These were the 60s


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These were the 60s

  1. 1. THEN AND NOWComparing the 1960s with today
  2. 2. THE PROJECT1. Introducing the Sixties2. Interviewing parishioners/family3. Curating the ‘Then and Now’ exhibition
  3. 3. THESE WERE THE SIXTIES!!!!!The 1960s - for some, it marked the end for Victorian values and the beginning of the permissive society. It was a time of freedom, a decade of social unrest, innocence lost, scandal, war, sex, drugs and rock and roll...
  4. 4. MUSIC The Beatles began their career. They leapt to fame in 1963 with Please, Please Me and went to be a huge hit The Beatles moved through the late 1960s as favourites of the flower power generation - many young people enjoyed hippie music ending the in the summer of love in 1967 and the woodstock Festival in 1969 where Jimi Hendrix played. Other teenagers liked to be known as ‘Mods’ and liked ska music and The Who
  5. 5. FASHION Like pop music, fashion went through a revolution in the 60s, but for most women little changed in the early years of the decade. The styles of the late fifties, the Chanel suit and the full skirt were still popular. By the middle of the 60s, the mini was in and short hair, in the geometric style of Vidal Sassoon, was the in look. By the end of the sixties, the look was long, flowing hair, hippy beads and kaftans.
  6. 6. SPORT A season ticket to see Manchester United cost £8.50 England won the World Cup!
  7. 7. SCIENCE For the first time, virtually all houses had electricity. 1969 = The Anglo-French airliner Concorde makes its first supersonic test flight 1961 - First human space flight to orbit the Earth: Yuri Gagarin, Vostok 1. 1969 First humans to walk on the Moon: Apollo 11.
  8. 8. SOCIETY Population of Britain was about 53million (now 62.4 million) The contraceptive pill became available and abortion was legalised in 1967 in the UK The average house price was £2,530 Loaf of bread 5p Most houses now had a refrigerator and a cooker. About 30-50% of people had a telephone at home
  9. 9. SOCIETY CoCo Pops were launched in 1961. Most homes had televisions by the end of the decade. Coronation Street first aired in 1960 BBC 2 went on air in 1964 and was the first channel to have colour in 1967. Dr Who first appeared on television during the 60s.
  10. 10. CATHOLIC CHURCH The Second Vatican Council was a large meeting of the Pope and bishops from all over the world. It marked a fundamental shift towards the modern Church.Before the Council: The whole of Mass was in Latin Priest said Mass in front of the altar with his back to the rest of the church With the priest having his No readers or helpers for Communion from back to us and speaking in a foreign tongue, I did notthe congregation feel a part of the liturgy at all. It seemed as if the mass Male only altar servers was the priest’s prayer and not ours.Then everything changed in 1969 to the Mass we know today I love the traditional Latin Mass. This is what I grew up with and to me it is much more reverent and solemn.
  11. 11. WHAT DO YOU THINK? What is your impression of the Sixties? Do you think they are better or worse than the present day? Do you think the old Mass was better than the one we celebrate now? Do you think older people liked the change in the mass? How do you think the church reacted to the changes in society – the music, the fashion, the advancement in science (e.g. the Pill), the legalisation of abortion
  12. 12. GROUP WORKBefore we can curate our exhibition we need to collect the memories and photographs of our family and parishioners. Do they remember the sixties? Ask them to come along to be interviewed on Monday 30th January 7pm Group 1 Group 2Write an announcement Write a advert for the to be read out at ever newsletter. Encourage service next week. people to volunteer to Nominate volunteers be interviewed. You to read it out only have 80 words