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Three rules to recruit talent for your team


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Three rules to recruit talent for your team

  1. 1. Three rules to recruit talent for yourteamAuthor: Mike Le (06/16/2010)I read an article on written by Jason Fried from the company 37signals, entitle "Never readanother Resume",about how to recruit the right people for your company.At CBI we follow the three recruiting rules (1) value personality over experience, (2) when hiring the bestdesigners, look for sensitivity and big-egos, (3) make sure the people you hire for virtual office are activecommunicators.1. Value personality over experienceWhen we first opened Vietnamese office in early 2009, I had intended to hire several experienceddevelopers that would deliver high-quality work immediately. However, to my surprise, my first hire wasthe youngest of the candidates who was 24 at that time, had only 18-month experience and hadswitched 2-3 jobs before my interview. This young man persuaded me with his honesty and dedication,and I just had a strong feeling that I have to hire him. I think people with honesty and dedication willalways excel in anything they do.This employee was not only a quick learner, but also was able to multitask at high speed without anyhesitation. We later had more experienced employees joining the workforce, but the young man that wehired has always been one of our best people today.When you hire people, trust your feeling and value personality. It will pay off greatly.2. Look for big-ego, emotional designersHiring designers is a little complicated. Talented designers are emotional and sensitive, so managingthem properly can be a challenge. However, I will not hire any designers who are not emotional, becausethey will not be able to create exceptional work. Design is about emotion, and I look for designerswho have a strong personality, (not too) big of an ego, and the desire to create great work. Irequire top quality from our designers, and from time to time I may have arguments with our designers,but we respect each other professionally. After interviewing many designers, I only work with a few ofthem, and today I can say that Conative Business has some of the finest web designers in the industry.
  2. 2. 3. Recruit active communicators for virtual office spaceVirtual office space is no longer a new concept, and due to flexibility, simplicity and economics it hasbecome popular. At Conative Business, we hire a lot of remote employees from many different locations.But one should also know that not everyone can work effectively virtually. Working virtually, you haveno supervisor, no peer motivation, and no face to face communication. We recruit people whoare proactive, responsible and have good communication skills. Thus, we can have multiple projectsgoing on with not too many people in the main offices.Communication skills are important. At Conative Business, we have a simple rule: Any incoming emailmust be replied to within 24 hours. It shows respect. A one-sentence reply is acceptable, e.g. "Got it.Will reply soon" but there must be a reply. There are no excuses. This seems to be simple however todevelop this habit actually takes a long time. The employees we hired must be active communicators.When they dont know something they need, we expect them to ask proactively. It saves us a lot of time.In this economy, hiring the right people can be the key to win or fail. We believe that personality makes allthe difference.