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Issue 12 Dec 7

  1. 1. The Conglomerate December 7, 2007 Centenary College of Louisiana’s Weekly Independent Press Volume 84, Issue 12 And the winner is... the Centenary Catahoulas! Versha Sharma intent that our mascot be on hand at many events throughout the school Editor-in-Chief year – basketball, soccer, softball games, maybe even intramurals!” Over 1,400 Centenary students, In addition to being ranked faculty, staff, alumni and even #1 in the vote the highest number prospective students cast their votes of times, the Catahoula was also to decide on an additional college the most popular choice in terms mascot – and with 32.3% of the first- of weighted scoring. Nolte said place votes, the Catahoula is the clear the tabulators analyzed the results winner. from several different points – first, In an interesting turn of events, how many people actually named the Gent came in second place with the Catahoula as their #1 choice, 20.6% - nearly 300 voters wrote in and second, through Borda scoring. that they wanted to keep the Gent Borda scoring (named for its inventor) and have nothing else. When the means weighted scoring; in this case, votes for Gent are subtracted from rivals South Dakota at the Gold Dome. faculty, staff, and selected prospective the #1 choice received 4 points, the #2 the total, the Catahoula increases President Schwab, SGA President students. choice received 3 points, #3 received to 41% of the vote (Marketing and Holly Williams, Mascot Committee A real Catahoula was also 2 points, #4 received one point, Communications did that math Student Co-Chair Jared Ward and present at last night’s game – and a rank of 5 or worse received 0 because this is only an additional alumnus Hoyt Bain were all on hand Marketing Director Rick DelaHaya points. In those terms, the Catahoula mascot). to make the announcement, along drove to Houston, Texas to adopt received 3,176 total points, while the The Catahoula, a leopard dog with the rest of the mascot advisory the dog from an animal shelter. The Mudcats received 2,098. named after Louisiana’s very own commission. Catahoula will live at DelaHaya’s “Again, the second place choice Catahoula Parish, was one of five The Catahoula received the home; “he plans to train several wasn’t close at all,” said Nolte, “but choices for an additional mascot. The majority of the overall votes as well students to be handlers,” said Gail it is interesting that in this way others were the Squirrels (10.8%), as the majority of votes in each of the Nolte, Vice President of Marketing the Mudcats jump ahead of the Mudcats (7.8%), Fire Ants (7.5%), and following groups: students, alumni, and Communications. “It is our Squirrels.” Explorers The (7.3%). Squirrels (For more received specific 1,720 Borda numbers, points, the please see Explorers the graphs received and charts.) 1,659, the The Fire Ants new mascot received was unveiled 1,453, and during the Gents halftime as a write- at last in received night’s big 1,168 points. basketball cont. game – the Gents took on page on Summit 3 League
  2. 2. December 7, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 12 Letter from the Editor: From fun Congo history to a new mascot Versha Sharma printing murmurs of fire ants and will merely be a superficial band-aid me. To my knowledge, the votes were Editor-in-Chief squirrels last year. As Dr. Prickett said tacked onto the face of Centenary – fairly counted, and though some find in the front page article, the dialogue and then nothing more will happen. fault with the voting process itself, it’s Before I get to what’s undoubtedly it’s created has been great in terms of As long as phone and letter campaigns finished. We’ve finally moved from on everybody’s mind, I want to thank free speech and people actually caring continue, however, and as long as the the age of deliberating over a mascot April Valentine of the Intercultural about this school – but it seems that dialogue about how to improve our to acting definitively – and maybe Affairs Office for sending Features not all of the dialogue is necessarily school circulates in a fair and public some don’t like the end result, but the Editor Aleks Kasztalska to us with positive. forum, I personally don’t think that end of this issue means we can move a massive stack of Conglomerates I don’t have a problem with that; will happen. I’ve spoken to enough on and address other, more pressing from the 1940s. They’re fascinating I think it’s terrific, actually. One of my concerned Centenarians (I wasn’t and major ones. and we plan to include a little blast biggest hopes as editor of this paper sure what to use: Gents, Ladies, or The point of this entire exercise from the past (as soon as I think of has been to address the problems at Catahoulas?) who will hardly let was to increase school spirit, and a less cheesy name for the section) Centenary in a more concrete way matters