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Programme Presidents: IT Focus Group


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Here are the slides of my talk to the Loughborough University Programme Presidents group to solicit feedback on our IT Strategy and service for students. For more information, see

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Programme Presidents: IT Focus Group

  1. 1. Programme Presidents:IT Focus Group, March 2012Martin Hamilton@martin_hamilton
  2. 2. What’s New?my.Lboro site for students – Mobile version for Apple and AndroidFaster, Faster… – Fastest Internet connection (10Gbit/s) – And over 1,200 wireless access points – Faster lab PC boot times (S006 initially)Self-service: – My Student Record – Online timetable and re-registration – Track your cases in the IT Service Desk
  3. 3. Feedback on Short Stay PCs
  4. 4. my.Lboro: Liftoff!
  5. 5. Wireless Network
  6. 6. Network Upgrade
  7. 7. eduroam (see
  8. 8. Online Student Timetables 10
  9. 9. Online Re-Registration
  10. 10. So, What’s Next?Further wireless expansion – Another 1,000 wireless access points – Outdoor wireless and off-campus hallsMore online services – Booking of tickets and sports facilities – Further investment in ReVIEW lecture recordingMore joined up services – Timetable in your Google Calendar & my.Lboro – Single University user ID and password – Improved IT Services websiteAnd… ?
  11. 11. Online Student Timetables
  12. 12. Over to You!What would you like us to do next? – my.Lboro – Learn – Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar etc) – Printing – PC Labs – PC Clinic & IT Pitstop – ReVIEWDon’t forget to tell any problems!
  13. 13. Programme Presidents:IT Focus Group, March 2012Martin Hamilton@martin_hamilton