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Christmas wishes  Christmas wishes and cards poored in                                                              Offici...
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Newsletter 2 januari


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Newsletter 2 januari

  1. 1. You-knight-Europe Volume 2 January 2012 Teachers and pupils meet in Łòdź November 2011 November 2011 All countries entered three logo’s and after For the First time tea- some debete Italy won chers and pupils met the competition. during a project mee- ting in Poland. In the afternoon realComing events knights came to the school and told us how Children from Portugal. to become a knight.Start of ping pong Italy, Cyprus and thestory They showed what you Netherlands were welco- had to do and learn andCountries choose med by their host fami- some kids could partici-famous knights lies at their arrival in They worked on and pate in the action. Łòdź. signed the comenius con-Honour codes tract and learned the pro- After school we visited a The next morning everyo- jectsong. castle where everyone ne assembled in the great could have a go at archeryOfficial song hall to be part of a warm A swimming lesson was on and throwing a spear. and special welcome by the program and they had a competition between the The last day we had a tour the local community.Visit to France guest countries. Auke with a guide around Łòdź. Children of the Polish host school prepared all kinds from the Netherlands just After a great visit every of musical acts from the won from Portugal. one went home. We all different countries. There was a language shared a wonderful expe- competition which country rience and made many During the time in school could pronounce Polish new friends. the children participated in a variety of activities. the best. Italy wins logo competition Łòdź, nov. 2012 Everyone could admire the logo’s from all countries in After long concidera- the big hall. tion Italy went home with the winning Points were given to all of Logo. them and after counting , one of the logo’s from Italy The children from all turned out to be the best, schools designed a logo for logo’s three were presen- the project. From all these ted in Poland.
  2. 2. Christmas wishes Christmas wishes and cards poored in Official project song at every school during December. We are Knights of Europe , we are brave Schools displayed them in their We can stand together han d in hand Comenius corners during December We are going to change our world Even if we dont use any and January. sword Some countries posted films of their We all are the same under traditional celebrations on the blog. the Europe sky Knights of the nations as a team we can fly We all are the same togeth er in our home Lets be U-Knighted today lets never be alone Countries united in music Our shields are made of rea l love Our hearts are full of lovely wordsEvery school sent in two to four We are gentle and honest and braveverse sentences for the project That is how we do want to behavesong.The Music teacher from the We all are the same under the Europe skyPolish school put all these sen- Knights of the nations as a team we can fly We all are the same togethtences together in a beautiful er in our home Lets be U-Knighted todayproject song called ‘Knights of lets never be aloneEurope’The song will be learnt by allchildren from the schools parti-cipating in the project.Children make their knight’s pledgeWhat is a pledge? How should a modern knightbehave? Who do you think can be a knight?Do youthink knights could exist nowadays?What attitudesdo you think a knight can have today?These were some of the questions children had to ans-wer in a questionaire which was presented to them .From the answers pledges and honour codes were to bemade from all schools.In Poland the pledges were presented and the schoolsfilmed the children taking the pledge, promising to begood and faithful, to be honoust and fair to eachotherand listen to their teachers and parents.Every school made their own pledge and choldrenwent to work to make the rules for the honourcodes.These will be presented later in the project. Some of the honourcodes on the board in Poland