Comenius mins 15-3


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Comenius mins 15-3

  1. 1. U- Knight EuropeMinutes - 15/03/12 – Ecole Saint Anne, LoudeacPresent – France, England, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Finland, Cyprus 1. Ping Pong Story Order: Poland – Finland – Italy – Holland – Portugal – Cyprus – England – Spain – France and repeat so each country has written twice. Once the story has been completed it should be made into a book. A digital one or a paper one could be produced. It is entirely up to you. It is possible to do both. Countries can choose. This should be finished by September 2012. After each country has written some sentences it should be sent to the next country on the list and all the other countries so that they can read it to their children. 2. Portugal Visit May 2nd – May 6th 2012 Hold knights ceremony in school and show in Portugal – if not complete explain why in the evaluation. We will make beautiful illustrations of the first letters of children’s names. A maximum of 6 should be taken to Portugal to display. They should be A4 size. These letters are usually found at the start of old fashioned books. (For example, my name is Kathryn, so I would draw a large K in the middle of the paper and draw patterns and pictures coming from it.) Everyone should take their log books to Portugal. (This book is to collect evidence of all the activities which have been carried out by your country.) Kasia will also explain how to fill in the end of Year 1 report. Portugal will also organise the medieval song. The ping pong story will also be read. 3. Cyprus Visit October 11th to October 15th 2012 Medieval Festival starts 13th October 2012 4. Newsletter Marja from Holland will send out the newsletter explaining what went on in France and Poland. 5. Any Other Business Kasia showed the trip diary her children we completing whilst on the trip. Joao showed the diary his children created after the trip to Poland. Kasia will send us the evaluations for us to complete for Poland Trip Myriam presented the pupil questionnaire to the group. This should be completed by the children and the results discussed in Portugal. Kasia hopes that many coordinators will be in Portugal as she will be helping us to complete the first year report. Kasia will remind us each month what we should be doing to keep us on track.