Internet important topics


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Internet important topics

  1. 1. What is a blog?A blog is a type of website where information like commentary, description, review, pictures,video is posted regularly and usually displayed in chronological order i.e. latest post on top. Eachpost is like a webpage and it usually has option of comments for visitors.e.g. – is a personal blog by bollywood celebrity. – is a blog for reviews of gadgets like mobile phone, camera etc.Labels: InternetPosted by umesh sir at 1:41 AM 1 commentsTypes of search enginesThere are different types of search engines.1) Crawler / Spider or robot based search engines - Search engines like google and yahoo hastheir own spider or crawler software which automatically visits and collects data of differentwebsites and this data gets included and indexed in search engine database . Each search enginehas its own algorithm to have ranking of these websites and display the search results.2) Search Directories - has categories and subcategories for listing the websites. One can submithis website to suitable category and then it is reviewed by human editors and then they decidethe listing and ranking of the website. e.g. , Meta search engines - This type of search engines searches the major search engines likegoogle, yahoo , , bing etc. simulatnously at a time and displays the combined result onsearch engine result page (SERP) . e.g. dogpile.com4) Specialized search engines - These are search engines for specific niche area.e.g. to search books we have search blogs we have search articles we have InternetPosted by umesh sir at 4:11 AM 0 commentsSharing of Internet ConnectionA single internet connection connected to one computer on a LAN can be shared with othercomputers in LAN. Sharing of Internet Connection is possible by using1) Hardware - 1) ADSL/ DSL router with more than one port- 2) Switch or Hub used for LAN
  2. 2. 2) Software - 1) Operating systems like Windows 98 and windows XP support the internetconnection sharing.2) Proxy server software can be installed on machine having internet connection for sharing.e.g. AnalogXLabels: InternetPosted by umesh sir at 3:09 AM 0 commentsTypes of Internet connectionInternet is wide area network throughout the world where user connected to internet can get theinformation from websites hosted on web servers or can use services like email, video, audio,voice chat etc.Internet service providers are called ISPsThere are different types of internet connections available.1. Dial up connection - Uses dial up modem and telephone line which can provide speed upto56.6kbps.2. Broadband connection - Uses ADSL or DSL router and copper wire telephone line comingfrom nearby telephone exchange. Can provide data transfer speed upto 2mbps or more. Voiceand internet data transmission can work simultaneously with this technology. Many broadbandconnection uses CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable from nearby server to user PC.3. ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network4. T15. T26. Wireless Internet7. GPRS- General Packet Radio service - This type of internet is used in cellphones. Connectionspeed possible is in the range of 116kbps.