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Slideshow from the January 5, 2012 Citywide meeting

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Citywide meeting #2.pptx

  1. 1. An initiative of DevelopSpringfield and the Springfield Redevelopment Authority concordia + + +
  3. 3. NEXUS | District Reports District 1 – South End, Metro Center District 2 – Maple High/Six Corners, Old Hill, Upper Hill, Forest Park District 3 – East Forest Park, Sixteen Acres Revitalizing Public Spaces
  6. 6. VISIONVIBRANT – WALKABLE - HISTORICLIVABILITY + SUSTAINABILITY + INCLUSION + OPPORTUNITYWork together to rebuild a more livable, sustainable,inclusive community with the resources to offer expandedopportunities for everyone.
  9. 9. FRAMEWORK DEVELOPMENT SITES/BUILDINGS 11 81. Mass Mutual Ctr Garage 3 6 72. 13-31 Elm St. 1 103. 24 Park St. 4 24. Armory Building 9 55. Zanetti School6. Union and Main7. 923 Main St.8. Gemini Site9. 630 Main St.10. 629 Main St.11. Marble St. Apts
  11. 11. RECOMMENDATIONS include…HOUSING STRATEGY• Rehab existing historic and other downtown-scale buildings in Metro Center and the South End• Mixed-use with upper story housing on Main Street and other major streets• Infill one- to three-family housing to raise the South End median income level
  12. 12. RECOMMENDATIONS include…COMMERCIAL AND RETAIL STRATEGY• Recruitment program for Main Street storefronts and restaurants• “Restaurant Row” destination: build on the existing South End cluster• Build-to-suit potential: • Urban grocery store (approx. 17,000 sf) in or near downtown or South End • Expansion of A.C. Produce • Pharmacy (approx.10,000 sf)
  13. 13. RECOMMENDATIONS include…FEASIBILITY AND FINANCING• Incentives needed for all development types except build-to-suit retail or office
  14. 14. RECOMMENDATIONS include…SPECIFIC SITES• Armory and Zanetti School• Historic and city owned• Suitable for offices or housing• Issue a Request for Proposals consistent with community goals – Preference for adaptive reuse – Design principles
  15. 15. RECOMMENDATIONS include…“WALK TO THE RIVER”• Union Street as “Festival Street”• A program of art installations in the Union Street underpassBill Fitz-Gibbons, Light Channels, San Portland (OR) Development CommissionAntonio
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATIONS include…DESIGN, ZONING, COORDINATION…• Activate Main Street with urban design to promote walkability and programming• Connect with Riverfront Park• Adopt new zoning and enact demolition delay for historic buildings• Enhance partnerships and coordinate activities – volunteer summit to focus on priorities• Engage a neighborhood organizer for the South End• Create a community-managed anti- crime organization such as Neighborhood Watch
  18. 18. Old Hill, Upper Hill, Maple High-Six Corners, Forest Park
  19. 19. Old Hill, Upper Hill, Maple High-Six Corners, Forest Park
  20. 20. Major Move•••
  21. 21. New Infill HousingInitiative
  22. 22. Major Move•••
  23. 23. Major Move••••
  24. 24. Streetscape ImprovementsInitiative
  25. 25. Property Maintenance for Homeowners and RentersInitiative
  26. 26. Reuse of Vacant LotsInitiative
  27. 27. Safe and Convenient TransitInitiative
  28. 28. Major Move••
  29. 29. Quality Schools as Community AnchorsInitiative
  30. 30. Major Move•••
  31. 31. Integrated Healthy Food SystemInitiative
  32. 32. Major Move••
  33. 33. East Forest Park, Sixteen Acres
  34. 34. East Forest Park, Sixteen Acres
  35. 35. Major Move••
  36. 36. ReforestationInitiative
  37. 37. Interconnected Greenwayand Trail SystemImplementation Opportunity
  39. 39. Implementation Opportunities
  40. 40. Major Move•••
  41. 41. Complete StreetsInitiative
  42. 42. Youth and Senior ActivitiesInitiative
  43. 43. Major Move••
  44. 44. Rebuild Homes toStrengthen NeighborhoodsInitiative
  45. 45. San Bernardino, CA
  46. 46. Public Space Placemaking Initiative Court Square, Springfield, MA
  47. 47. Small Scale LQC Winter Event in Court Square• Small performances• Library readings
  48. 48. Small Scale LQC Winter Event in Court Square• Simple food and hot drinks
  49. 49. Small Scale LQC Winter Event in Court Square• Activities for kids
  50. 50. Winter Event DiagramCourt Square, Springfield, MA
  51. 51. • Vacant storefront art and culture exhibitions Willoughby Windows Brooklyn, NY Managed by Metrotech BID
  52. 52. POP-UP CAFES
  53. 53. Summer Event DiagramCourt Square, Springfield, MA
  54. 54. NEXUS | District Reports Buckle your seat belts! It’s time to work!!!
