Advice from Meet Claire Auzanne, a business student from France Allison: Do not Aleks Kasztalska my grades in France. For example, the most about the United States double-book dates I chose to come to the U.S. – that and/or Centenary? Features Editor was my first choice – but not to Claire: They’re really strict Allison Cormier Centenary in particular. I chose about alcohol and ages here. If Conglomerate: Could you Staff Writer the U.S. because it is the most you’re under 21, the laws are very introduce yourself to our readers? important country for trade, which strict and the police are everywhere. Claire: My name is Claire and The opinions and ideas is really important to me, and I’m really surprised! I can’t believe I come from France. My major is expressed by this article do not in because I really wanted to improve that you have to show your ID international business. any way reflect those of Centenary my English. Also, I wanted to go to everywhere. The legal drinking age Congo: Are you here for a year College, the Conglomerate, or another continent. in France, I think, is 16, but nobody or a semester? the writer herself. In fact, these Congo: Do you travel a lot cares. I’ve never shown my ID to Claire: I’m here for one ideas probably don’t express any while in Europe? buy anything. But people don’t semester, but I hope to find an intelligently informed opinions Claire: My uncle has a really abuse that. People in France internship in the U.S. afterward. anyway. company in Madrid and that’s don’t drink more than in the U.S, If not in the U.S., then maybe in why he’s there – he’s married to a so it shows that the rules and the Hong Kong. My last choice would Dear Allison, strictness aren’t that good. be the U.K, but I hope to stay in I am in the middle of my third Congo: What are some of the United States. I plan to go to semester at Centenary College. I still your hobbies? back to France in July. have no idea what I want to do with Claire: I like to play the piano, Congo: Have you been to my life after college. What should I travel, swim, and play water polo. the United States before? do to find my calling in life? I also love cinema and art. Claire: No, it’s my first -Undecided Undergrad Congo: What type of art is time. Dear Undecided, your favorite? Congo: Are there any No one ever really knows Claire: Contemporary art. customs in France that you were what they really want to do. Do My favorite artist is Antonio really surprised not to have found you find that you are really talented Segui. in the United States? in music? Do you find biology Congo: What’s your favorite Claire: Yes! In France, I kiss fascinating? Is bowling your forte? type of food? all my friends every day just to Find what you’re good at and what Claire: Definitely French say “hi.” I don’t have the habit to you enjoy doing most. In fact, if you food, of course! My favorite dish? hug, though. In France, a hug is really enjoy your undergraduate Maybe crepes, otherwise snails something more personal; it’s life, you can just keep working on cooked with butter and garlic, something you do when you’re that degree for the next ten years. with herbs. And with good wine! really close to someone. But you Dear Allison, It’s the perfect dish. kiss everybody even if you don’t There are two guys that I am Congo: If someone made a know them that well, so that is really interested in but I don’t know Spanish woman, and my cousins movie about your life, who would really different. how to choose between the two. are Spanish, too. I don’t travel a lot, play you and your hot boyfriend? Congo: What has your I like them both equally but for but my Spanish family often visits Claire: To play me, French Centenary experience been like? different reasons. How do I make me in France. Spain is my favorite actress Marion Cotillard. And my Claire: It’s been a really good the best choice? country to travel in Europe. I have boyfriend? It’s hard because there experience because it’s totally -Doubtful Debbie a lot of friends there and I often go are so many attractive guys… It different than in France. I can’t really Dear Doubtful, there for a large part of the summer. would be a mixture. First of all, compare between France and the I think you should go on It’s expensive, so it’s better to travel Jude Law because he’s classy and U.S. because they’re too different. dates with both of these dashing there for a longer period of time. chic. And then Mike Delfino from For example, the campus system, young gentlemen. Getting to know Congo: What has been your “Desperate Housewives” because student life, relations between them better individually will help greatest challenge at Centenary? he’s sexy. Then Rafael Nadal, who’s people, courses – they’re all quite you decide which is better suited Claire: When you’re in another a tennis player, for his muscles. And different. for your lifestyle. If you like to country, everything is a challenge… then Romain Duris for his acting Congo: Which educational shop, take them shopping. If you But maybe being understood well. talent. system do you like better? like foreign films, take them to a Congo: What do you like the Congo: Lastly, is there anything Claire: I can’t say that I prefer French film festival. Do you enjoy most about Centenary? you want to say to our readers? one because there are advantages protesting with your pro-animal Claire: The global environment Claire: I guess if you want to and disadvantages to each. And I rights friends? Grab your date a and the community here. Everybody know more about me, just ask me! don’t know enough of the American “Fur Is Death” sign and count him is very involved in what they do: It’s different to read an interview system to make a judgment. in. Find which of these guys can sports, fraternities, associations - and hide behind the paper, but if Congo: So, what made you adapt to your life more easily. Be like the Conglomerate. People are you really want to get to know me, choose Centenary? sure that you don’t double book a really friendly, too. you need to talk to me. Claire: The choice was kind date, however. That could be really Congo: What surprised you Photo by Mindy McKoin. of made for me. It depended on embarrassing.
