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Engaging with HPC Midlands - Next Steps


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HPC Midlands is a new initiative providing on demand access to supercomputing with flexible licensing for software from leading vendors. This presentation introduces our team and explains how you can make use of HPC Midlands to accelerate your innovation. Find out more at

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Engaging with HPC Midlands - Next Steps

  1. 1. Engaging with HPC MidlandsMartin Hamilton, Centre Manager
  2. 2. Our Expertise HPC Midlands builds on HPC expertise at Loughborough University and the University of Leicester. We have the infrastructure and expert team to drive innovation in research and industry.
  3. 3. Our Expertise Work with us to: - Conduct simulations and modelling of complex processes - Develop and redesign products - Enhance production and delivery processes - Perform consumer trend monitoring, searching or profiling
  4. 4. Our People - Dr Steven Kenny: Centre Director - Dr Chris Rudge: Deputy Director - Peter Strutton: Business Development Manager - Kathryn Burchell: Head of Business Development - Technical Support Service - Research Support And our contacts in research and industry.
  5. 5. Why is HPC Midlands Unique? - Not just a system for academics who write their own code - We asked industrial HPC users what they needed from us - Key requirements: - Pay-as-you go computing - Flexible software licensing - Result: Deep engagement with Independent Software Vendors
  6. 6. Next Steps
  7. 7. Making Contact: Engaging with HPC-Midlands: Peter Strutton Business Development Manager 01509 223110 – Discuss your needs – Establish a flexible Service Level Agreement – Start using HPC-Midlands
  8. 8. Making Contact:
  9. 9. Making Contact:
  10. 10. Visiting UsHPC Midlands is based at theLoughborough University Scienceand Enterprise Park
  11. 11. Visiting UsHPC Midlands is based at theLoughborough University Scienceand Enterprise Park
  12. 12.