  55. 55. NEXUS | FRAMEWORK The Citywide planning process is organized according to Nexus framework which considers the six domains of a healthy and vibrant community.
  56. 56. NEXUS | Recommendations The Citywide planning process is organized according to Nexus framework which considers the six domains of a healthy and vibrant community. Recommendation • Breadcrumbs • General Description • Implementation Leader • Partnerships/Stakeholders • Resource Needs • Potential Resource Opportunities • Precedents/Best Practices • Priority • Action Steps
  57. 57. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Recommendations The Citywide planning process is organized according to Nexus framework which considers the six domains of a healthy and vibrant community. BREADCRUMBS • District meetings • Citywide meetings • Stakeholder meetings • One-on-one meetings
  58. 58. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Recommendations P H Y S I C A L Build on Existing Physical Assets to Celebrate Springfield’s Unique and Diverse Aesthetic Character Focus Transportation Resources to Better Serve and Connect Springfield Residents Plan For and Take Advantage of Lessons Learned From Recent Disasters by Creating and Publicizing a Comprehensive Disaster Preparedness Plan Design, Develop, and Operate Places and Spaces that are Efficient and Respectful of Natural and Human Resources Develop a Process for Transforming Vacant Lots and Structures Into Community Assets
  59. 59. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Recommendations C U L T U R A L Better Connect Community to Its Cultural Amenities and Assets Through Coordinated Outreach and Diverse Events & Arts Programming Celebrate the Old and New Cultural Diversity of Springfield Support and Grow the Arts and Culture Sector through a Series of "Lighter Quicker Cheaper" Cultural Events
  60. 60. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Recommendations S O C I A L Improve the Reality and Perception of Public Safety in Springfield Attract a Vibrant and Youthful Population to be Stewards of Springfield Improve Owner and Landlord Accountability Provide Equal Access to a Variety of Housing Options Increase Access to Health and Wellness Services Make Healthy Food Accessible and Affordable for All Residents
  61. 61. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Recommendations E C O N O M I C Develop and Harness Springfield’s Role as the Economic Heart of the Pioneer Valley Expand the Presence and Influence of Career Development and Educational Partnerships Streamline the Process of Economic Investment and Provide Creative Development Incentives Catalyze New and Nurture Existing Local Businesses Improve Opportunities for Underrepresented Residents to Participate in Springfield’s Economic Future
  62. 62. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Recommendations E D U C AT I O N A L Better Engage the Public in the Process and Importance of Education Reform Create a System of Connected and Integrated Partnerships for a Continuum of Education Put Schools, Community Centers and Libraries at the Center of Creating a Nexus of Places, Programs, and Access to Technology to Meet Community Needs
  63. 63. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Recommendations ORGANIZATIONAL Strengthen DevelopSpringfield as the Organization that Partners With the City to Take a Leadership role in Guiding Springfield’s Future. Establish a Body that Coalesces Community Organizations to Achieve Efficiency and Efficacy Through Collaboration and Cooperation
  64. 64. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Recommendations ORGANIZATIONAL Strengthen DevelopSpringfield as the Organization that Partners With the City to Take a Leadership role in Guiding Springfield’s Future. Establish a Body that Coalesces Community Organizations to Achieve Efficiency and Efficacy Through Collaboration and Cooperation
  65. 65. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educational The Citywide planning process is organized according to Nexus framework which considers the six domains of a healthy and vibrant community. EDUCATIONAL: Put schools and libraries at the center of creating a nexus of places, programs, and access to technology to meet community needs   BREADCRUMBS • Latino Meeting • Citywide Meeting #1 • BNIM Education Group • District 3 Meeting Round 1 • District 2 Meeting Round 1