  7. 7. November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 SWACURH Conference to be Human Geography class held at Centenary next weekend saving up for water buffalos Todd Johnson people for the weekend. So don’t Ryan Thacker proper animal management as well be alarmed when you see groups of Staff Writer as agricultural techniques. Once A E Editor people wearing non-Centenary gear the families have learned the tricks and screaming goofy spirit chants In some countries around the of the trade, they are able to grow From November 8-11, across the campus. It is only part of world, the average family eats on produce for their own nutritional Centenary College will play host to the SWACURH experience. only $2.00 a day. That’s less than needs, or to sell for money to buy the Southwest Affiliate of College The conference is set to start the cost of a drink and a bag of other necessities. and University Residence Halls on Thursday night, with activities chips at Randle’s. The students of From November 5-16, there annual conference. taking place in Brown Chapel, Dr. Bieler’s Human Geography class will be cash bowls placed in the For those who do not know, Jones-Rice Field, the Fitness Center, want to do something to help. We SUB as well as other places around the Southwest Affiliate of College Kilpatrick Auditorium, and the want the Centenary community campus. The windows in the Caf and University Residence Halls, or Centenary Room, as well as other to be aware that there are families will also have information on the SWACURH, is a regional division locations around campus. around the world that are not as countries we are trying to help. of the National Affiliate of College The next morning, sessions fortunate as we are. By showing your support of a few and University Residence Halls for the conference will be occurring We are teaming up with Heifer dollars, we can help ensure these (NACURH). This division consists across the campus in unused Project International to send water families have enough to eat. of schools like the University of classrooms. Do not worry, as buffalos to Ghana, Guatemala, Heifer International: Ending Texas, Texas AM, Centenary all sessions have been designed Romania, Rwanda, Brazil, Thailand, Hunger, Caring for the Earth College, Louisiana State University, to coincide with classes and the and Indonesia. Heifer also has For more information on Texas Tech, University of Arkansas, delegates will be told not to disrupt goats, sheep, llamas, heifers, and Heifer International visit www. Tulane, and many others. classes or to make lots of noise many other animals available. SWACURH is a student-run within a certain radius of each Heifer Project teaches the families organization with the purpose building. of setting up relations with On Friday night, there will be other colleges around the region May Module As of Friday, October 26 the Roll Call, which is essentially and country and sharing ideas, These Modules have filled: 2008 the big Pep Rally-like event for each leadership tactics, programming Nicaragua - 1 on the waitlist school to present cheers, skits, etc. ideas, and anything else that can Spain - 3 on the waitlist to prove that they have the most help make the residence halls on Urban Education - 10 on waitlist school spirit out of all the schools each campus more welcoming and India - no one on waitlist in the region. Stop by and check out Gay Politics - no one on waitlist enjoyable for all residents. the excitement when it happens at “Centenary is the smallest Modules still open: 50 open spots left 7:00 in the Shell. school in the conference and it Mississippi Delta - 3 spots left Saturday will consist of is a really big deal to host the Hawaii - 9 spots left more events happening in various conference. We are really proud Ecuador - 5 spots left locations across the campus. This of it,” said SWACURH co-chair Paris - 4 spots left will be the last day that the other Maggie Mahoney. Germany - 3 spots left schools will be on campus. On Every fall, a conference is held China/Business - 16 spots left Sunday, the other schools will leave in a host school, with Centenary China/Education - 10 spots left for home. being the host school for this year. All events have been scheduled These numbers may have changed since The conference is one of three Friday, for more information contact Diane to provide the least amount of opportunities for the colleges to Tooke at the 2910 building. inconvenience to both students at meet during the