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My name is

Learn to say "my name is" in Chinese.

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My name is

  1. 1. My name is… 我叫(wǒ jiào) Introducing yourself and others in Chinese
  2. 2. New words and vocabulary 你(nǐ) – You 他(tā) – He 我(wǒ) – I 她(tā) – She 叫(jiào) – Called; to be called 什么(shén me)- what 叫什么(jiào shén me) – Called what 你叫什么?(nǐ jiào shén me) – You are called what? (What’s your name?) 我叫……(wǒ jiào) – I am called….
  3. 3. Verbs in Chinese are simple. Just learn the verb and say it after the person. when using a question word in Chinese the question word goes at the end of the sentence. The question word is in the same place as the answer. The word order for the answer is ‘I am called Tom’ and the word order for the question is ‘You called what?’ Think about how you ask in English ‘What is your name?’. Chinese is much easier: ‘Your name is what?’