of significance slide into though several different opinions in each issue from now on – starting – not to be provocative or offend oblivion, especially now that they’re exist on the issue, I think the mission in this one, where we reprint what people, but in order to be an actual being given the spotlight. is accomplished. Whether people freshman traditions were in 1946. As comprehensive news source. Every I do think, however, now that have been proclaiming their faith in Layout Assistant Courtney Delaney institution has difficulties, and I’m a the voting has ended, the results have the Gents and Ladies or expressing exclaimed, “I want to go back in time firm believer in raising awareness as been calculated, and the decision willingness to embrace something and go to that school!” Not to deride an effective method of implementing announced, that the only way to new, everyone seems to agree that today’s Centenary, but some of these change. This is why I asked several move is forward. Those dissatisfied there’s something at Centenary to be articles (free cigarettes at chapel?) members of the “Save the Gent” with the results are more than proud about. It might be as little as a provide intriguing insight to changes Facebook group to contribute their welcome to feel that way (and write particular student organization or as between college life then and now. opinions to this week’s issue. I in to the Conglomerate if you feel big as an entire academic department Ms. Valentine, we can’t thank you believe all of them raise important you have unaddressed points!), but in – either way, if we can stick with that enough! points, both positive and negative for this context, the majority has spoken. sentiment, we can all move forward Now, (what I’ve dubbed) The the College. A mascot may not be the most as one community, no matter the Great Mascot Debate has generated One of the most compelling important question at Centenary, nickname. much more controversy than I concerns I’ve seen rise out of this but for a private college to run like expected when we first started hubbub is a fear that the new mascot a democracy is kind of impressive to Question of the Week What celebrity “Hugo Chavez.” would you stalk? “J-Christ.” -Casey Reader, Leah Tennyson Chelsey Rusinovich Sophomore Freshman Senior “Shaq O’Neal.” “Jessica Simpson.” “Eva Mendes.” “Jack Bauer.” -Mary Diana Bradley, -Josh Gomillion, -Sammy Robinson, -Stacey Stokes, Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Senior
  3. 3. December 7, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 12 Catahoula selected as additional mascot, cont. from front page and see a really cool t-shirt or really BY THE Nolte said the Gents were Leading off of Teddy Allen’s articles fun stuffed animal ultimately does not the only major write-in. “The next in The Shreveport Times, the local NUMBERS: do harm and does help Admissions, highest has less than 20 votes,” she newspaper conducted a community or does help retention. I truly think said. “Three of [the write-ins] had vote on their website in which the MASCOT the visual potential of a mascot allows more than 10, and the Caiman was Catahoula also won with 31.6% of you something that Centenary has one of them.” Student Spencer the vote. Shreveport Times readers VOTING not done – if you go in the bookstore Bostwick managed an impressive picked Squirrels as the second most RESULTS now, it’s all words, no kind of verbal campaign on visual icon, which is what we’re behalf of the Caiman trying to do with this mascot.” (a type of alligator, also Prickett also spelled Cayman) around Who voted? reemphasized the fact that campus, encouraging the purpose of the vote was everyone from students Alumni 739 52% not to completely eliminate to DPS officers to write the Lady and the Gent, and Students 512 36% it in as a choice with that adding a mascot is not a persuasive spiel. Faculty 68 5% “an unprecedented endeavor,” Referring to Bostwick, Staff 56 4% citing the example of the Nolte said that “it was Prospects 44 3% Tennessee Volunteers and really good that he made Total 1,419 100.0% their mascot, Smokey the the effort.” Coon Dog. Dr. Robert Prickett, Centenary students who Assistant Professor of purchased the $5 maroon Education and Faculty shirts last week with “The Co-Chair of the mascot How many voted for the Centenary…” can now return them committee, said he was very pleased popular choice, with 23.7%. to the bookstore in order to get Catahoula? with the results of the vote. “In a very When asked about the opinions “Catahoulas” printed as a finishing simple way, it was a success for the of those who believe the additional touch – at no extra cost. The $5 fact that our goal was accomplished mascot is merely a temporary Alumni 241/739 33% shirts will be available through the – which was to find an additional diversion from the real problems of Students 162/512 32% end of the semester, and in addition mascot for