The talk of tony hsieh, founder of zappos about delivering happiness


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The talk of tony hsieh, founder of zappos about delivering happiness

  1. 1. The talk of Tony Hsieh, founder ofZappos about Delivering HappinessAuthor: Mike Le (05/29/2010)On May 26, 2010, I attended an event at Asia Society New York. The speaker was Tony Hsieh, thefounder of Zappos. His talk was about "Delivering Happiness", his coming book this June, 2010, and itwas very inspiring.Id like to share with you my notes at the event, for those friends who was not there:Tony showed up at the event, look like a bright student more than a multi-millionaire. He was young,smart, and humble.Tony started with a few questions:- What do customers expect?- What do customers actually experience?- What emotions do customers actual feel?- What stories do they tell the friends?- How can culture create more stories and memories?It was interesting to hear how Tony focused on "the stories". Word-of-mouth is the best marketing. AtZappos,75% of orders come from repeat customers.Zappos offers amazing customer service:- FREE overnight shipping!- 365-day return policy!Zappos started with 30-day return policy, then extended to 60, 90, and finally offers 365-day return policylike today.Zappos placed its first warehouse next to UPS in Shepherdsville, Kentucky so if a customer orders apair of shoes, she would receive it in the next 8 hours!
  2. 2. Zappos put its 1-800 number on every website pages. People can call in anytime. Tony thinks thatphone remains the wonderful tool to communicate with clients, because you can have your customerconcentration, uninterrupted, for 15 minutes or more.Zappos motivates its call center to have long phone calls with customers. Recently, Zappos has therecorded phone call for over 6 hours!Tony quoted "Good to Great" and "Tribal Leadership" books, saying that great companies have strongculture. At Zappos, Culture fits Personality. It recruits employees that fit with company culture.Zappos has a 5-week training program. At the end of the program, it offers $2000 for the employees toquit!Tony said, in 2007 3% quit. 2008 there is 1%. 2009, no one. "We started with $100, then increased that,because we were worried that we do not give enough incentive for the employees to quit!"Tony found Twitter is helpful in building company culture. Employees may share their hobbies andstories with each other, or invite colleagues to events, etc.Culture needs committable core values. First, have core values, second, commit to it. Dont make yourcore values just meaningless plaque on the wall.Zappos published "Culture Book" with its 10 core values:1. Deliver WOW through service2. Embrace and drive change3. Create fun and a little weirdness4. Be adventurous, creative and open-minded5. Pursue growth and learning6. Build open and honest relationships with communication7. Build a positive team and family spirit8. Do more with less9. Be passionate and determined10. Be humble
  3. 3. Vision: "Whatever you are thinking, think bigger.""Dont chase paper, chase the dream"Tony summarized the Zappos progress:1999: Selection2003: Customer Service business2005: Culture & Core values2007: Personal Emotional Connection (PEC)2009: Delivering HappinessAfter that, Tony talked about Happiness.What is your goals in life? then ask deeper about why?, why? why?, why? why?, why? finally researchhas shown that all the answers will lead to "Happiness"."When I get, I will be happy""When I achieve ________, I will be happy"There is a SCIENCE behind business:- Conversion- Psychology of buying- Direct Marketing- Customer Acquisition Metrics- Repeat Customer Behaviors, etcHow about spend 10% of your time to learn the SCIENCE of Happiness?Tony talked about 3 types of Happiness, which are fun :-)1. Rock Star (Pleasure - chasing the next high)2. Flow (Engagement - Time files. Artists often say, there is a zone where peak engagement meets peakperformance)3. Meaning/Higher Purpose (being part of something bigger than yourself)
  4. 4. People often follow 1 -> 2 -> 3. It should be 3 -> 2 -> 1 :-)There were a lot more interesting details about the talk that I cannot write them all down.I hope you will find this note useful!Mike Le