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  • Concern India Foundation is a Non profit Charitable trust set up in 1991 which gives financial and non support b
  • Cif ver aug2011

    1. 1. Concern India FoundationHelping People Help Themselves
    2. 2. We are……. A non profit public charitable trust established in 1991 A support organisation Financial and non financial support to over 200 development oriented grassroots NGOs. Self reliance and not just charity
    3. 3. Our Issues Education Health Community Development
    4. 4. We work in…..• slums,• construction sites,• prisons,• semi-rural areas,• tribal hamletsIn and around Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.
    5. 5. We work with…….the disadvantaged people in our society – Children – Vulnerable and underprivileged women – Tribals – The differently abled – The aged
    6. 6. Why Concern India Foundation• We make sure our support reaches the right people• We support NGOs that need it the most• We monitor utilisation of funds• We work towards sustainability
    7. 7. Projects- Head (MSW) Quarterly Components Quarterly, half Visitswhere support is yearly, Surprise Visits most needed Annual Reports Accounts Visits Supported NGOs
    8. 8. We bridge the gap
    9. 9. Some of our work ……
    10. 10. EducationNon formal , Bridge classes, Balwadis
    11. 11. EducationReaching out to those with special needs …
    12. 12. Community Development Women EmpowermentWeaving a bright Vocational trainingfuture Self Help Groups
    13. 13. Community DevelopmentVocational Guidance for the mentally challenged
    14. 14. Community DevelopmentCare of the Aged
    15. 15. Health Health & Socio-economic development are so closelyintertwined that it is impossible to achieve one without the other
    16. 16. Health AwarenessPeer Educators Training
    17. 17. Some of our non-financial support
    18. 18. Our reachIn 1991 we reached out to :2 NGOs1000 beneficiariesIn 2011 we reached out to :Over 200 NGOsOver 2 lakh beneficiaries
    19. 19. In 2011-12 we touched the lives ofOver lives effectively changed through support for basic education,58,000 health care and vocational training for children and youth.More than women and their families were enriched by empowering them to65,000 be self- reliant and economically independent.Over people benefitted due to health, recreational care and shelter10,000 facilities for the aged.Nearly disadvantaged gained through special education and life training14,000 skills for the mentally and physically challenged.As many as benefitted through awareness initiatives on basic needs, hygiene1,10,000 standards, promoting livelihood generation and community development programmes.
    20. 20. Partnering with us….How? Corpus Donation General Donation Support to an Issue Our Initiatives – Sports Events – Khel Khel Mein, Football Mania, – Splash – NGO Mela and others Cause Related Marketing
    21. 21. With your employees Payroll donation…be involved Support innovative Fund Raising…Gift schemes, Painting competitions, Children’s Day Events, Tree Plantations Run the Marathon …support Concern India Foundation Employee Volunteering programme with Project children & the aged
    22. 22. Thank you