Centenary,” he said. the school at hand, Prickett had the to putting on the new graphic for “The fact that that occurred after following to say: “The leading force Faculty 18/68 26% free, students who purchase the shirts many, many years of talking about it in was always the bookstore kind of Staff 17/56 30% will have the first opportunity to pre- various groups, alumni talking about component. Yes, this is not going to order new mascot merchandise. it, students talking about it Prospects21/44 48% The members of the – I think the fact that we Total 459/1419 32% President’s mascot advisory do have an outcome is a commission were Dr. Kelly successful ending to this Weeks, Dr. Jeanne Hamming, endeavor,” said Prickett. Dr. David Hoaas, Paul Morrow, He was also surprised and Lisa Rauschenbauch, Saige pleased that “a statistically Wilhite, Lindsay Ezell, Suneera significant majority of Borda scoring (weighted Kompelli, Dione Wrenn, Saul faculty took the time to scoring) – total points Castaneda, Adam Philley, have their vote count as Bryan Myers, Kyle Broughton, well – the current faculty (If a choice was ranked #1, and Hoyt Bain, with co-chairs and the current student it received 4 points; #2 received Jared Ward and Dr. Robert body participation speaks Prickett. Gail Nolte, Lori 3 points; #3 received 2 points; well for both groups.” Bradshaw, and Holly Williams The statistics #4 received 1 point, #5 or worse were also involved. themselves are certainly received 0 points) The Conglomerate a concrete reason for the sincerely thanks Gail Nolte for committee to be pleased, Catahoulas3,176 her help with information. as according to Prickett, they were fix Admissions overnight, but if you not sure “they would break 300 have an icon – the bookstore is the Mudcats 2,098 people” – and the total count ended common ground. It doesn’t matter if Squirrels 1,720 Pictured: The adopted Centenary up over four times that much. you’re an athlete, prospective student, Catahoula, who will live at the house of Explorers 1,659 Though the process and idea or somebody from out of town Marketing Director Rick DelaHaya. Photos of adding a new mascot has come literally just coming by – one of the Fire Ants 1,453 courtesy of Mr. DelaHaya and Gail Nolte. under fire for various reasons (see the first places you visit is the bookstore. Gents 1,168 Opinions section on pages 4-6), at least “The [Catahoula] is not going part of the Shreveport community to fix Admissions, but the fact that became involved in a positive way. someone can walk into our bookstore
  4. 4. December 7, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 12 Centenary has The administration should address issues of enrollment improved; alumni and retention rates rather than repackaging the college should continue Editor’s note: The following two limiting the number of people that yearbook was even sent out, and my support opinions have been taken, with can be in these houses instead of disgust was further compounded by permission, from the “Save the Gent” working with the Chapters to create the fact that someone was paid very Georgette Lang, Class of 2007 Facebook group. At press time, both a safe and fun environment that well to make this. Yet, the school nearly 300 students and alumni everyone can be happy with. (Just to doesn’t hold this person accountable Last spring was not about had joined the group to discuss the give you an example of this, in 2006, at all for what they have done. adding a mascot. There were attempts ongoing mascot debate. people were told by DPS to leave my That is just a small summary to purchase a mascot costume and fraternity house when there were not of some of the things wrong with we kept hearing dissent about the even 50 people there. My fraternity the school. I am sure that most Abram Darnutzer, Class of 2006 current mascot and the way it has had around 35 members at the time, students could give you countless been portrayed, so there were several and could easily have policed a group other problems with Centenary I am against changing the Gent forums hosted to discuss the issue of 150 to 175, but was not given the and stories to back them up. and Lady, as well as the addition of among current students, faculty and opportunity.) The only real option Now, on to this mascot another symbol to go along with administration. now facing under-21 students is to business. My first problem with these, and I will get to this later. But I feel like there has been a lot of socialize in their dorm rooms. A this is in regard to the five options. I am more worried by the fact that complaining in the “Save the Gent’” lot of times this can include things These ideas are terrible, and I am the school seems to be ignoring, or Facebook group, and granted, a lot of that are not allowed on campus. I not the only person who thinks that. just losing sight of, the real reason it is warranted. However, there are am not condoning these actions, It is