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Is there hope for the seo profession


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Is there hope for the seo profession

  1. 1. Is there hope for the SEO profession?Author: Conative Business Inc. (01/30/2012)SEO is a growing demand. As long as people keep using search engines to find things, the need forbeing on first page search results will stay high. Search even has yet to reach its peak.Is SEO a profession? I think yes. That is called "SEO consulting" or "SEO company" or "SEO services"where we set a SEO strategy and implement a series of optimization activities to improve the siterankings. It creates values, it drives ROI, and it costs money. So it can be a business model.SEO is changing greatly toward delivering better values to right users. Less and less SEO spammingtactics can be applicable today. It does not mean authentic SEO will decreasing though. Googleconfirmed that SEO is positive and necessary.For someone that keep saying "Content is King": Do not oversimplify SEO. Great content is a part ofSEO. SEO is a part of an integrated online marketing strategy. And SEO takes a lot more than goodcontent to work.You cannot write write write and then apply "10 tips to boost SEO rankings" on magazines and expect 1stpage rankings and huge search traffic. Youll join many businesses who see no improvements after tryingthat "SEO", then conclude "SEO does not work" and missed a big opportunity.It takes hundreds of small optimization steps to improve rankings, and each SEO project, each industry,needs a different SEO approach. SEO experience matters. Seasoned SEO experts know what work,what do not, and what used to work and no longer work today.