HPC Midlands - Cloud Supercomputing for Academia and Industry


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These are my slides for the IDC HPC User Forum meeting at Imperial College in July 2012, introducing HPC Midlands. HPC Midlands is a cloud supercomputing service for academic and industrial use, supported by a £1m grant from the EPSRC.

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HPC Midlands - Cloud Supercomputing for Academia and Industry

  1. 1. HPC MidlandsCloud Supercomputing for Academia and IndustryMartin Hamilton, Centre Manager − hpc-midlands.ac.uk
  2. 2. What is HPC Midlands? New High Performance Computing facility for academia and industry Jointly operated by Loughborough University and University of Leicester £1m funding from EPSRC/BIS e-Infrastructure programme Building on relationships with existing industrial partners and software providers Opportunity to “operationalize” HPC spending
  3. 3. Hera: The HPC Midlands Cluster £1m EPSRC investment + institutional contributions 3,000 core Bull supercomputer (48 Teraflops) 11 x chassis (18 blades per chassis) 188 compute node blades, each with  2 x 2.0GHz (8 core) Sandy Bridge CPUs 15TB RAM  140 blades with 64GB RAM (4GB/core)  48 blades with 128GB RAM (8GB/core) 60TB Lustre storage QDR Infiniband interconnect
  4. 4. The Delivery!
  5. 5. HPC Midlands Timeline8th December e-Infrastructure call received5th January HPC Midlands proposal submitted19th January Funding awarded23rd January Tender issued against RM721 framework24th January Mechanical and Electrical work commissioned30th January Tenders received and scored, contract awarded to Bull9th February Work begins to prepare the HPC Midlands site20th February Data centre extension now complete24th February Work begins on the plumbing / chilled water supply27th February Electrical Distribution Panel in place1st March Space being prepared for new chiller unit9th March 63A circuits now mostly in place15th March Raised floor installed21st March Dedicated chiller unit arrives and craned into place26th March Delivery of HPC Midlands hardware
  6. 6. Mechanical and Electrical Work (FM)
  7. 7. Mechanical and Electrical Work (FM)
  8. 8. Some Assembly Required…
  9. 9. Inside a Sandy Bridge compute node
  10. 10. HPC Midlands Partners: Intel Cutting edge hardware innovations  Nehalem/Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge  Increase in cores/threads per socket, I/O bandwidth etc  >2bn transistors per CPU!  Many Integrated Core (MIC) Leading player in HPC compilers  Intel Cluster StudioIntel will contribute training on parallelprogramming and their HPC tools
  11. 11. HPC Midlands Partners: ANSYS Market leading HPC software (CFX, FLUENT etc) But significant capital investment required for licenses  Locks out SMEs and spinoffs  Inflexible in today’s challenging climateNew model: “Pay As You Go” access to the ANSYSsuite of products
  12. 12. HPC Midlands Partners: E.ONE.ON New Build and Technology, Plant ModellingSample use cases:  Precipitator ductwork  Gas turbine blade lifetime  Gas turbine enclosure safety  Wind farm resource assessment  Steam flow in nuclear plants
  13. 13. HPC Midlands Partners – E.ON
  14. 14. HPC Midlands Partners – E.ON
  15. 15. HPC Midlands Partners – E.ON
  16. 16. e-Infrastructure and JANET(UK) JANET upgrades planned for e-Infrastructure  £26m capital investment  Potential for e.g. new primary connections / dedicated bandwidth for key research centres / instruments What would people like from JANET? Can we develop a model for JANET interconnects with industrial partners?  JANET as _peer_ not backhaul  Build on existing partnerships  Move beyond Sneakernet scenario
  17. 17. And Finally… We’re Hiring!
  18. 18. HPC MidlandsCloud Supercomputing for Academia and IndustryMartin Hamilton, Centre Manager − hpc-midlands.ac.uk