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Fiscal year media plan for HankIving.com.

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Hank Iving Media Plan

  1. 1. HankIving.com Thomas Confar
  2. 2. What Is HankIving.com?
  3. 3. Company Overview HankIving.com is an online music instrumental store Aspiring artists go to HankIving.com and shop for instrumentals that they would like to sing to or rap over. There is an MP3 player catalog that allows visitors to preview my instrumentals before buying. The PayPal button allows for a quick and easy purchase. I guarantee 24 hour instrumental deliver via e-mail. All instrumental leasing and exclusive rights information can be found at HankIving.com Website plays: 74,383 …
  4. 4. Company Overview Established in January 2012 HankIving.com was originally “TommyConfar.com” which was established in 2010 Owned by Tommy Confar “Hank Iving” is a play on the word Thanksgiving (Drop the T, s, & first g) I give back some proceeds to various music sites Example - www.mimamusic.org/ I also give away free instrumentals Software & hardware used to make the instrumentals Native Instruments “Komplete 4” VST plugins Pro Tools Mini Box 2 Various Sound kits Rolland Juno G Synthesizer Fruity Loops Studio 10
  5. 5. Direct Competition Soundclick producers Vybe Beatz Production credits: Chris Brown, Travis Porter.. SC Plays: 179.9 Million Superstar O Production credits: Waka Flocka, Tyga.. SC Plays: 56.3 Million Johnny Juliano Production credits: Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa.. SC Plays: 88.9 Million Tom Davids Production credits: Eighty4Fly, Twista.. SC Plays: 3.8 Million
  6. 6. Indirect Competition Studio producers Jim Jonsin Production credits: Lil Wayne Dr. Dre Production credits: Eminem Kane Beatz Production credits: Lupe Fiasco Noah “40” Shebib Production credits: Drake Pharrall Production credits: Snoop Dogg Other online MP3 player sites Soundcloud Reverbnation Both of these sites are growing rapidly, but are not known for instrumental sales. They focus more on band/artist song plays and dj remixes.
  7. 7. Target Audience Aspiring Hip Hop and R&B artists Men ages 14 to 32 Household Income 35K+ No children Education: high school/some college Active online
  8. 8. Target Trends Age Aspiring artists are starting their careers at a younger age because they no longer need a recording studio to produce their own work. Anyone can buy a USB microphone and Pro Tools and record in their own home, on their own time. Recording at home saves artists significant money and allows them greater flexibility. Buying online instrumentals Websites like soundclick.com make it easier for aspiring artists to find instrumentals for their own music projects. Online instrumentals are inexpensive and offer a wider variety. Follows pop icons
  9. 9. Target Hobbies/Interests Plays sports Connecting with friends and networking on blogs & social media sites Twitter Facebook Involved with the video game community
  10. 10. Ways To Reach Target Out of Home (OOH) Public Transportation Interactive (Online) Social Media Facebook Twitter Music Blogs Datpiff.com illroots.com 2dopeboyz.com WorldStarHipHop.com T.V. Music BET,MTV & VH1 Magazines Music Billboard Vibe XXl
  11. 11. Marketing Objectives Continue to educate the public & spread awareness about HankIving.com Reach five million website plays in one year
  12. 12. Seasonality Print, T.V. and OOH June-August Summer time = School is out = More time to focus on things outside of education Interactive (Online) ads will be run year-long
  13. 13. Geography This will be a national media plan, with a focus on all major U.S. cities. Public transportation ads will be important in the major cities
  14. 14. Media Objectives Reach “Aspiring Hip-Hop and R&B artists” in the major city regions by using a specific mix of media.
  15. 15. Strategy My media strategy targets online ads and with a secondary focus on T.V. ads. Magazine and Out of Home ads will be part of my strategy, but not as important in reaching my audience as T.V. and online ads. My target audience gets its media online and from T.V.
  16. 16. Media Mix Interactive (Online): My target gets most of its media fix from online sites. They promote what they are doing and network heavily on Twitter & Facebook. The target is also constantly looking at up to date blog sites to see what is current and new in the music world. Pop icons have a big influence on my target audience. Television: My target audience is heavily influenced by new music trends and by pop icons. T.V. shows like BET’s 106 & Park is a great way to reach my target audience. OOH: Out of Home ads will play a role in my media plan because my target is on the younger side and located in major cities. This is due to a need for public transportation. Print: My targeted audience reads music-focused magazines with a focus on the Hip-Hop and R&B genres.
  17. 17. Interactive Online Impressions $4,399,800.00 for 439,980,000 online impressions
  18. 18. Interactive Ad space for the following online sites Twitter.com Facebook.com Datpiff.com 2DopeBoyz.com XXL.com Vibe.com Soundclick.com Illroots.com WorldStarHipHop.com These sites were chosen because of their fit with my target audience. My target audience frequents these sites. HankIving.com’s traffic will increase the most from online ads. These websites will be my front runners for ad space.
  19. 19. Analytics Google Analytics: track website traffic gather customer information measure advertising ROI Click and Follow Analytics measure social media influence and reach
  20. 20. T.V. BET (Focus) VH1 MTV All contain current music & pop icons
  21. 21. T.V. Plan Total = $3,204,500.00Daytime Points Per Week Cost Per Point Total CostPrimetime 5 $25,300.00 $1,644,500.00Late Fringe 6 $20,000.00 $1,560,000.00
  22. 22. Out of Home Taxi Tops & King Size Bus Posters Proven effective in highly populated areas where public transportation is needed Major U.S. cities
  23. 23. Out of Home Plan Total OOH = $1,500,353.40Type Duration Cost/Month Total Cost (With added % 30 inflation)King Size Bus 3 Months $264,706.00 $1,032,353.40PostersTaxi Tops 3 Months $120,000.00 $468,000.00
  24. 24. Print Billboard Issued: Weekly Circulation: 1,801,000 Audience: 71% of respondents have taken one or more actions in response to an ad in Billboard magazine 71% are between the ages of 25-54
  25. 25. Print Vibe Issued: Monthly Circulation: 817,825 Audience: More than half are men Focuses on 18-24 with a median age of 28 71% are African American 50.7% are in some college
  26. 26. Print XXL Magazine Issued: Monthly Circulation: 1,100,000 Audience: 78% African American HHI 35-45k Median age of 29 Majority are still in some college
  27. 27. Print Plan Total Print = $895,340.00Magazine Size When Cost/Page Total Cost for 3 monthsBillboard Full Page, 4 Weekly, Q2+3 $11,590.00 $301,340.00 Color, 2tiVibe Full Page, 4 Monthly, Q2+3 Color, 3ti $30,000.00 $270,000.00XXL Full Page, 4 Monthly, Q2+3 $36,000.00 $324,000.00 Color, 3ti
  28. 28. Budget: Spent:$10,000,000 $9,999,993.40 Media Mix Print 8% Online 45% T.V. 32% OOH 15%
  29. 29. Flow Chart Media Plan January February March April May June July August September October November December Total NetMedia Target 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 TRPs Ins. Cost NATIO NALMagazines $895,340OOH $1,500,353T.V. $3,204,500Interactive (Online) $4,399,800Radio $0National $9,999,993
  30. 30. Sources MRI+ SRDS EpscoHost Vibe.com XXL.com