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Sydney Mobile .NET Developers talk (April 2014)


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Introduction to Xamarin, //build update and how to architect cross-platform applications using PCLs and Shared Projects

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Sydney Mobile .NET Developers talk (April 2014)

  1. 1. Craig Dunn Developer Evangelist Xamarin @conceptdev Mobile apps with C# //build update edition Sydney,April 2014
  2. 2. Mobile apps with C# Xamarin C# on iOS and Android //build build a cross-plat app get a Xamarin t-shirt PCL VS2013
  3. 3. Modern language C# Shared code High performance
  4. 4. You Us Them
  5. 5. C# Development Environments
  6. 6. Mac OS X WindowsWindows IDE iOS Android Windows Phone Windows Store Xamarin Business Edition + Mac+ C# Development Environments
  7. 7. iOS Apps inVisual Studio !?
  8. 8. //build
  9. 9. Miguel’s talk Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin
  10. 10. Roslyn & Xamarin • Keep track of Roslyn...‘works’ now tho’ :-) • Incorporate C# 6.0 features into Mono • “The second one is that our compiler powers our Interactive C# Shell and we are about to launch something very interesting with it. This functionality is not currently available on the open sourced Roslyn stack.” • “Roslyn really shines for IDEs” so we’ll look at how to use it in Xamarin Studio / NRefactory
  11. 11. iOS UI Designer Visual Studio coming...
  12. 12. Shared Projects • File Linking /VS 2012 Project Linker extension “on steroids” • Viable alternative to Portable Class Libraries for some uses • PCLs still great for component builders (esp with NuGet) • Shared Projects might be better for app builders • Coming toVisual Studio (download preview now) and Xamarin Studio (soon)
  13. 13. Portable Class Libraries • “PCL assembly” is generated, shared • limited framework code (predetermined by PCL profile) • Dependency Injection for platform-specific features • #if compiler directives not allowed
  14. 14. Shared Projects • no separate “output assembly”, C# is compiled into the referencing apps • use any framework code available on your target platforms • use #if compiler directives
  15. 15. demo
  16. 16. “NDCPortable” code walkthrough
  17. 17. go...
  18. 18. “NDCCloud” code walkthrough
  19. 19. Xamarin t-shirt 1.Visit 2. Download, build & run 3.“fix” app and run again 4. Order your shirt - FREE!
  20. 20. Cross-Platforms Google Glass Google Chromecast and-sample-source-code-on-github/ Amazon Fire HD development Amazon Fire TV...
  21. 21. Links Today’s demo General samples