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PSIGEN Document Capture

PSIGEN Software, Inc. presents Advanced Capture

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PSIGEN Document Capture

  1. 1. Advanced Capture PSIGEN Software, Inc. John Sutton 949-916-7700 x236
  2. 2. Capture vs. Scanning • A scanning application is just a means to take paper, and quickly and easily convert it from paper to digital form. They are well suited to environments with very basic needs, and what I call "onsie-twosie" scanning, or low volume environments. • Capture software can be utilized for basic scanning needs, but takes you to a whole new level from a "capture" perspective. These applications typically have a number of ways to "slice and dice" documents, and really focus on efficiency, and minimizing the time required to scan, index and capture data.
  3. 3. The Capture Equation
  4. 4. Our Process Capture Process Publish
  5. 5. Process • Validation • Exceptions processing • Bates Stamping • Redaction •Dynamic control •Folder Creation •File Naming •Workflow •Automation •OCR / ICR •Data Extraction •DB Integrations •Barcoding •OMR •Routing •Image processing Capture Index Migration Quality Assurance
  6. 6. Recognition Examples • Auto-import • Separation • Barcodes • Routing • Selection Lists • OCR / OMR / ICR • Database Lookups • Point and Click Indexing • The list goes on….
  7. 7. Advanced Data Extraction
  8. 8. Exceed Today’s Requirements to Meet Tomorrows Bates Stamping Redaction Searchable PDFs Invoice ProcessingOCR / OMR / ICR Barcode Reading ECM On-ramp SharePoint Forms ProcessingFax Routing Document Routing PDF Document Assembly
  9. 9. Migration(s) 12332 ATT 1232.00
  10. 10. Supported Migrations ASCII ▪ Document Server (Alchemy) ▪ eDocs (Hummingbird) ▪ Content Server (Live Link) ▪ Fax Server (Rightfax )
  11. 11. PSIGEN Overview • Founded 1995 • Mature capture company • Innovative Capture • Focus on High Volume and Automation • Integration with 63 Document Management Systems

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PSIGEN Software, Inc. presents Advanced Capture


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