  66. 66. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | EducationalGeneral DescriptionThe public need for greater access to services appears at every level of the educational sector,and a novel approach must be taken in Springfield for these vital city assets to be fully fleshedout into institutions that do more than give people the opportunity to learn. Citizens ofSpringfield should count on schools and libraries alike for community support in its multitude ofiterations. These physical spaces can do more than provide an education; they should stand forachievable advancement towards a better quality of life and provide the means for achieving it. In light of the tornado of last June, and in an effort to address longstanding issues, communalinstitutions must galvanize social services with an approach that can cultivate success from thebottom-up. By serving the young people of Springfield and their families, the Springfield PublicSchool (SPS) system, Parochial and Private Schools can also apply its educational capacity tothe community at large. With a change of school leadership for SPS on the horizon, citizensmust contribute to the process of finding a new superintendent for SPS that is committed toextending the system’s function beyond just the classroom, school facilities, and schoolboundaries. These goals can be reached by enabling school facilities to do more than housechildren for eight hours a day. This social support does more than educate, it provides a place for the community to gathertogether to solve issues, improve health, build capacities, and develop partnerships. The wide-
  67. 67. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educationalreaching SPS, Parochial and Private Schools networks should be the arena for these functions.This approach is modeled in the Community Schools Initiative (, andCan transform a school from being just a schoolhouse into a facility that serves the folks of allbackgrounds, ages, and abilities. Key steps include: increasing facility hours, offering services to all ages, providing workforce readiness training, adult literacy classes, technological competency classes, developingcommunity partnerships, and utilizing creative thinking in implementation. By fulfilling thesecapacities, SPS will firmly establish its role in the Springfield community and garner more supportby the neighborhoods that foster its facilities. In all cases, increased community participation andcooperative communication in these facilities is paramount in ensuring success of the forstudents and families. The Springfield Public Library system recently completed a master plan that laid out achievablerecommendations to improve its service to the city. There have been serious shortcomings inenacting this plan because of budgetary issues. If the city’s libraries are to provide the servicesthat would make them one of the pillars of the community, they will have to look for creativemechanisms to achieve their goals, especially in the short term.It is imperative for the community to rally in support of the library system, and one strategy forcatalyzing progress is through the partnership of some public library branches with educational
  68. 68. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educationalinstitutions. This approach would enable the consolidation of resources to allow for increasedhours of operation, improved language and literacy services, and more opportunities to accesstechnology and technological education. Obviously, this implementation item has differentaction steps in the short- and long-term. Planning for a joint library venture is a difficult process, but library leadership already possessesthe forethought necessary to accommodate these methods. By including in the RebuildSpringfield Plan support for this approach, a greater number of Springfield residents can benefitfrom both institutions. Not only will library services improve the educational experience ofSpringfield residents, but these joint facilities will also be able to provide a wide range of socialservices and act as a community center for health, literacy, community organization, capacitybuilding, and technology access. It is important to note that partners that share facilities alsoshare expenses in order to provide greater services with the most efficient use of resources.
