Unlock the benefits of the contemporary workplace


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Computacenter and Microsoft enable organisations to optimise workforce productivity and cost control with the latest productivity tools and industrialised processes.

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Unlock the benefits of the contemporary workplace

  1. 1. ® Unlock the benefits of the contemporary workplace Computacenter and Microsoft in partnershipWorkplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 1 1/27/2012 5:04:30 PM
  2. 2. • • • UNLOCK THE BENEFITS OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORKPLACE • • • Computacenter and Microsoft enable organisations to optimise workforce productivity and cost control with the latest productivity tools and industrialised processes. More for less has become an eternal mantra for the workplace. Whether it is more time and less cost or more growth and less risk, organisations have to be able to achieve their goals with reduced effort and expense if they are to survive. But the workplace rules have changed – and organisations need to sharpen their game with optimised IT. The workplace is no longer just Social Networking an office. It’s an employee’s dining room, a hotel, an airport, a service station or even a beach. To maximise productivity and minimise cost in this dynamic operating environment, organisations must remove more than just physical boundaries in the workplace; they must also eliminate technological constraints. They must be ready to embrace change. Instant Messaging Exploiting the new rules If workplace rule number one is greater mobility, the second is increased collaboration. Instant messaging, videoconferencing, social networking and file sharing via the cloud are just some of the collaboration tools that are transforming workplaces around the world. Greater Mobility To leverage the efficiency and financial gains that come with these innovations, organisations need to ensure that they have the right IT foundations in place. Legacy operating systems, email platforms and back-end infrastructures were not built for today’s fast and flexible business landscape, and will not only slow down benefits realisation but also Improved Collaboration result in increased risk and support costs. These challenges will be exacerbated as support for old operating systems and applications are withdrawn, which will jeopardise not only business continuity but also profitability. This risk coupled with the pace of change in the workplace means it is no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ an organisation will transform its client infrastructure. Maximised Productivity Microsoft’s latest productivity solutions, such as Windows 7, Exchange 2010 and Office 365 will be central to this transformation. These solutions have been specifically designed to help organisations exploit the new rules of business. As well as empowering employees to work faster and smarter, the Microsoft solutions remove cost and complexity through reduced IT support requirements and greater integration. Reduced Costs 3Workplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 3 1/27/2012 5:04:30 PM
  3. 3. • • • UNLOCK THE BENEFITS OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORKPLACE • • • • • Repeatable processes, guaranteed outcomes, Simplifying the transformation journey proven partnership Deploying the latest Microsoft offerings, however, is just one As Microsoft’s number one enterprise partner for corporate piece of the workplace transformation puzzle. Organisations accounts and the third Large Account Reseller in the UK, also need to consider other changes, including workstyle Computacenter can help organisations source, deploy, profiling, application virtualisation, remote access and new transform and manage their workplace technologies. delivery models, such as cloud computing. We have developed a suite of repeatable best practice Thanks to our broad expertise, we can help organisations processes that reduce implementation time, risks and costs transform their underlying workplace infrastructure and select and accelerate time to value from Microsoft technologies. a licensing and delivery model that suits their budget, user For example, Computacenter has developed a modular base and risk profile. Desktop Migration methodology, which brings consistency and control to Windows 7 projects. With key Microsoft software packages now available via the cloud in the form of Office 365, organisations need As a member of Microsoft’s early adopter programme, to evaluate if the traditional on-premise approach still Computacenter has been implementing Windows 7 since represents best value. 2009. Many large and diverse organisations have embarked on their Windows 7 journey with Computacenter’s help. Computacenter has developed a range of cost modelling tools to evaluate the capital and operational overhead From project definition and infrastructure remediation to data associated with the different delivery models for key migration and user training, Computacenter’s industrialised workplace applications, such as Exchange 2010 or approach encompasses an end-to-end set of processes, Windows 7 as well as potential efficiency gains and cost procedures and tools to optimise the delivery of Microsoft savings from software licensing. technologies to the workforce and ensure guaranteed outcomes. With so many changes to consider and implement, it is not surprising that industry experts are urging organisations to allow between 18 and 24 months for operating system upgrades and up to nine months for email migrations. The longer an organisation takes to start its optimisation journey, the longer it will take to realise the business benefits. In today’s competitive business landscape, this delay could become a defining factor between failure and success. To stay in the game, organisations need to play by the new rules. They need to seize the opportunity. 4Workplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 4 1/27/2012 5:04:31 PM
