More than Email Marketing


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Why reaching your customers means going beyond their inbox

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More than Email Marketing

  1. 1. More thanEmail MarketingWhy reaching your customersmeans going beyond their inboxMartin Lieberman, senior content manager
  2. 2. AgendaEmail marketing is alive and wellSocial media is the place to beWhat is inbound marketing?The new marketing sweet spotQuestionsTweet this!@connectedview
  3. 3. OUTBOUND MARKETINGis where you are now
  4. 4. Email isalive &well“I hate to be the bearerof bad news, but — I can’t imaginelife without it — isprobably going away.”She was wrong. ~ Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook(June 2010)
  5. 5.  There will be 216 million email users in2013.(source: DMA) 145 billion emails were sent every day in2012.(source: Radicati Group) 94% of all online adults use email. 62% of adult U.S. Internet users check orsend email on a daily basis.(source: Pew Internet & American Life Project) Email marketing brings in approximately $40for every $1 invested.(source: DMA)Email isalive &well
  6. 6.  Mobile opens averaged 43% in Q1 2013; two years ago (in Q1 of2011), they were barely 10% — a 330% change over two years! Desktop clients have seen a 44% decrease and webmail share has shrunkabout 22%.(source: Litmus) 88% of people check their email via a mobile phone daily.(source: DMA)Email isalive &well…andmobile
  7. 7.  You need an awesome subject line Relevant, helpful content that engagesis critical The list is yours — always be growing it Remember your mobile readers Make use of your metrics; the more youknow, the more you can do Combine email with social media for evengreater successTweet this!@connectedviewEmail isalive &well Big Six Best Practices:
  8. 8.  200 Million- Number of LinkedIn Users 1.06 Billion- Number of Facebook Users 500 Million (200 Million Active)- Number of Twitter UsersSocialmediais theplaceto be
  9. 9. Listening…Socialmediais theplaceto beTweet this!@connectedview87% of people indicate that anonline social interaction with a company"positively impacted" their likelihood topurchase from that company.(source: J.D. Power and Associates 2013 Social MediaBenchmark Study)Engaging…Social…Human…There…
  10. 10. Social media users are over 60% morelikely to check email at least four timesa day than those who dont use socialmedia(source: Merkle)But this is OLD NEWSEmail &social mediago togetherTweet this!@connectedview
  11. 11. Let’s talk aboutINBOUND MARKETING
  12. 12.  Content marketing(blogging, social media, etc.) Search engine optimization(SEO) Web analyticsAre youalreadydoinginboundmarketing?All the activities that make iteasier for potential customers tofind you on their own and increasethe amount of website traffic thatcomes your way organically:Tweet this!@connectedview
  13. 13. 1. Basics2. Specific products/services3. Alternative words/spellings4. Do a little research:• Google Analytics (• Google AdWords Keyword Tool(• ConnectedView ( youknow yourwebsite’skeywords? Search engine optimization ispartially a game of keywords Google, Yahoo!, and Bing look forkeywords on websites to deliver themost relevant results Four steps to identify your keywords:Tweet this!@connectedview
  14. 14.  Blog posts• Ideas• Headlines• First couple paragraphs Sales copyWhere touse yourkeywords Title tags Headings Attributes Cross-link text
  15. 15.  Knowing your open rate tells you howgood your email subject line was. Knowing someone came back to yourwebsite days later shows that you leftan impression.Tweet this!@connectedviewOutbound+ inboundmarketingDo you know what effect your email andsocial campaigns have on driving trafficto your website?How many people who read your emailscome back to your site a day or twolater — unprompted by a message fromyou — to make a purchase?
  16. 16. Knowing where yourwebsite traffic comesfrom can help youtarget your customersOutbound+ inboundmarketing
  17. 17. Outbound/push marketingThe newmarketingsweet spot+Inbound marketing
  18. 18.  Email + Social Email + Survey Email + Website Analysis Social + Website Analysis Survey + Website AnalysisOutbound+ inboundmarketingIt all works together …
  19. 19. Try it out for yourself!Outbound+ inboundmarketingconnectedview.com855-828-2468Free 30-day trialLet’s talk…sales@connectedview.comOr live chat atVisit app.connectedview.comto sign up today!Anyquestions