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See how Microsoft Enterprise Social technologies transform the workplace with a comprehensive, integrated suite of social tools. Bring together social capabilities across networking, collaboration, email, unified communications, and business applications.

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  • Being social is human nature—people have always discovered ways to connect with each other and share knowledge.As life becomes busier and more global, people are turning to modern social experiences to cut through the boundaries of geography, time, and hierarchies.
  • * How Do We Enable Our Employees To Collaborate Effectively And Efficiently With The People That Matter To Them?
  • Slide Objective: Describe for the audience what makes Skype so unique: a huge and growing connected communitySkype’s mission is “To be the global communications provider that billions of people depend on everyday for sharing experiences” as set by Skype President Tony Bates.For hundreds of millions of customers around the world, Skype has brought down barriers for communication. Skype bridges people across multiple platforms, barriers of cost, device, distance, language, ability or location. Our technology is innovative, dependable, easy to use and affordable; so that families, friends, businesses, society can do things together in wonderful ways never before possible. This is what drives Skype.Skype has 254 million average monthly connected users (as of October 2012) At peak times approximately 40m concurrent users are logged in to SkypeSkype users generate 300 billion voice and video minutes annually, of which roughly 50% were videoAccording to Telecom market research firm Telegeography, in 2011 Skype-to-Skype calls comprised nearly 25% of total international calling minutes which includes PSTN and Skype to Skype calls.There are key attributes that distinguishes Skype’s brand in the marketplace:UniversalAvailable on everything: phones, computers, TV, the webUsable by everyone;800M+ people have downloaded SkypeAccessible everywhereSimple to useUsefulDiverse: even better functionality and utility, new ways to communicateEveryday habits: becoming essential in everyday communication occasions, not just once in a whileEveryone together: building on shared experiences, synchronous, shared experiencesWonderful Offerings that help users have experiences worth sharing Inspiring magical experiences Something people share with the people that matter most to themDemands little or nothing to participate, offerings are always free or low-costSkype brand is defined by its users and their experience of our products. Skype is for “doing things together whenever you’re apart.”Together with Microsoft this becomes even more achievable and enhances the experience we can bring to all of our users globally.
  • External user access does not require any Yammer licensingExternal networks are separate from the company’s internal network
  • You might be asking – “What about on-prem?” At this time, most of the integration points are limited to Office 365 & SharePoint online. On prem customers can make use of the Yammer web part to view feeds from within SharePoint pages.
  • What you can do today, what you’ll be able to do in the near future (within the next year), and our vision for the future.Today: customers can connect the two today with the Yammer web parts and Yammer Open Graph capabilities. Tomorrow: We’re working to build a strong foundational platform that will allow us to quickly iterate changes. To do this we’re working on some key areas first that will enable our future vision: integrated document management through SkyDrive Pro, Aggregating the SharePoint and Yammer feeds, and investing in unified identity, ensuring that users have a great single-sign-on experience.Future: After the work on key foundational aspects, we will take advantage of our new, 90-day release cycle for SharePoint Online and Office 365 to add more and more capabilitiesover time to create connected experiences that combine social, collaboration e-mail, unified communications and an enterprise class platform you can rely on for security, management and compliance.
