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Conect Comm Sales Presentation

  1. 1. Conect Communications Improving The Communications Experience 405 S 3rd Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104 605.221.5657 or 888.690.8039
  2. 2. Agenda  Company Vision and Philosophy  Understanding Your Needs  Introduction to Our Solution  Services and Products Portfolio  Next Steps
  3. 3. Professional Services Approach •Listen and understand, then custom design •Provide unique solutions and applications – not ‗one size fits all‘ products •Not just a ‗carrier‘ or an equipment ‗vendor‘ Long-Term Business Value and Trusted Advisor Focus •Transform how enterprises do business •Continuous new technologies investigation and innovation •Lasting involvement and impact – strategic partnership
  4. 4. Daily Challenges PBX/Voicemail Faxing  Often requires more vendors  Very public (confidentiality concerns)  Quickly obsolete  Bottlenecks (busy tones)  Inflexible  Frustrated customers  Expensive to maintain and upgrade  Hard copy only Local & Long Distance Phone Service Conferencing (Audio and Video)  Linear world; if 10 lines, only 10 calls out  Can‘t communicate with multiple people  Must install new lines for growth spontaneously  Expensive Line and Long Distance Charges  No control Call Flow  Expensive  Difficult to reach remote employees  Remote site support problems  Expensive Collaboration Wide Area Networking (WAN)  Multiple, often non-interoperable platforms  Very expensive End User Support  Capacity issues  Consumes valuable resources  Often requires more vendors Vendor Management/Billing  Remote site support problems  Multiple vendors to manage Internet Access  Multiple, indecipherable bills, hard to reconcile  VERY inefficient, paying for unused bandwidth
  5. 5. Carrier Partner Network
  6. 6. Providing Support, Visibility and Control Market-Proven Services, Applications and Tools •Dynamic VoIP with Direct Fax •Intelligent Call Control, Secure, Group Collaboration and more! 24/7 Network Operations Center •Managed Circuits, Routers, Switches and Phones •Network and services continually monitored •Client-side tools for monitoring network utilization •Carrier relationships managed on client’s behalf Proprietary IP Communications Platform •Best-of-breed call routing & feature control hardware and software •Housed in fully redundant data centers 1st Class Infrastructure •Nationwide, fully converged data & voice bandwidth with local dial tone •Private, continuous Layer 3, IP over MPLS network •HIPAA & SOX compliant & QoS-enabled
  7. 7. Hosted Solutions Voice Service Connectivity Applications Options Options • Enterprise VOIP • Call Center • PRI Emulation • Managed MPLS: • Unified • Call Detail • SIP Trunking • T-1 Communications Reporting • Hosted VoIP- • Metro • Disaster Recovery • Call Recording Fully Managed Ethernet • Dynamic Call • WAN and LAN Solution • DS-3 Flow Management Monitoring • Conference Calling Tools • Web • Trouble Collaboration Ticketing • Soft Phone System • Direct Fax • Network • Receptionist Security Dashboard
  8. 8. Communications Convergence is Inevitable A Self-Managed, IP Communications Service Management & IT Woes: – Multiple Vendors/Bills – Poor Economics – Daily “Fire Fighting” – Difficult to Scale – Low Survivability
  9. 9. The Conect Communications Advantage Centralized Support, Visibility and Control Conect Communications Gives You: – Centralized Management Tools – Flexible Solutions and Integration – Reduced Vendor requirements – Improved Scalability/Survivability
  10. 10. Remote Local & Advanced WAN/ Dallas, TX Access Long Distance Calling Features OnNet Global Calling Internet Nashville, TN Headquarters Voice Fulfillment Center 400 users Mail 35 users Fully Managed IP 45 Mbps Full VoIP Services IP Circuit 1.5 Mbps to Desktops Level 3 IP Circuit Sprint Proprietary Call Switching and Feature Control Platform accessed via a Atlanta, GA 10MB Metro Nationwide MPLS network 3 Mbps Denver, CO IP Circuit Call Center Ethernet 1.5 Mbps Qwest Regional Office 120 users AT&T IP Circuit Verizon 70 users Baltimore, MD Fully Managed IP Warehouse Full VoIP Services to Desktops WAN Only 20 users