year. The other two Centenary as well as visitors to the are No-Frills, a business conference campus. However, you might have held in January, and the NACURH to wait longer in the lines in the Caf, conference, which is held in May or though enough has been done to June. alleviate traffic in the lines. It is expected that Centenary Students camp If possible, try to welcome the will host 342 delegates from 23 out in the Student Union visitors to the campus and make schools during the weekend of the Building for their stay here as enjoyable as it can conference. However, the other coveted spots be. schools will not be staying on on the May Module roster. campus, so do not worry about having to host any visiting students in your rooms. That means that the college will be containing an influx of
  8. 8. November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 KSCL DJs attend College Music convention in New York City Jon Schleuss And give listeners the opportunity to give you feedback (they are your Staff Writer number one supporters!). So, that’s what we’re starting. KSCL traveled to New York I want to get internet City for the College Music Journal streaming up and running for next Music Marathon from October 17 year. Wouldn’t Admissions eat that to 21. It’s the best place to hear up? Students bring computers to about current trends from music college, not too many radios. We’re industry executives. It’s a great way working on how to make the booth to find emerging artists. It’s a great more digital. We just took out one place for experiencing this never- turntable, we moved our computer dying force that is radio. It was a closer to the board, and we are great experience for the students, getting emails everyday with the KSCL, and Centenary. A personal new music only available digitally. thanks is needed to SGA for making It’s good for distribution, timing, this all possible. and the environment. It just costs The College Music Journal, money. CMJ for short, is a charting We’ve already got a podcast agency for college, underground, accessible in iTunes. Just search for high school, and independent “kscl” in the bar. You’ll find radio stations. The annual festival exclusives that connects radio staff, music industry we’ve collected professionals, and artists in one city and a lot of for five days. Above: Students speak on a panel at the College Music Journal Marathon. Photos contributed by Jon Schleuss. potential for KSCL charts growth. records from I urge weekly students , To p 2 0 0 , The Conglomerate faculty, and World Beat, staff to contact me Loud Rock, with ideas or projects they and Electronica thanks would like to see on our podcast. music through We want to create a place for the CMJ service. the Provost, exclusive audio stories that involve And we talk to the both Shreveport and Centenary. promoters, record companies, and We’re collaborating as a staff even the artists of the records we Dr. Darrel Colson using Google Calendar and Google chart each week. The CMJ Music Docs, much in the same way that Marathon is the best place to meet the Web Director and RAs are all of the industry professionals and and already doing. We’re doing it with amateurs with innovative ideas. We our internal contacts, manuals, and stole some of those ideas. SGA notes. And we just began taking The majority of talk was about feedback through widgets on our change, because whether you’re on for funding blog at We the boat or not, the music industry are also working out the kinks for is changing. CD sales are falling getting every song that’s aired onto faster than digital sales can climb our trip to the our website. and piracy is at an all-time high. Again, the majority of panels at But college radio stations don’t CMJ were about becoming a digital National College quite have the money to make the service and growing as a station in switch. new and innovative ways. KSCL CMJ 2007 could have Media Convention in is situated to benefit the college effectively been renamed, “Let’s talk and the community in so many about digital technologies, give you ways. We have a great opportunity, Washington, D.C. the tools and advice, and we’ll cross as students, to connect with our our fingers.” We learned tons for our community in a very powerful way. future growth. Put up a website that We appreciate it! The music industry is changing. streams. Take digital downloads into KSCL is changing. Are you on the the booth. Get out a podcast. Take bandwagon? notes in Google. Put playlists online.
