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The next generation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is here! You’re invited to see the exciting new features that, now more than ever, enable you to deliver compelling solutions across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.

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  • Introfor organizing, automating, and coordinating business processes that promote customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing and customer service fieldsEmployees can increase productivity through use of Yammer and Dynamics CRMEmployees can share their ideas and help make decisions via conversations facilitated by YammerSales can improve their customer experiences by leveraging Yammer internally, to quickly drive Leads/Opportunities to won dealsYammer can help reduce time to search for company information (socially engaged employees)Product Detail Microsoft brings the power of social networking to your company with Yammer. Yammer is as easy to use as consumer social software like Facebook and Twitter, but is designed for company collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange, and team efficiency.Yammer may be deployed as a standalone enterprise social network or integrated within our business applications, including Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Office 365.Yammer Enterprise needed to integrate into Dynamics CRM 2013. Increase Engagement Through Organization TransparencyLet’s start with how social has the ability to drive enhanced productivity by increasing our employees ability to engage, interact, and collaborate. Simply put, social has the ability to transform how people get work done with tools and skills that are familiar in both their personal and professional lives.Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work. They are fully involved in the way an organization operates and they act in a way that furthers the goals of the organization; in short, they’re doing everything they can to help make a company successful. For example, a waiter at a local family chain of restaurants has the ability to provide real feedback to the corporate office about how the new kids meal is resonating with young patrons and their parents, as well as learn more about the companies new HR policy on employee attire. Empower Employees to Share IdeasSocial technologies enable companies to remove communication barriers and give employees a real voice in making the company better—a voice that can be heard at all levels and across all geographies. Studies have shown that organizations that have ‘engaged employees’ are more profitable, have higher productivity, and have significantly lower turnover. You saw this come to light in how Red Robin is using social in their organization by taking real time customer feedback and enabling their employees to share this feedback with everyone across the organization.Today’s companies need to enable vital connections and collaboration among employeesin order to innovate, make better decisions—and move quickly in order to compete. These goals require teams that can connect, learn from one another, share knowledge, and create value together—from locations around the world, both inside and outside the organization. Social technologies enable teams to be more productive by making it simple to coordinate tasks among team members, share information, find people, even talk and see each other around the world. All of this allows various teams in an organization to have a real stake in sales and improving the customer experience. From support to product development to marketing to sales, increased collaboration through social allows each employee to be more productive and have a part in driving a better and more efficient customer experience.Use Social Networks to Win New CustomersYou inherently have goals around winning new customers and driving revenue. Let’s get specific on how social speeds your ability to hit those goals. Studies show that customers are 57 percent of the way through the purchase process before ever contacting a supplier. Now surely that could vary depending on what you are buying, but think about it, when YOU are the customer, it is incredibly easy to find the people and information you need through search engines and social networks. Shouldn’t we be able to do the same thing at work when we reverse roles? Shouldn't we know a lot more about our customers before engaging to increase the chance of a positive outcome? Scenario: Imagine a salesperson planning for a meeting, and being able to view the latest company information, contact data and news, individual employee posts and/or theirsocial connections—to better prepare for her meeting with a prospect. A lot of sellers are not social savvy or don’t know how to go out and find that info – serving that up directly within their customer relationship management solution means no more hunting – social in CONTEXT helps them better prepare.Then, take that and imagine that salespersontapping her internal social network with Yammer, the salesperson derive insights from peers, and even use office 365 to co-author proposals and presentations, etc.In summary, you drive revenue and win customers by understanding who they are and collaborating with your team to drive an effective sales cycle.
  • KEY TAKEAWAYYour customers are smart and learning online from their networks & social media. Before your customers even engage with you, they are already more than half way through the buying cycle. TALKING POINTSWith all of the information out there, you’re customers are becoming increasingly less reliant on engaging with sales to educate themselves.Savvy marketers see this as an opportunity and have recognized the importance of enabling sales and marketing to engage with customers when and how they want.The best teams leverage the tools and resources from their sales and service colleagues to establish their own thought leadership on social channels to become the trusted expert customers seek out on social.FACTS & RESOURCES
  • KEY TAKEAWAYThe numbers also back us up – nearly half of customers today complain about products and services on social networks. The upside is that nearly all customers are willing to pay for a better customer experience. TALKING POINTSThere’s a wealth of data about your service experience– and customers can easily identify which companies have the right tools to provide the best experience.Savvy businesses see this as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition – as well as identify their competitors’ unhappy customers and offer them a better option. The best service organizations recognize that social is a critical aspect of creating amazing customer service experiences that will ultimately pay off.References:Omni-Channel support can improve customer satisfaction by 36%: of customer will pay more for a better customer experience:
  • KEY TAKAWAYAnd by the way, companies that successfully deliver amazing customer experiences are winning.TALKING POINTSWatermark Consulting, a customer experience consultancy and think tank, did an analysis of the five year performance of the Top 10 Leaders and Top 10 Laggards in the Forrester Customer Experience Index versus the broader S&P 500 Index from 2007 to 2011:The return of the Customer Experience Leaders portfolio was 128% higher than the Laggards, and 27% higher than the S&P 500. Their results strongly suggest that delivering leading customer experience allows these companies to outperform the market.SEGUESo how do sales teams deliver amazing customer experiences?
