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Questions from chapter 1 data communication and networking


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Questions from chapter 1 data communication and networking

  1. 1. Questions from Chapter 1 – Data Comm., Networking and Internet(Only points are given for answers )1) Explain data communication components(Message or data, sender, receiver, transmission medium, protocol)2) What are different forms of data representation?(Text, numbers, images, audio, video)3) What is distributed processing?4) Explain different types of computer networks.(LAN, MAN, WAN)5) What are advantages of networking?Resource sharing, Upgradation cost, Security and Manageability,Workgroup Applications6) Explain in brief different types of network structures / architecture(Server based, Client server, Peer to peer)7) Explain different types of topologies(Star, Bus, Ring)8) Write short note - network media(Wired – twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, optical fiber. Wireless- electromagnetic waves)9) Explain Hubs, Bridges, Switches, Routers10) Explain OSI reference model.(ISO, layers, 7 layers)11) Explain TCP/IP model.(Intro, 5 layers)12) Explain layer 3 and layer 4 of OSI model.13) What is internet? What are different types of internet connections?(Dial up, Broadband, ISDN, T1, T3, GPRS, Wireless)14) Write short note – Sharing of internet connection.15) What is a blog?
  2. 2. 16) What is URL? Explain different parts of URL.17) Explain different types of search engines.(Crawler based, search directories, Meta search engines, specialized search engines.)18) What are different methods of search?(Advance search, Boolean search)19) Explain different types of email services and parts of email address.(Web based – Online, POP, and IMAP (?))20) Short notes - IP address, Domain names, Scanning email for viruses.