  11. 11. IMMEDIATE ACTION TAKEN Remote Local & Advanced WAN/ 1. Client Engineer assesses Dallas, TX Access Long Distance Calling Features OnNet Calling Global issue Nashville, TN Internet Fulfillment Center Headquarters 2. Notifies client 35 users Voice 400 users Mail 3. Opens trouble tickets, as appropriate Fully Managed IP 45 Mbps 4. Calls rerouted until service Trunking to restored IP Circuit 1.5 Mbps to Desktops TDM PBX Level 3 IP Circuit Sprint Alert is received in our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center. Proprietary Call Switching and Feature Control Platform accessed via a Atlanta, GA 10MB Metro Nationwide MPLS network 3 Mbps Denver, CO IP Circuit Call Center Ethernet 1.5 Mbps Qwest Regional Office 120 users AT&T IP Circuit Verizon 70 users Fully Managed IP Baltimore, MD Trunking to to Desktops Warehouse WAN Only IP PBX 20 users
  12. 12. • Connect to IP- based PBX via Ethernet handoff • Local & long distance call origination and termination • Managed Data Network Services • Internet Access
  13. 13. End-to-End: Completely Managed Service Professional Services Approach Design Engineered Provision & Training Help Desk Solutions Install • Complete • 24/7/365 • Understand • Porting Admin & Client Support Business • Market- Processes Proven Numbers User • IT Staff Solutions Training Amplified & • Customized • Install Free to Focus • Enterprise- Circuits and • Online Solutions Class Features on Business Equipment Tutorials Conect Communications Manages Every Step of the Process Highest Customer Retention Rates in the Industry 99% Customer Retention
  14. 14. Extension of Your Support A Cisco Certified Engineer is Only a 4-Digit Dial Away An Engineer is a simple 4-digit call away 5280 End User Support Redefined Our Network Operations Center: • Your IP communications infrastructure monitored 24/7/365 • Engineer that answers phone is engineer that solves issue or fulfills request • Most issues resolved before initial call is completed
  15. 15. Cisco Smart Business Communications Product Portfolio Unified Cisco Switching Wireless Security Teleworker Communications IP Phones CE500 AP500 SR520 C871W WLC 500 CE500 WLC Security 8 to 60,000 Users Router to All Cisco for Voice provide IP Phones are advanced Desktop & Desktop Autonomous APs or security supported. Companion Rackmount Unified Wireless features VPN, Wired Models Switch for UC500 Solution with WLAN including & Wireless Controller 500 or FW, VPN, Access, IP Optional Multiple CE500 IPS, NAC, Phone ext. Integrated WLAN Rackmount Switch/Controller etc. AP Configurations
  16. 16. Cisco IP Phone Portfolio 7937 Conference IP Phone
  17. 17. NEW USB 2.0* Music Player Corp. Directory Cisco® XSI High Resolution Display Visual Voicemail 3.2‖ QVGA Cisco® VoiceView® High Quality Audio & Headset Full Duplex speakerphone Bluetooth® or 2.5 mm Stereo Headset Network Wired Ethernet with POE or 802.11g Wireless client Unified Communications 5 lines – UC500 Call Control features
  18. 18. Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Productivity Enhancement Presence Quick Search Call Control Collaboration Quick Search to Find Call Traffic Screen-Pop •Increase productivity and Status/or Click to Dial accelerate decision making •Enhance collaboration •Streamline Directory/Status of Users communications •Respond faster •Build a competitive advantage: Get answers fast, collaborate in real- Click to Call Any time, and respond quickly Contact Number to customer needs Optional Camera
  19. 19. Software-based application that delivers enhanced telephony support through the PC—is designed to meet diverse customer needs by serving as a supplemental telephone when traveling, a telecommuting device, or as a primary desktop telephone. With Cisco IP Communicator, remote users don't just take their office extension with them; they also enjoy access to the same familiar phone services that they have in the office.