  • TALKING POINTSThe first thing you need to do to enable your sales team to create amazing customer experiences is to give them a simple way to collaborate with colleagues and engage with customers. That’s what Dynamics CRM accomplishes.One of the most remarkable improvements that Microsoft has made with this latest release is the design of the UI. We’ve simplified the design and gave it the same look and feel no matter what device you are using. When you’re on the road you want to get the same information on your phone as on your desktop. You want something clean and simple.And with the latest integrations of Office365, Lync, Skype, and Yammer, we’ve drastically reduced the need to jump in an out of apps.
  • TALKING POINTSIn the build up to this section we talked a lot about the need for CRM to evolve from a static system of record to a dynamic system of engagementThis is what we’ve built. Your sales team now has real-time insight into the social activity of your contacts and accounts.What’s more, they also have the ability to engage with their leads and contacts on LinkedIn and Twitter without ever leaving their instance of CRM.With the recent acquisition of Netbreeze social listening technology, we have begun to democratize social intelligence so that everyone has access to social data.
  • KEY TAKE AWAYCustomers now use a rapidly evolving set of devices as a means of engaging across touchpoints, which they don't distinguish from the brand or business. Ensure that you can engage with them on their terms by delivering meaningful interactions across all channelsTALKING POINTS Multi-channel support can improve customer satisfaction by 36%. Monitor and track customer sentiment to anticipate issues and ensure a positive experienceUnderstand how your performance across all channels to pinpoint areas for opportunity and improvementREFERENCES:Omni-Channel support can improve customer satisfaction by 36%: now use a rapidly evolving set of devices as a means of engaging across touchpoints:
  • KEY TAKE AWAYIn the age of the connected consumer, your ability to deliver personalized, relevant, contextual service can spell the difference between a loyal customer or one that actively researches competing offerings. TALKING POINTS Seven out of 10 online consumers agree or strongly agree with the statement "Having to repeat information about my identity and issue during a customer service interaction is extremely frustrating." With enhanced customer profiles that utilize social data, customer preferences, Big Data, and real-time analytics, your service professionals now have an opportunity to understand what is most relevant and meaningful to your customers and tailor each interaction accordingly.Use information such as intent, location and preferences to drive proactive and personalized interactions in the context of a particular interaction.Seven out of 10 online consumers agree or strongly agree with the statement "Having to repeat information about my identity and issue during a customer service interaction is extremely frustrating." Source: North American Technographics Customer Experience Online Survey, Q4 2009 (US).
  • Furthermore these amazing apps need to be integrated and customized for your needs.Microsoft is the only vendor that provides an end-to-end solution that empowers your employees, customers and partners.With an open-ended architecture, Microsoft Dynamics CRM works with your existing Microsoft and non-Microsoft assets.
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    13. 13. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2014 S&P 500 index -1.3% CxP Laggards -46.3% CxP Leaders 22.5% 5-year stock performance of Customer Experience (CxP) leaders vs. laggards vs. S&P 500 (2007-2011) Showing cumulative total return. Companies that deliver amazing customer experiences, win
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    16. 16. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2014 #CNCYevent + #MSDYNCRM Spend more time engaging with customers on LinkedIn and Twitter without ever leaving CRM. Gain competitive insights from social channels and harness the public web to identify new leads and contacts. Social Insights powered by InsideView put real-time company and contact information from 30,000 sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Build your network and deepen customer relationships
    17. 17. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2014 #CNCYevent + #MSDYNCRM Understand customer sentiment across the social web and get early warning to service issues. Empower customers and agents to have relevant, personalized interactions across any touch point. Identify and respond to customer issues on any channel (e.g., self- serve, social, email, web, phone). Listen and engage with customers on the channels they prefer Omni-channel support can improve customer satisfaction by 36%
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