  • IntroEmployees can increase productivity through use of Yammer and Dynamics CRMEmployees can share their ideas and help make decisions via conversations facilitated by YammerSales can improve their customer experiences by leveraging Yammer internally, to quickly drive Leads/Opportunities to won dealsYammer can help reduce time to search for company information (socially engaged employees)Product Detail Microsoft brings the power of social networking to your company with Yammer. Yammer is as easy to use as consumer social software like Facebook and Twitter, but is designed for company collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange, and team efficiency.Yammer may be deployed as a standalone enterprise social network or integrated within our business applications, including Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Office 365.Yammer Enterprise needed to integrate into Dynamics CRM 2013. Increase Engagement Through Organization TransparencyLet’s start with how social has the ability to drive enhanced productivity by increasing our employees ability to engage, interact, and collaborate. Simply put, social has the ability to transform how people get work done with tools and skills that are familiar in both their personal and professional lives.Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work. They are fully involved in the way an organization operates and they act in a way that furthers the goals of the organization; in short, they’re doing everything they can to help make a company successful. For example, a waiter at a local family chain of restaurants has the ability to provide real feedback to the corporate office about how the new kids meal is resonating with young patrons and their parents, as well as learn more about the companies new HR policy on employee attire. Empower Employees to Share IdeasSocial technologies enable companies to remove communication barriers and give employees a real voice in making the company better—a voice that can be heard at all levels and across all geographies. Studies have shown that organizations that have ‘engaged employees’ are more profitable, have higher productivity, and have significantly lower turnover. You saw this come to light in how Red Robin is using social in their organization by taking real time customer feedback and enabling their employees to share this feedback with everyone across the organization.Today’s companies need to enable vital connections and collaboration among employeesin order to innovate, make better decisions—and move quickly in order to compete. These goals require teams that can connect, learn from one another, share knowledge, and create value together—from locations around the world, both inside and outside the organization. Social technologies enable teams to be more productive by making it simple to coordinate tasks among team members, share information, find people, even talk and see each other around the world. All of this allows various teams in an organization to have a real stake in sales and improving the customer experience. From support to product development to marketing to sales, increased collaboration through social allows each employee to be more productive and have a part in driving a better and more efficient customer experience.Use Social Networks to Win New CustomersYou inherently have goals around winning new customers and driving revenue. Let’s get specific on how social speeds your ability to hit those goals. Studies show that customers are 57 percent of the way through the purchase process before ever contacting a supplier. Now surely that could vary depending on what you are buying, but think about it, when YOU are the customer, it is incredibly easy to find the people and information you need through search engines and social networks. Shouldn’t we be able to do the same thing at work when we reverse roles? Shouldn't we know a lot more about our customers before engaging to increase the chance of a positive outcome? Scenario: Imagine a salesperson planning for a meeting, and being able to view the latest company information, contact data and news, individual employee posts and/or theirsocial connections—to better prepare for her meeting with a prospect. A lot of sellers are not social savvy or don’t know how to go out and find that info – serving that up directly within their customer relationship management solution means no more hunting – social in CONTEXT helps them better prepare.Then, take that and imagine that salespersontapping her internal social network with Yammer, the salesperson derive insights from peers, and even use office 365 to co-author proposals and presentations, etc.In summary, you drive revenue and win customers by understanding who they are and collaborating with your team to drive an effective sales cycle.
  • Brief Overview of CRM 2013New UI, basic areas of CRM (Sales, Marketing)Designed for devices (touch enabled)Yammer Integration with CRM 2013Dashboardsshow Yammer feed, system postsAccountsShow Yammer feed, system posts (mention context-specific)Show Lync call (to Catie) and Activity generated in CRMContactsShow Yammer feed, system posts (mention context-specific)Show Lync call (to Catie) and Activity generated in CRMOpportunityShow Yammer feed, system posts (mention context-specific)Run through a business process to show how social helps speed up completion of process stagesCRM 2013 Upgrade – show Yammer conversation to determine timeframe (in Qualify stage)?? Opp – show Yammer conversation to request a proposal document and have reply attach it in Yammer response
  • Clarify vision for socialSupports core company valueArticulate to employees Define success metrics up frontIdentify champions and Internal influencers (exec to ground level)Drive Adoption and momentum Integration –importance of cross departmental / geographical collaboration but this applies to business platforms too. Integrate across different applicationsIntegrate into daily internal processes. Appoint community managers - Drive engagementUse Cases / Best Practice – Promote and inspireAnalyze and adjust strategy
  • Goal 1: Collaborate across departments and geographies68% of users agree that Yammer simplifies the process of communicating with colleagues in different locations or departments.What do you need to Work Social? | Collaborate across departments and geographies |Who needs to be involved? |What is the timeframe?|How will accomplishing this goal benefit you and your team? Now that you have identified your most important goals, let's map these back to your company's initiatives to ensure you have the greatest impact within your organization. These are some of the results that companies have seen by working social.Get to Success Now that you've scoped out your goals, let's determine some specific actions you can take to get started. Evaluate, Adapt, and Iterate Now that you know a few actions to take, it's important to measure your progress. Identifying what worked and what didn't can help your team learn, improve, and adapt. Measuring your progress
  • Enterprise Social - SharePoint, Office 365, Lync, Yammer

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