  20. 20. Cisco IP Phone 7960G Association Voice Answer Video Cisco VT Advantage • Audio on the Phone • Video on PC Dialing
  21. 21. Cisco Unified Attendant Console  Drag and drop calls to all users at any location  Park calls  See user status  Answer calls for all locations from and attendant console  Customized speed dials
  22. 22. Smart Business Portal Overview Cisco Smart Business Portal is a Business Intelligence Portal application and that enables business application integration with many CRM, ERP, or vertical applications and Cisco Unified Communications platforms. The Portal delivers real-time, roles-based custom views of customer data based on inbound/outbound calls. Cisco Smart Business Portal TAPI Telephony SQL Reporting CRM Application Credit App Help Desk Windows Application CRM Application TXT or HTML Files ERP Application Stock Ticker
  23. 23. IPsmartClinic Physician's offices. IPsmartFirm Legal offices. IPsmartStore Retail outlets and stores. IPsmartOffice Manufacturing locations and general offices. IPTComfort Provide guests with services that make them feel right at home-from tailored information delivery (currency exchange Control Room rates, weather, stock quotes, maps) based on personal Functions profiles to Internet access-whether they're traveling for business or pleasure
  24. 24. The New Telephony Experience Single Number Reach Mobility Connect Extension Mobility Call Forwarding Voicemail Messaging
  25. 25. More Predictable, Reliable Handoff Connecting to Call in Progress Cellular WiFi MSE with Context Aware and Mobile Intelligent Roaming, third party hand-off server, dual-mode phone
  26. 26. Contact Center – multi-Channel Express Phone Interaction Customer E-mail Interaction Customer Queuing Queuing Contact Center Chat Interaction Multichannel Express Customer Fax Interaction Agents Customer
  27. 27. Contact Center –Remote Agent Express Cisco RAE Agent Interface via IP Connection Customer Call Queuing Customer Contact Center Remote Agent Voice via PSTN • Agents able to work remotely over PSTN connections • Agent capabilities and reporting tools are preserved • Centralized supervisor management
  28. 28. Contact Center – Survivable Remote Agent Customer Call IP WAN/VPN Failure Customer Contact Center Call over IP Queuing Remote Agent Call over PSTN Cisco SRA
  29. 29. Contact Center – Campaign Express Campaign Express • An outbound power dialing solution • Blend outbound with Inbound Queues • No special cards or lines • Capable of integrating with external data sources • Integrated with Cisco CallManager and UCCX • Utilizes Cisco UCCX reporting • Centralized management • Utilizes standard Cisco Agent Desktop
  30. 30. Cisco TelePresence
  31. 31. Local Third-party Fax Local Third-party Fax Machine – Rapid City Machine – Sioux Falls Branch Office Headquarters IP-enabled Equipment T.30 PSTN Internet / VPN T.38 T.38 Internet / IP-PBX VPN PSTN Remote User T.30 IP-enabled Equipment
  32. 32. The Result? Business Value Through Transformation and Lasting Impact Improved Business Processes and Increased Employee Productivity • ―They literally changed how we do business. Thanks to the Intelligent Call Control platform, our clients now get better service from a more efficient and flexible agent base.‖ Client IT Staffs Amplified – Without Any Loss of Control • ―Because the Conect Communications NOC and Help Desk completely manage everything, we saved by not having to hire at an additional IT person.‖ Hard Dollar Cost Savings • ―When we went from our previous carrier to our Conect solution, we saved 20% on our Voice expenses alone.‖
  33. 33. Select Client References
  34. 34. Company Profile WTAS is one of the largest independent firms, providing a wide range of tax, valuation, financial advisory and related consulting services. With nearly 500 personnel in 14 major cities throughout the U.S. and global • Baltimore, MD affiliates in Hong Kong, London and Zurich. , WTAS • Boston, MA specializes in full service individual and business entity • Chicago, IL • Greenwich, CT tax compliance and consulting. • Harrisburg, PA • Los Angeles, CA • McLean, VA Conect Solution • New York, NY • Fully meshed MPLS Network • Palo Alto, CA • Philadelphia, PA • Unified Communications • Roseland, NJ • Disaster Recovery • San Francisco, CA • Seattle, WA • West Palm Beach, FL
  35. 35. Company Profile Founded in Louisville, Ky., in 1970, The Travel Authority has grown into a dominant agency in the world of travel. Today, The Travel Authority is the largest American Express Travel Services representative, with more than 300 employees, 40+ locations and a 24/7/365 Travel Support Center. Conect Solution • Fully meshed MPLS Network • Hosted Call Center Solution • Conect Data Center Service • Custom Development
  36. 36. Company Profile United Way is the world’s largest charitable services organization, focused on mobilizing the caring power of communities and making a difference in people’s lives, through its 1,350 locations. United Way and their national Information Technology group depend on reliable converged communications solutions for everything from Wide Area Networking to 211 emergency call center service, allowing them to cover everything from FEMA assistance to the suicide hotlines. Conect Solution • Fully meshed MPLS Network • Hosted Call Center Solution • Custom CRM Integration
  37. 37. Unified Switching Mobility Routing Security Communications HP Avaya Aruba Juniper Juniper 3COM Shoretel 3COM Huawei Sonic Wall Nortel Mitel D-Link Adtran Nortel BCM Buffalo NEC Netgear … and Provide a Single Tool to Deploy and Manage
  38. 38.  Qualifies for the 2009 Economic Stimulus Act o The Act allows for additional first-year bonus depreciation of 50% of the adjusted basis of "qualified property" for the year in which the property is placed in service. o The property must be property which is (1) MACRS property with a recovery period of 20 years or less; (2) computer software for which a deduction is allowable under section 167(a) without regard to the new provision. o To meet the original use requirement, the "original use" of the property must begin with the taxpayer after January 1, 2009 and before January 1, 2010.
  39. 39. Your one stop IT shop! 605.221.5657 CONECTCOMM.COM