as if someone thought about why a lot of students and alumni things that have changed since some but I can sympathize to the lack of it for 10 seconds and these were are upset about this. We see the these alumni have been at Centenary. any other options for the students. the first things that popped in their school trying to re-package itself For one, our Career Services office These actions will eventually lead mind. I would be embarrassed to to make it more marketable, while is IMPROVING. It used to be to them getting in trouble with the have any of these as the mascot of ignoring the true problems that face nonexistent, then we had exciting Eva school, and when this happens the my alma mater. I like the Gent and it. Sagging enrollment and pathetic and the AIDS-from salsa-fiasco, but I punishment will severely outweigh Lady as mascots, and if you would retention rates have put the school think there are great things going on the crime. (For example, the fine for like a symbol for the school, why on a steady decline for years now. in that office right now. drinking on campus my senior year not have students run for the official We need to look at why students Whatever happens, I hope that was up to $200.) And when these Gent and Lady each year? Students do not want to go to Centenary alumni will not use the result of this infractions occur, the students are would vote and the winners would and why they don’t want to stay. to pull their support. Please, if you forced to deal with a member of be in costume at all major athletic I, personally, do not see have something to say about the Student Life. Most of the time, this events for the year. You could even the academic side of Centenary school or what is going on, I say voice is the head of Residence Life, Kevin give these students a small financial contributing to this and I am very your concern, but make sure you are Wagner. He is someone who bullies compensation for extra incentive for thankful for all that my professors voicing it to the right people and that and intimidates the students away them to do the job. Problem solved. have done for me. The problem you are current with what is actually from trying to fight for their rights I love Centenary, and it is what the students have to deal going on on campus and that you are and into accepting the punishment pains me to see it on this decline. with outside of class. First of all, not just taking your opinion from that is being thrown at them. I used As seniors, myself and a few others freshman students are required what one current student has told to work in Student Life and witnessed tried to bring our concerns to the to live on campus, which I do not you. I think it would be a shame for these situations on many occasions. school, but were ignored. For the have a problem with. But living on alumni to pull their support because Mr. Wagner also completely changed sake of the school, these problems campus requires them to buy a meal of this situation. the housing lottery system to where cannot be ignored much longer. plan. First off, these meal plans are it rewards hours more than grades. completely overpriced. This is made His reasoning for this was that he worse by the fact that what they are didn’t “want to punish someone given has been continuously voted as for struggling in one class.” So he some of the, if not the, worst cafeteria would rather punish someone for food in the country. Then let’s look at doing well in all of their classes? All the possible social life of the students. these things are very detrimental to If they are under 21, there is next to the students’ opinion of the college, nothing for them to do off campus, and make it a very frustrating and options for social outlets on experience. Who can blame campus have steadily dwindled over them for wanting to leave? the years. For the most part, the Another problem facing Visit the new KSCL podcast in iTunes only people that attend CAB events the school is not holding funded are the CAB members themselves by searching for quot;ksclquot; in the iTunes student groups accountable for their and maybe five to 10 others. The actions and performance. A perfect students see these boring and lame, Store or visit example of this is The Yoncopin. to be frank. And up until about five The quality of Centenary’s yearbook years ago, Greek Life was a way for has been declining for years. This both Greeks and non-Greeks to have culminated in the 2006 yearbook. something to do. But the school It is an embarrassment that this has almost destroyed this option by
