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WiC conduit communications linkedin means business presentation


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Linkedin means business - why Linkedin can be effective for business development, in particular for small- and medium-sized businesses. Originally presented with Women in Business Hong Kong as part of Social Media Week 2012.

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WiC conduit communications linkedin means business presentation

  1. 1. Linkedin means business
  2. 2. Numbers vs. environmentFacebook Linkedin• Launched 2004 • Launched 2003• 850m users • 150m users• US – 51m > 35yrs • US – 22.5m > 35yrs Facebook wins on numbers but it’s about the environment. On Linkedin an up-front display of your experience, knowledge and qualifications is not considered unseemly.
  3. 3. OverviewThree broad areas of activity:1. Getting noticed – Setting up your profile. – Being discoverable through Google / within Linkedin.2. Circulating – Through 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree connections. – Joining interest groups. – Actively searching for new prospects.3. Announcements – Posting information. Networking from the comfort of your own desk and at a time – Setting up events. of your choosing! – Advertising.
  4. 4. Getting noticed A google search for my namebrings up my Linkedin profile, and on my company name brings up my Linkedin company profile.
  5. 5. Getting noticed – personal profile 1. Professional headline – use meaningful key words – not ‘owner’. 32 characters allowed. 2. Website link – personalise from default. 3 web links allowed. 3. Public profile link – personalise. 4. Summary – complete this if nothing else. 5. Specialties – use meaningful key words. 6. Add previous companies to extend your connections. Having a profile that is good to look at is one thing, being discoverable is another.
  6. 6. Getting noticed – bells & whistles Ask for recommendations for both personal and company profiles
  7. 7. Getting noticed – bells & whistles Apps include Google Presentations, Slideshare, polls, Wordpr, industry specific apps such as ‘Lawyer Ratings’ and the new ‘Linkedin Events’ .
  8. 8. Getting noticed – company profile 1. Claim it before someone else does. 2. Don’t forget to add services/products 3. Once set up, go back to personal profile and link back to your official company site.
  9. 9. Getting noticed – company profile
  10. 10. Part 2 – Circulating & Meeting people! Being able to access the email addresses of your connections is a winning feature!
  11. 11. Meeting people – the rules1. You can connect with anyone whose email you already have.2. You can invite ex and current colleagues, classmates and ‘people you have done business with’ to connect without having their email address.3. You can invite people to connect who are in the same interest group without having their email address.4. You can search for people -- but Linkedin will want to know if you have an approved relationship. They may be ‘people you have done business with’.5. Linkedin will suggest connections based on people who are connected to people you already know.
  12. 12. Meeting people – scenarios
  13. 13. Meeting people – connectivity See how your network grows!
  14. 14. Circulating – groups 1. You can join in the conversation and make posts. 2. You can connect with fellow group members. 3. Can start your own group. 4. Visit HK Women in Business AKA WiC. People who use groups are morelikely to feel that Linkedin is effective for business development. But it may be because they are doing everything else right too!
  15. 15. Part 3 – What your network should know 1. Posts or updates are seen on your homepage and also in email updates. 2. Post from Twitter using #in or #li 3. You can post from company and personal profiles 4. You can back link to your website or blog
  16. 16. Free1. All the features shown so far are free2. Paid account (from $160/month): • Contact anyone directly with InMail -- Response Guaranteed! • See more profiles when you search. • Zero in on profiles with Premium search filters. • See expanded profiles of everyone on LinkedIn • Whos Viewed Your Profile: Get the full list.
  17. 17. PricelessIn a recent study of over 5,000businesses, HubSpot found that trafficfrom LinkedIn generated the highestvisitor-to-lead conversion rate at2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%)than other social networks.
  18. 18. Thank you Find me on Linkedin for a copy of the presentation (with notes) Katie McGregor, orHong Kong Women in Business Group