  9. 9. November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 The Conglomerate goes to Washington Below: Sam Feist, political director of CNN, delivers a keynote address to attendees at the National College Media Convention. Photo by Versha Sharma. Right: The Washington Monument, the most visible landmark on the National Mall. Really looks better in color (sunset!). Photo by Rhagen Russell. Outreach and CAB will sponsor the third annual Safe Sex Week next week! Safe Sex Week Sunday: Knocked Up Movie -- Want to see what happens when you don't use protection? It might not sound like a fun situtation in real life, but the movie turns a bad situation into a hilarious one. Come watch Knocked Up and eat free food! James Lobby, 8pm. Monday: Sex Carnivale -- come play games, win prizes, get your sexual fortune read, and support your organizations (which are hosting game booths!). Jackson Hall, first floor, 6:30pm-8:30pm. Tuesday: CAB Coffeehouse the Banana Split party -- Come listen to music and get yourself a free banana split! Kilpatrick, Time TBA
  10. 10. 10 November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 Film one long robot battle. A However, the movie also has industry some problems. The script is weak, and plot holes and dumb moments abound. Many of the characters local (robot or human), save for one or two, have very little character news development. It is fairly long at E 143 minutes. Plus, the movie also Versha Sharma suffers some from SCS (shaky-cam Editor-in-Chief syndrome). There are times when it is very hard to make out the battle The MTV pilot “Cheerleader scenes. Camp” is scheduled to shoot in For those of you who like a Shreveport beginning next week. little dumb with your action and On November 5, the show will film the idea of watching beautifully- for one week, and BAM Casting rendered battling robots, this is Louisiana is currently looking the movie for you. But is the actual for extras who were or are real DVD any good? cheerleaders, male or female, ages If you buy the special two-disc 18 and up. For more information, edition, then yes. There are lots of visit DVD review: big robots special features on the disc (and A few movies that filmed in a geeky cool transforming case if Shreveport now have announced you buy it at Target). The first disc beating the hell out of each release dates. As previously stated, contains the movie, which looks Stephen King’s “The Mist” will be damn good and sounds even better. released on November 21. The other can be great visual fun This movie is the reason to buy trailer can now be viewed online. surround sound and a big-screen The majority of the film was shot TV. It also contains a commentary inside StageWorks Louisiana, the by director Michael Bay, who has that transform into other objects, Todd Johnson soundstage/studio in downtown some interesting things to say about like cars. A E Editor Shreveport. According to the the movie. On the planet, there are two Internet Movie Database (www. The second disc is loaded with factions, the evil Decepticons and Big robots beating the hell, “The Mist” concerns documentary extras, divided into the benevolent Autobots. They fight out of each other. If that sentence “a freak storm [that] unleashes a three sections. The first section, each other for the cube and find sounds stupid or turns you off species of blood-thirsty creatures titled “Our World,” is about the their way to Earth completely, then on a small town, where a small band human characters and the “Transformers” of citizens hole up in a supermarket practical stunts behind the might not be the and fight for their lives.” movie. The second section, movie for you. If “The Great Debaters,” “Their War,” is about the it doesn’t, then featuring Denzel Washington and creation of the transformers the good news Forest Whitaker, is slated for release themselves, from the looks is that the movie on December 25. The movie was and the voices to the work has finally made filmed in Mansfield this summer it took to bring them to the it to DVD and is and the Weinstein Company is silver screen. The last section yours to own. hoping to generate Oscar buzz. is titled “More Than Meets I personally “The Great Debaters” is “a drama the Eye,” and is any extra loved the movie. based on the true story of Melvin material not covered in the It was a lot of B. Tolson, a professor at Wiley previous featurettes. fun and worth College, Texas. In 1935, he inspired Overall, the quality of seeing on the big students to form the school’s first the features is pretty good, screen. For those debate team, which went on to and they give you a good who managed challenge Harvard in the national idea of the size of the project to miss it on the championship” ( and time and effort put into making and eventually Sam. From there on theatrical run, the movie is about “Mad Money,” featuring Diane the film. out, it is big robot beatdowns like a boy named Sam Witwicky (Shia Keaton, Katie Holmes, and Queen Basically, if you are a fan of the you have never seen before. LeBeouf ), who unwittingly holds Latifah, will be released on January movie, then you owe it to yourself The movie is a lot of fun. It has the key to the location of a cube 18, 2008. According to, to pick up this special edition DVD. some legitimately funny moments called the All-Spark, which gives the movie is about “three female It is very well-made and definitely (i.e. not unintentionally funny). It life to inanimate objects. The All- employees of the Federal Reserve the best version of the movie on the has insane amounts of action. The Spark is a device from the planet [who] plot to steal money that is market, outside of HD-DVD. last 30-40 minutes of the movie are Cybertron, which is home to robots about to be destroyed.”