  5. 5. December 7, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 12 Opinions Centenary Conglomerate Staff Disclaimer: The views in this section do not refleect those of the Conglomerate. We merely (and happily) provide the forum in which people can discuss. Versha Sharma Centenary needs to focus on Editor-in-Chief diversity more than a mascot Rhagen Russell Copy Editor up, this is the one we chose to tackle? problems. I was told that we would Deborah Badie, Senior This is the one that will help with get to those issues later and this time diversity? While I understand there (forum time) was scheduled to talk I was as excited as everyone Courtney Delaney was an issue with the mascot being about the mascot. It has taken years else about the new mascot. I thought insensitive as far as race and gender to bring this mascot change to the Layout Assistant it would foster more school spirit to were concerned, it is far down on table. How long do you think it will have an actual mascot at the games to the list of diversity issues. When take to diversify the student body interact with the crowd. I also thought are we going to see more persons of and the faculty? Don’t you think we it was a good idea not abandoning Aleks Kasztalska color teaching? When are we going should get started on that first? the Gents/Ladies mascot entirely, to get a course in African-American I love Centenary and that’s Features Editor to keep a sense of school history. history? What about the fact that we why I want to see it change for However, after I got over my initial only have 14% diversity on campus the better. Unfortunately, I will be excitement, I saw this mascot change (that includes African-Americans, graduating before that happens, but for the bone it is. When Centenary Todd Johnson Asians, and Latinos)? Before anyone I hope the Centenary experience for had a climate assessment last year says, “You should have brought this future students is a more diverse A E Editor I felt that it was done because the up at the student mascot forums,” one. For possibly my last time…GO college was up for accreditation. My I will answer that I did. I expressed LADIES! suspicions were confirmed when the concern that this mascot issue was mascot committee was formed. Of Michael Jarboe given priority over so many other all the issues the assessment brought Sports Editor The Ladies merit as much attention as the Gents The following is a response to last Second, and most importantly, done this. You’re not the first person Emily DeLatin week’s letter from alumnus Patrick let me discuss your ignorance about that’s put women in the background, Mindy McKoin Fertitta about the Gent being the origin of the Gentlemen and underrepresented them, and is Photographers Ladies nicknames. Yes, while the continuing to do so with our women’s integral to Centenary. story of Centenary’s Old Ironsides athletic teams. That’s a good example - to - Gents is quite true, you never of a Centenary tradition. Save the Dear Patrick, Carly Carpenter mention the “interesting origin Gent! What about the Ladies? Why Business Manager attached” to the Ladies. Were they do you do this? It couldn’t be because As a current student of just sitting at the house taking care of your genitalia, could it? Centenary I feel the need to respond of the children of these “southern Finally, your letter clearly ignores Copyright © 2007 to your outcry. So, let’s get down to planters,” as you call them? No, the the reasons why all this mascot/ business. Ladies nickname was something nickname controversy started up. You First, let me address your The Conglomerate is Centenary adopted much later in the eloquently use the phrase “southern usage of the term mascot, which an independent student early ‘70s. Something called Title IX planters’ sons,” when historical facts you frequently use incorrectly. If you happened and Centenary needed a suggest plantation and slave owners. had read the pages on the Centenary publication, and does not reflect quick fix for its completely masculine Don’t ignore this. Ladies at those mascot webpage (www.centenary. the opinions of Centenary mascot and nickname. Prior to Title times were left without a voice, stuck edu/mascot) or had a dictionary, you College of Louisiana. IX time there were no women’s in the background. Comments like would have noticed that a mascot athletics at Centenary, save some yours go to show the community is a person or thing symbolizing intramural sports. Why does nobody and other institutions who and what Contact: an organization. I ask you to please mention or research this? Centenary really is. And for the sake walk around Centenary and find Another thing I would like to of humanity, that must change. this person or thing: an elderly man Phone: 318-869-5269 point out is your usage of Gentlemen It will change, whether you like with a top hat. You won’t find this Gents versus your usage of Ladies. it or not. image on any shirts or PR materials The Conglomerate For some reason, you use the term and you won’t see a “mascot” at any “Gents,” or some form of, twice as Cheers! Centenary athletic events. Don’t call 2911 Centenary Blvd. much as the term “Ladies.” It’s not Jon Schleuss the Gentlemen or Ladies a mascot; Shreveport, LA 71134 like you’re the first person who’s Class of 2010 they are nicknames.
