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Ignite Mainframe Agility: Fast and Accurate Development with Topaz


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Gain insight into igniting mainframe agility at your organization with Compuware’s Agile and DevOps tool, Topaz. Compuware Product Managers Jim Liebert and Steve Kansa narrate the story of Megan, a next-gen mainframe developer persona who completes an urgent task using Topaz to:
- Visualize her application’s execution to learn exactly what happens at runtime
- Bring up ISPW’s Impact Analysis feature to quickly understand copybook/program relationships
- Create a working set of the copybooks/programs to be changed
- Use intuitive program analysis to assist in making a change
- Generate a set of unit tests to ensure her change works without any unintended consequences
- Promote her change and automatically kick off regression testing

You can also peruse the Q&A recap document from the webcast at or visit for more details.

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Ignite Mainframe Agility: Fast and Accurate Development with Topaz

  1. 1. 1 Ignite Mainframe Agility Fast and Accurate Development with Topaz Jim Liebert, Product Manager Steve Kansa, Product Manager December 14, 2017
  2. 2. 2 Steve Kansa Product Manager @stevenkansa Jim Liebert Product Manager @jimliebert
  3. 3. 3 Agenda How does Topaz help a programmer complete their day-to-day mainframe tasks?
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  7. 7. 7 Mainstream the Mainframe with Compuware Enabling DevOps Across the Enterprise
  8. 8. 8 Code Coverage Version Control Continuous Integration Code Quality Release ITSM Test Validate Code IdeationProject Management Develop Agile Process Analyze Code Interactive Development Environment (IDE) Edit Code Debug Code Edit/Manage Data Deploy Dev QA ProdTest Mainframe-inclusive DevOps Toolchain Monitor
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  10. 10. 10 The new release of Topaz demonstrates that Compuware is fully committed to and fully capable of helping organizations meet this critical challenge by mainframe- enabling a new generation of developers and QA engineers. - Jason Bloomberg, Industry Analyst Intellyx Compuware is enabling us to achieve agility by delivering solutions that help bring contemporary DevOps best practices to the mainframe, so we can fully leverage the value of our mainframe application portfolio—as well as the platform’s compelling performance, reliability, scalability, security and workload economics. - Roberto Schmid, Service Manager Corporate IT Operations Helvetia Insurance Topaz is enabling us for a multi-channel, multi-platform future. … Products like Topaz will protect our current investments and enable the next generation of application developers. - VP Legacy Integrations, Conversion, Decommission Insurance Company [Compuware is] empowering IT professionals to understand and leverage data residing on IBM System z using graphical visualization tools. - Tim Grieser, Program VP for Enterprise System Management Software IDC
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