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Strolling%20around%20 Poznan Eng


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Strolling%20around%20 Poznan Eng

  1. 1. Strolling around Poznan Poznan, the capital of Wielkopolska is one of the biggest cities of our country. Goats at Kolegiacki Squere It is an important centre of science, culture, industry, trade and transportation hub of international importance.
  2. 2. Coat of arms of our city Seal with the coat of arms
  3. 3. Cathedral The Cathedal is situated on the Ostrów Tumski. The history of Poland began here. Here lie the first Polish rulers: Mieszko I Bolesław Chrobry and their successors
  4. 4. Old Town City Hall was rebuilt several times. The photo you see here is the Renaissance erected Jan Baptysta Quadro. At the central turret facade is the famous clock with billy goats, ramming each other every noon.
  5. 5. Billy goats look down at the city
  6. 6. Old Town It is the center of the old city. Marketplace since XIII century.
  7. 7. Four fountains adorn the Old Market Proserpine's Fountain
  8. 8. Poseidon's Fountain
  9. 9. Apollo's Fountain
  10. 10. Mars' Fountain
  11. 11. Old Town Bamberka, medieval Działyński Palace, well, right next to the crowned with the pelican's City Hall. figure.
  12. 12. Parish Church Parish Church is one of the most beautiful baroque churches.
  13. 13. Parish Church after the renovation
  14. 14. Parish Church Pipe Organs
  15. 15. Emperor's Castle It was built as the residence for Emperor Wilhelm II Today it is the Cultural Centre "The Castle".
  16. 16. Grand Theater On top of the theater Pegasus statue is visible from afar . Lion's statues on the facade symbolize the Lyrics and Drama.
  17. 17. Polish Thater
  18. 18. University Hall - Poznan Philharmonic Here are held concerts of classical music and academic ceremonies
  19. 19. National Museum It houses valuable collections of art and painting. It also holds major temporary exhibitions.
  20. 20. Raczynski Library It is one of the oldest public libraries in Poland. Founded by Edward Raczynski
  21. 21. Palm House One of the biggest in Europe, Palm House is located in Wilson Park. You can see here lemons and bananas ripening on the tree, beautiful orchids, blooming cacti, and many others. At the end you one can admire exotic fish in giant aquariums.
  22. 22. Botanic Garden Place of relax for locals of Poznań. It combines academic institution and public park.
  23. 23. Early spring in Botanic Garden
  24. 24. Poznań International Fair It is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe, with exhibition area close to the city centre, right next to the Central Station.
  25. 25. ZOO Poznań is the only city in Poland to have two Zoos. Old Zoo is worth seeing, for the animals and antique pavilions. New Zoo is a spacious park space with modern grounds
  26. 26. Malta Malta Lake is an artificial lake created during the Second World War. Considered to be the best in the world, rowing tracks host many international competitions. Grounds around Malta Lake are popular with hikers and cyclists.
  27. 27. Citadel Powerful Winiary fort was built by the Germans on a hill north of the Old City. It was the main link in the fortress guarding Poznań. Today survive only remnants of forts and park space occupies the area. You can visit the Museum of the History of Citadel and open-air exhibition of military equipment. There are also cemeteries of soldiers from the First and Second World War.
  28. 28. Old photos of Poznań City Hall
  29. 29. Grand Theater
  30. 30. Central Station Poznań
  31. 31. Emperor's Castle
  32. 32. Our School We invite You to visit Poznań Partner school from Poland