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Stainless steel 3 values tee type


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Manufacturers of Stainless Steel 3 values Tee Type, Exporters of Stainless Steel 3 values Tee Type, Suppliers of Stainless Steel 3 values Tee Type

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Stainless steel 3 values tee type

  1. 1. CONEX . JT OUR PRODUCTS + Stainless Steel 37 Degree Flare Tube Fittings + Stainless Steel Baskets Wire Mesh BL Wire Products + Stalnless Steel Castlng Stainless Steel Forgings + Stainless Steel Fasteners + Stainless Steel Hose Barbs Hose Flttlngs + Stalnless Steel Machined Parts Turned Components + Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings + Stainless Steel Single/ Twin Ferrule Compression Flttings + Stalnless Steel Valves Manifolds + Stainless Steel Welded Fittings la: :l n? ñålililllb' ätülilli Vou Are Here : Home - Stalnless Steel Valves Manltolds - Stainless Steel 3 Valve Manlfolds - Stainless Steel 3 values Tee Type STAINLESS STEEL 3 VALUES TEE TVPE -Täcllllis »lo l-'l *t: l* l lilšlšÅ Luo palm. , . .o-. u-. ..r . nm Product Name: - Stainless Steel 3 values Tee Type Product Category: - Make ari Inquiry Stainless Steel 3 values Tee Type STAINLESS STEEL STRAIGHT TYPE NO DESCRIPTION QTY MÅTERIAL 1 BODY 1 SS 316 2 BONNET 1 SS 316 3 STEM 1 SS 316 sl SONNET PUSHER 1 SS316 5 LOCK NUT 1 SS 316 6 PÅCKING 1 TEFLON 7 IVVÅSHER 1 SS 316 S HANDLE 1 SS 304 9 GRUB SCREW 1 SS 10 DUST CAP 1 PLÅSTIC 11 LOCKING PIN 1 SS 304 12 BONNET SEAL 1 TEFLON FEATURES : 3 VALVE MANIFOLDS (STRAIGHT TVPE) 0 3 valve rnanitolds are designed 'or remote or separate rnountingConnecting 'rom process side 1/2' NPT(Fi and Instrument side 1/2' NPTlFi Connecting system impulse lines and ITSWSVHIIETS. having simple three valves conñguration nluhlch allows for easy two block or lsolate. one Equallser valve calibratlon ot a static pressure transrnitter o' gauge. 0 Bleed/ vent connection "lIIh s s. plug Vulll be provided on request. I Appronrriate luleight _bS, l. 5 Heat code traceability BONNET ASSEMBLY Screwed bonnet design, Bonnet-back seated blow out proof Splndle-Ground and thread rolled. Splndle tipeNon rotating tlp shut ofltype e stellited, Regulatingestelllted and soñ seated. 0 Borlnet pusher e silver plated 'or anti galling treezlng tor increased stem cycle ll'e. I Dust cap protects stem threads "rclrn externals contamination. 0 Leak tight seal »with low operating torque. SIZE : 1/4", 1/2" End connection: NPT BSPT Socket weld. 'vVOfklñg Pressure ' 6000 Psl (413 Earl PTFE 450 Deg F (232 Deg! ) Grafoll 700 T t R t : empera ure a lng Deg! FG” Deg' C! Nlaterlal of construction: S 316 SS 304 Monel CS, Optional Sour Gas senllce valves are available conflrmlng to NäCE Std. MRv Jan-7S Stem packlng. PTFE Grafoll. Orlfice: Dla. 4.0 All *JSIVES are 100% Factory tested prior to slilprnent. APPLICATIONS Reñneriesllquld patroleum gas processing plantpetroechemlcal plants, systems dV-'lcult to snur off due to solid contents dust. rust. dirt etc. MANIFOLDS SELECTION INFORMATION DATA Pressure 812500 TESTTNG Pneumatic Seat test is peñormed at 1/4 o* working pressure. Hydrostatic shell test is peñormed at 1,5 times the working pressure. Optional test are available upon request, LUBRICATIONS Dye Molly Sulphide. IHULUIIN IOIiIItlQIlL' S' RELATED PRODUCTS Stalnless Steel 2 values Straight Type Stalnless Steel s values H Type Stalnless Steel 3 values H Type Stalnless Steel 3 values Straight Type a-mullslitneltümeaultaiqu ; lMlait! Imalllmglilinitaaaniaašl : anime-ai JruQ-iatázdülátll