  69. 69. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | EducationalImplementation LeaderMayor, School Superintendent, Parochial and Private School Leaders,Board of Library Commissioners Partnerships/StakeholdersSpringfield Public Schools, Springfield City Library, Springfield College, American InternationalCollege, Western New England University, Springfield Technical Community College, Bay PathCollege, Westfield State University, Springfield Department of Health and Human Services,Springfield Office of Information, Technology, and Accountability, Puerto Rican Cultural Center,Springfield O.W.L. Adult Education Center, Springfield Vietnamese American Civic Association,Futureworks, the Community Schools InitiativeResource Needs• The next Superintendent of Springfield Public Schools (SPS) system needs to be committed to extending the system’s functions, benefits, and presence beyond the classroom.• The rebuilding of Brookings and Dryden will be funded by FEMA. This presents an opportunity to design these schools as full service Community Schools.• SPS and its new Superintendent, Parochial and Private school leaders need to explore enacting the community outreach techniques that embody a Community School.• The Library Master Plan needs to be implemented with additional consideration being given to co-location of community libraries with community schools.
  70. 70. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educational• The City needs to think creatively about joint-use facilities in general and their potential for more efficient use of resources, greater impact, and expanded services.• Literacy, neighborhood access to technology, library and school accessibility need to be core principles of future programming and planning.• Library services need to engage and support the diverse community of Springfield; helping those who don’t speak English, are unemployed, or wish to continue academic enrichment.Potential Resource Opportunities• FEMA funds for rebuilding Brookings and Dryden• Gates Foundation (Library funding)• More TBDPrecedents/Best PracticesCommunity Schools:William R. Peck Full Service Community School (Holyoke, MA): The William R. Peck School, justup the road from Springfield, is a Full Service Community School (FSCS) that cultivates thoughtfuland strategic partnerships in order to support the academic and non-academic aspirations andneeds of the students and families it serves. The school provides: After School, CaseManagement, CHARLA services, College Awareness, Family Assistance Team, Family ResourceRoom, Health Center, On Site Registrations, Parents in the Classroom, PPUA. There are a wealth
  71. 71. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educationalof community partners ( governedby a Central Coordinating Committee and working in organized workgroups. The FSCS initiative operates from the following guiding philosophies:Commitment to Family-School-Community Partnership – We believe that Peck students will bemost successful when family, school and the community are working in collaboration.Strengths Based Assumptions – We believe that all Peck families want the best for their children,that there is a role for every family member in FSCS work, and that every parent can contributemeaningfully to their child’s education.Commitment to Consistent Academic Improvement-Our commitment is to finding strategies thatcontribute to improved student achievement.Parent Leadership – We value parent partnership in all aspects of programming and governanceand we will continue to work towards parent leadership in the initiative.Accountability through Participatory Evaluation-We are committed to the continuousstrengthening of the FSCS initiative through ongoing formative and summative evaluationgrounded in the experiences of our partners including students, families, faculty and communitypartners.Family Voice- Programming and partnerships are determined in response to the articulatedneeds and aspirations of Peck students and families rather than either perceived student/familyneeds on the part of the school, or stated needs and desires of community partners.Multiple Forms of Parent Engagement - We understand that parent participation in their child’s
  72. 72. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educationaleducation can take many forms, some more visible in the school building than others, and thatthis participation happens at Peck, in the home and in the community.Francis Scott Key School (Philadelphia, PA): The Francis Scott Key School has served its SouthPhiladelphia neighborhood for over 100 years. The school works with students and families thathave recently entered the country and focuses on language arts and literacy training thecurriculum. Using the Success for All program developed at Johns Hopkins University, the Keyschool has made small class size and personalized reading instruction a priority. The schoolprovides adult literacy workshops and other adult education programs that promote familylearning and healthy development. Health is a key component in the curriculum. A schoolcounselor communicates regularly with families and works with an on-site school-communitycoordinator to provide family support services, career and educational guidance, and referralsand assistance with obtaining other services. The schools focus on academics and familysupport has lead to improvements in all metrics: better school climate, increased attendance,and improved test scores.Countee Cullen Community Center (New York, NY): Located at Public School 194, the Centeris open from 9 a.m. to sometimes well past midnight, and operates on weekends and in thesummer as well. The community center is a Beacon program operated by the Rheedlen Centersfor Children and Families, and it provides positive alternatives for young people who aregrowing up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City. During school hours, the
