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Forged copper bus bar


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Forged copper bus bar

  1. 1. CONEX COPPER ‘ I[°)Ill: -I} You are Here: Home - > Copper Grounding Enhmg Aooessories > Copper Lugs Terminals > Copper Forgng Pm; Copper Lightning Protection Pans Copper Casting Copper Sheet Metal Pressed Pans Copper Busbus Copper Pats Components Copper Washers Copper Forging Parts —- Forged Copper Bus Bar F. ‘ . |tiICsll’{§Il 4-‘ FORGED COPPER BUS BAR 3‘4". I1-4. <53 ill-‘r Illguflfr "! l!l= .lli§tr ‘. l'llNE| |I. !l~" Product Name : — Forged Copper Bus Bar Product Category : - Copper Forging Parts ' ', Make an inquiry Forged Copper Bus Bar I Copper Forging Part Copper Battery Terminals Connectors Copper Braids And Connectors J! -iaiYhr tlx ‘em Mt‘ Multiple Point C’. *5‘: Copper Fabricated ii‘; ‘ 2 3. Eitsbars Copper Cable Imrruis _‘ J / Crimping Lugs Heaxy . x Dmy w Descriplion: Forged Copper bus bar Maurial: Pure copper 99.9% Proccnz Hot forging, CNC machining Finish: Machined surface Key tolerance: +/ -0.05mm Application: High/ low voltage electrical conductor components N Above item is for your reference only, We only produce custom parts per customer’: ate: prints Copper Bronze Gmimd Rod Pipe Clamps Copper Cold Formed enwlullltil-nsmfilllkrarfljllfiilflltmwfil Fltflkfii‘-t-fl milnqir 1'. l 1 r f , . . ' "A r , , -_r , ; ' ml 7 r. _‘ . Forged Copper Parts Forged Copper Forged Copper Electrical Copper Electrical Forged Copperloints Components Conductors Conductors 74-nvaniflixsiiursmlfilfll