  6. 6. December 7, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 12 Mascot process fraught with miscommunication; traditions cannot be forced or created aversion hence summarily itself was, according to the website, initiative, Centenary is attempting Parker Jarnigan, Senior dropped. The official response was formed to represent all members of to create a tradition. Think about that a new mascot was soon to be in the Centenary community. Yet, those that sentence, because it shouldn’t As of this writing, the mascot the works and we needn’t waste our selected were chosen from a select make sense. Traditions are not addition to the nickname is time and the students’ money. few who had expressed interest in the created; otherwise, they would be unknown. But by printing, we will Second, the inordinate amount issue. But when questioned by the called executive decisions or group all know whether it’s the Catahoula, of secrecy surrounding the Mascot SGA, the Committee representatives selections. Traditions are not voted the Cayman, or the Explorer. All Initiative has only added to the uproar. only gave an example that one student on, but rather they develop over a long those who voted for the winner will As a member of the SGA, I have been was selected for their enthusiasm to period and slowly come to embody be happy and laugh at their friends party to a number of recent updates design the new mascot image. While a certain aspect of the community who supported the unfortunate they represent. When concerns Mudbug. The 300 some odd alumni were raised about having a divergent who clamored on Facebook will cry mascot and nickname, the Powers foul. But in the end, most people pointed out that many schools do will forget the controversy and look the same: Alabama’s Crimson Tide is back and giggle, telling their friends represented by an elephant. Yet, none at other schools “Ya, we used to be of these schools simply decided one the Gents…and we ‘still are’ but our day to have a mascot. For example, mascot is the Squirrel…we voted on Alabama became associated with the it.” And once again, Centenary will be elephant after a local sports journalist the little school to poke fun of. Not described their coming force like only will people continue to ask “You elephants stampeding. go to Cemetery?” – now we will have There are many problems with to put up with derision for having the Mascot Initiative. The reasons fabricated, albeit democratically, a for adding make little sense. The new “tradition.” Powers have stated that a new mascot Yes, I am another student will boost school spirit, increase the annoyed at the entire mascot image of the school, and make it more fiasco. My complaint is not with the marketable. Will having a cute yet choices (save the Explorer), nor will I fearsome ____ [sic] at games and on sport a shirt with a self-made Gents from Committee representatives. I hope it is not the case, it seems the shirts achieve the boost of support, in “moniker” in defense of our former On November 13, 2007, Assistant Committee had an initial level of athletics and the institution as a whole, solitary symbol. Rather, I take issue Professor Robert Prickett, Dean consensus concerning what to do with that the College is looking for? Will with the manner in which the entire Lori Bradshaw, and Mr. Jared Ward the mascot issue, namely to select selling Fighting Squirrel hats alleviate process was conducted. For the presented to the SGA. To begin, the a new mascot. Personally, I have the College’s struggling finances? following, it should be noted that I Committee representatives requested no strong opinion for or against the For an answer to the latter question, have no clear knowledge of who was we keep the information concerning Gent as a mascot but I do feel that the I suggest you look up Bradford responsible for each action. I think the choices out of the minutes and entire process could have been more College. As to the former, only time I have a fair grasp on the respective secret from all students, a request transparent. For instance, from the will tell, but given the circumstances, mandates and roles of the President’s I still disagree with. The choices beginning the campaign’s publicized my guess is no. Still, there is hope. Advisory Committee and the VP of presented were Fire Ants, Squirrels, goal was to add a fun mascot that If it’s the Catahoulas, the students Marketing and Communications, but Explorers, Wolf Dogs, and Mudcats. students could rally behind, the could still take steps to make it due to a certain amount of mystery, You’ll notice that Wolf Dogs changed assumption being that a Gent mascot their own and create a real tradition I make no claim to knowing exactly to Catahoulas. As to why, only would not satisfy such a need. While – maybe one of the fraternities will who decided what. In light of this, the Powers can tell you, but it is a it is purely conjecture, my personal bring a dog to all the home games I will attribute all decisions to “the prime example of the arbitrariness