  11. 11. 11 November 2, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 9 CD reviews: The best of current rap hip-hop R B , , all by Samantha Green, Staff Writer Hurricane Chris, Kelly Rowland, “51/50 Ratchet” “Ms. Kelly” Chrisette Michele, “I Am” It’s not every day that a local gets a With her sophomore album, “Ms. Kelly,” record deal, nor is it often that a local is on the Kelly Rowland shows that she is more than BET Hip Hop Awards performing. Hurricane Beyoncé’s sidekick. With a good balance of Chris broke those norms and with his debut up-tempo and mellow songs, “Ms. Kelly” is album, “51/50 Ratchet,” he shows that he is a wonderful album that can be listened to a true rapper and not a gimmick who has an when going through any emotion. album because of his hit single, “A Bay Bay.” The album starts with her first single, “51/50 Ratchet” is a great album with “Like This,” featuring Eve. The song is up- good beats and lyrics to match. He has songs tempo and perfectly segues into “Comeback.” that fit into the gangster rap genre, like “New Her second single, “Ghetto,” featuring Snoop Fashion,” “Do Something,” and “Bang.” Songs Dogg, is the third song and the first slow like “Touch Me” and “Playas Rock” are clearly song on the album. Her collaborations with for his female fans. both rappers are good, but it is Rowland’s Songs like “Doin’ My Thang,” “Beat in collaboration with RB singer Tank on “The My Trunk,” and “Walk Like That” are club Show” that makes that song the best on the bangers. Hurricane Chris shows his sensitive album. side on “Momma,” a song dedicated to his Kelly Rowland gets very personal on mother. “Still in Love with My Ex,” which some think There are limited guest appearances on is an explanation of her broken engagement the album, the most being on the “A Bay Bay” to Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams. However, Samantha Green Ratchet Remix, which features The Game, Lil with the songs “Love” and “Better Without Staff Writer Boosie, E-40, Angie Locc, and Jadakiss. In You,” Rowland clearly points the finger at the addition to this song there are appearances by man. Chrisette Michele’s album “I Am” Nicole Wray, Big Poppa, Hollyhood Bay Bay “This is Love” is the final song on the is brilliantly titled and indicative of the (the inspiration for “A Bay Bay”), and Boxie. album and it is the perfect ending. After songstress. She has a great and powerful With “51/50 Ratchet,” Hurricane Chris songs about finding love, losing love, placing voice. She is a modern version of classic soul breaks the norm. He actually has a good the blame on the other person, and finally singers. She is a great mix of neo soul and album and didn’t release only the good songs looking within, “This is Love” defines love in RB. Chrisette Michele is the future. on his album. its simplest form. Chrisette Michele’s voice is a mixture “A Bay Bay” and “The Hand Clap” are “Ms. Kelly” is an album that shows who of Chaka Khan and Jill Scott. That is a good songs, but Hurricane Chris did not fall Kelly Rowland is now. Gone is the 16-year- wonderful and unique combination. Her victim to hit singles. “51/50 Ratchet” is an old girl we first met and here is the 26-year- first single, “If I Have My Way,” is a love album that I recommend to people who like old woman we should listen to. “Ms. Kelly” is song, with a high note that shows her voice rap music. a wonderful album that can be listened to at is powerful enough to be more than a chorus any time. on Jay-Z’s “Lost Ones.” With the songs “Like a Dream,” “Mr. Radio,” and “Is This the Way Love Feels,” Michelle sings laid-back songs about a man. With every song, Michele tells a story. She keeps listeners’ attention because they want to know how the story plays out. All of Chrisette Michele’s songs are soothing. Even her up-tempo songs like “Be OK,” featuring Will.I.Am, are relaxing. With “I Am,” Chrisette Michele delivers an album that calms the listener. If you are stressed out or hyped about a test, Chrisette Michele’s album will relax you. If you want to hear a great love song told by someone who sounds wonderful and as if they are in love, “I Am” is the album for you. Highly recommended.