  73. 73. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educationalresidents. For parents and children there are support groups, parenting workshops, and familyrecreational activities. For teens, the Center offers homework help as well as a drug awarenessprograms, late-night basketball, and a movie series. The Center’s teens are active in thecommunity, producing public service videos, organizing street cleanups, publishing a newspaper,and operating a nighttime teen lounge. The Center has also worked hard to gain an identitywithin the community through activities that include voter registration booths, Center t-shirts,and a neighborhood tree planting project. In addition to focusing on youth and family develop-ment, the Countee Cullen Beacon offers support to underserved families: family preservationservices, emergency help, clinical services, home visits, counseling, and practical help in findinghousing, jobs, or child care. Joint-use Libraries:The following two examples have been resounding successes in their communities, despitepublic/university distrust on the outset. The resulting libraries have been able to offer far moreservices at the same or less cost than before because of the consolidation of resources. Thesepractices are on the larger scale and show the success that a large university (enrolling morethan 20,000 students), can partner with a large library clientele (over 750,000 people in the librarycatchment).• San Jose State University/San Jose Public Library: After much deliberation and debate, these two institutions combined to form a “super library” that is able to offer far more technological
  74. 74. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educational access, language services, multicultural programming, etc. to the entire San Jose community. • Nova State University/Broward County Public Library: The library is now open 100hrs/week• rather than 70 hours. 50 new staff members were hired and trained in the year that the library• was opened. Expanded programming and language services were offered because of the• available funds freed up by the consolidation of costs in the library. The next three best practices are examples of libraries that partner with smaller institutions forservice on the community-scale. In these cases, the catchment area of the library service is lessthan 20,000 people. In studies, this scale of service has proven to be extremely successful instarting a joint-use school library.Emmetsburg Public Library (Emmetsburg, IA):• Smith Wellness Center, run by cooperative partnership between Iowa Lakes CC, the City of Emmetsburg, and the citizens of Palo Alto County• Library has its own Board of Trustees• Also acts as a community center.• Partnership allowed for more space, increased handicap accessibility, expanded services, study and leisure reading space, workspace for staff, and more programming opportunities.• Eliminated duplication• Excellent communication has solved logistical issues
  75. 75. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educationalwith diminishing interest over time PriorityCritical Action Steps1. The City will select a new SPS Superintendent that is committed to expanding the functions and benefits of the system beyond the classroom.2. Community Schools Initiative ( to assist in transforming Local public schools into facilities that serve citizens before, during, and after school hours.3. SPS will further explore design opportunities for creating 21st Century Community Schools in the rebuilding of Brookings and Dryden schools.4. The City will explore the potential of enacting the policies described in the Library Master Plan.5. On a community level, branch libraries and community schools will meet and discuss the opportunity to combine library services with the focus on providing accommodations and neighborhood-specific services to the community at large and at the neighborhood level.6. Schools and libraries alike will engage the greater Springfield community, expand their hours of operation beyond the school day and maximize the benefit they provide to citizens: enhanced language services, increased access to technology, and improved social service
  76. 76. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Educational programming will all be included.7. With the construction of two new schools in the future, plans will be made to build or renovate two community-scale joint-use libraries.
  77. 77. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Table Exercise Introduce yourselves. Choose a person to report out. Go around the table and share reactions to the Recommendations. Decide on group response to each Recommendation. Tables report out.
  78. 78. REBUILD SPRINGFIELD | Prioritize Recs Place one dot on the recommendation in each Nexus domain that you think is most important.
  79. 79. NEXUS | SYSTEMS THINKING• PEOPLE• STRUCTURES• PROCESSES• RELATIONSHIPS • authentic engagement • partnerships