belief is that the real goal of this and it will stick. Unfortunately, the Powers that be.” of the Committee’s decision-making campaign is to lower the boom on most recent update from Mr. Ward First, I do not appreciate the process and the Powers’ lack of the Gent and ultimately have the new has announced that, henceforth, misrepresentation on the part of the concern for informing the students, mascot also stand as the replacement the mascot will be the domain of Powers. In an effort to add legitimacy faculty, staff and alumni. When I nickname. The manner of unveiling the Administration, specifically to the Mascot Initiative, the official asked the Committee representatives has also been designed with a clear Marketing and Communication. My statements from the Powers referred questions about how the voting goal of stifling dissension. Rather last thought is this – if there must be to the alleged fact that the SGA has system would rank the votes and than revealing the new mascot at a new mascot, the only way current worked on a new mascot for years. if the amount of response would homecoming as initially planned, the and future students will support it While ideas may have been bandied be considered when weighing the apparently unexpected controversy is if they feel some connection to it, about in the past, the most recent results, the answers were “We don’t led the Powers to announce the something that will not be achieved SGA action taken in 2006-2007 was know” and “No” respectively. If the winner almost immediately. by the continuation of the opaque, ad to purchase a suit based on a stylized Committee did not know how the But in the end these matters are hoc procedures carried out so far. representation of the Gent, an votes would be tallied, how were the of minimal concern in comparison Illustration courtesy of David effort met with the Administration’s students to know? The Committee to the fact that, through this Wright of The Shreveport Times.
  7. 7. December 7, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 12 Features Bossier City wins water quality award Federal district judge entertains Karyn Gehrls Staff Writer Centenary students in court Bossier City’s water plant was honored recently for maintaining safe Amanda like true legal water standards for the past five years Russell champs. by the Partnership for Safe Water. Contributing Judge Hicks According to Jim Barnett, complimented Writer superintendent of the Bossier Water the class at Plant, “We had to go above and the end of O n beyond for better water quality.” It is the night, Monday, apparently a hard award to achieve saying we December 5, because it involves a lot of work to “exceeded his 2007, 19 of maintain that kind of water quality expectations.” C e n t e n a r y ’s for that long of a period. The best and The only water plant in docket for the brightest Louisiana to qualify for the award, night included political Bossier City’s plant is also one of only four cases science 140 water utilities in the nation to ranging in students maintain the Directors Award for five topics from headed down years. United States to the Federal So, in Bossier City, residents international District can drink their water from the tap treaty Courthouse with confidence. obligations for the Western Prior to court, each member of the The award was achieved by and state laws that burden religious District of Louisiana, Shreveport class was assigned a case and wrote constantly monitoring water samples. exercise to presidential war powers Division to conduct a “moot court” as a 15 to 20 page brief arguing for their The Partnership for Safe Water (PSW) and state regulation of interstate part of a requirement for Centenary’s side. In court, each team, consisting is a national volunteer program commerce. Beginning at 6:00 p.m., Constitutional Law Course, PSC of two or three members, was allowed developed by the Environmental court did not adjourn until well after 335S. Presiding over the court was 30 minutes to present their argument. Protection Agency (EPA) and other 10:00 p.m. The law never rests, I the Honorable S. Maury Hicks. Like oral proceedings in the Supreme water organizations to help provide suppose. Moot court is an extracurricular Court, Judge Hicks interrupted communities with quality drinking As a moot court participant, activity at many law schools. the arguments to question the water. I would definitely rank the event as Centenary’s pre-law advisor, Dr. presenters. According to the 2006 Annual one of the coolest things I have done Rodney A. Grunes, has devised The judge generally knows how Water Quality Report of Bossier as an undergraduate at Centenary. a similar version he uses to fulfill he is going to vote based on the briefs City, the Treatment Plant was built For students seeking a future in the speaking requirement for he receives prior to oral arguments. in 1958. It was originally designed the legal profession, this exercise Con Law, PSC 355S. Participants Questioning is designed to test the to treat water as a lime softening was a perfect warm-up for those took part in simulated court attorney’s ability to think on her feet plant and had a capacity of 16 million interrogation sessions that are an proceedings, including the drafting and to clarify points of law in the gallons a day. inevitable part of life as a 1L. Moot of briefs and oral arguments. brief the judge may have questions It is the only plant in the area court participants included Jeremy “Moot court” is different about. In our cases, questioning that treats water from the Red Babers, Alyson Escude, Kyle Hilliard, from a “mock trial.” A moot court was designed to make sure the class River on a continual basis. Plant Ali Hilsher, Ross Hudson, James King, involves a simulated appellate court really knew the cases and to see modifications and automation have Stephen Lioy, Jeny Mather, Margaret case while a mock trial usually refers how well we could hold up under allowed the plant to produce quality McDonald, Christian Nichols, Carter to a simulated jury trial or bench pressure. Standing in an impressive water for the past several years, being Oswalt, Megan Ottesen, Lori Von trial. Moot court does not involve environment (really, you should recognized by the American Water Pingel, Laura Pryor, Amanda Russell, the examination of witness or the check out the federal courthouse, Works Association or AWWA, an Allison Saylor, Versha Sharma presentation of evidence; rather, it your tax dollars are well spent!) in affiliate of the PSW Program. Miranda Tucker, Dionne Wren, and is focused solely on the application front of an intimidating federal judge The plant’s capacity currently Mary Wubbena. Participants spent of the law to a common set of is truly a test of one’s ability to keep a is 26 million gallons a day. They countless hours doing legal research, evidentiary assumptions to which the cool head under pressure. have recently added new raw water writing briefs, and preparing for oral competitors must be introduced. Anxious members of the class pumps, ozone treatment, clearwell arguments. Centenary’s moot court was overcame their nerves as soon as they and pumps, filters, computer process Photo courtesy of Lori Von designed to simulate the proceedings walked up to the podium, answering control, and a sludge treatment Pingel. of the United States Supreme Court. questions and countering arguments facility.
  8. 8. December 7, 2007 Volume 84, Issue 12 International news in brief Sudan arrests teacher for Australia elects a new Prime Hugo Chavez faces referendum Versha Sharma naming teddy bear “Mohammed” Minister losses Editor-in-Chief British teacher Gillian Gibbons On November 24, Australian Venezuelan President Hugo Iran stopped nuclear program was arrested by Sudanese officials last Prime Minister John Howard lost an Chavez’s proposal for a socialist in 2003 week for allowing her primary school election to Kevin Rudd of the Labor country was defeated by voters last students to name the class teddy Party. Howard spent four terms in weekend. Sunday’s referendum The front page of Tuesday’s bear “Mohammed.” She was charged office as leader of the Liberal Party centered on changes to the New York Times announced the with blasphemy for using the Muslim and was running for a record fifth Venezuelan constitution in order government findings that Iran halted prophet’s name in such a manner term in the country. Many Australian to better embrace socialism under its nuclear program in 2003. Despite and was sentenced with 15 days in voters have been quoted in the press Chavez’s leadership. The proposed the news, President Bush addressed jail, deportation, and potentially 40 as wanting change, however, and (and rejected) amendments included the media later that day and insisted lashes. President Omar al-Bashir Rudd’s first plans as Prime Minister extending the presidential term from that the country is still a threat pardoned Gibbons on Monday, include withdrawing troops from Iraq six years to seven years, removing because of its potential to develop however, following international and ratifying the Kyoto climate treaty. the power of the Central Bank, and nuclear weapons. Still, the newest controversy around her arrest, and Howard was close friends with Bush possibly most importantly for Chavez, findings about the program ending she arrived safely in London, England and had similar conservative policies allowing indefinite reelection. The four years ago contradicts the Bush on Tuesday. on many issues, though approval of president insists he will press forward administration’s stance since 2005 on Bush and American foreign policy with socialist reforms, though many Iran’s complete determination to go in general in the Australian public is see the results of the referendum as a nuclear. low. vote against him. College Night has moved! To Pieworks on Pierremont in Towne Oaks Square next to Superior Steakhouse Every Friday from 5 until close. get a medium 1 topping pizza for only $5.00, 2 for 1 Wine, Well, and Draft $4.00 Domestic pitchers, $5.00 Import Pitchers