  4. 4. • • • • • UNLOCK THE BENEFITS OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORKPLACE • • • Empower, enable, energise Computacenter and Microsoft enable organisations to achieve A powerful partnership: Microsoft more for less. By combing best-of-breed productivity tools with and Computacenter industrialised processes, we will help you to: • omputacenter holds Gold Partner C Make financial savings status for Desktop, Virtualisation, Volume £ Microsoft’s latest workplace technologies have been designed to be as cost-effective as possible. Licensing, Software Asset Management, Server Platform and Identity and Security Self-service options, simplified IT administration and • e have more than 300 Microsoft Certified W Cost Reduction reduced power consumption are just some of the Systems Engineers who hold MCP enhancements that will help to lower operational qualifications in a range of technologies overheads. At the same time, capital expenditure including Windows 7 and Exchange 2010 can be minimised through the adoption of cloud- based models. • omputacenter has deployed more C than 260,000 Windows 7 and 335,000 Minimise risk Exchange 2010 seats for its customers Legacy workplace technologies lack stability, • omputacenter is one of the top Large C which means business continuity and data Account Resellers (LAR) in the UK and a integrity cannot be guaranteed. These risks will be key Enterprise Partner for Group Corporate Risk Avoidance intensified when support for Windows XP ends Accounts in April 2014. By upgrading to newer workplace • nlike the majority of the 18 UK LARs, we U technologies, organisations will be able to ensure are able to provide consultancy, design and quality of service is maintained. This will not only deployment services for Microsoft solutions safeguard revenue generation but also prevent reputational damage and regulatory breaches. Increase productivity With a raft of collaboration tools at their fingertips, employees will be able to work faster and smarter from any location. There will also be fewer outages Growth / due to unstable legacy technologies, which Computacenter is a key partner for Business Change means staff can spend more time on activities Microsoft in helping organisations that drive profitable growth and improve customer maximise their investment in our service levels. An empowered flexible workforce technologies. Their extensive also means greater competitive advantage and business agility. experience and consistent results enable customers to embrace the latest productivity tools with minimal risk and cost.’ Nina Sundberg Director, Enterprise Partner Sales Microsoft 5 Workplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 5 1/27/2012 5:04:31 PM
  5. 5. • • • UNLOCK THE BENEFITS OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORKPLACE • • • • • Microsoft Solutions in Action Windows 7 Whats new Business outcomes How Computacenter can help • nhanced security especially on E • reater workforce flexibility and G • uild a business case for the B mobile devices business agility migration and evaluate the impact • aster boot times and improved F • ower support overheads and L on the organisation performance power consumption • implify the deployment and other S • etter support for desktop B • table platform to support next S workplace transformation activities virtualisation generation applications and with industrialised processes • ore freedom to personalise the M business growth • dentify application rationalisation I desktop experience based on opportunities and mitigate different user requirements compatibility issues Microsoft Lync What’s new Business outcomes How Computacenter can help • nified Communication U • ncreased workforce productivity I • eploy networking and data D Collaboration platform including and flexibility storage backbone needed to voice, instant messaging, audio, • educed need for business travel R support Unified Communication video and web resulting in lower costs and carbon Collaboration solutions • bility to share photos, files and A emissions • implify the customer journey from S links during a chat session • ess risk of business disruption L entitlement through to enablement • sers can participate in web U due to adverse weather conditions • ntegrate seamlessly both I conferences either through voice, or emergencies communication and messaging audio and/or video • implified IT management S platforms into existing infrastructure due to consolidated Unified • rovide cross platform P Communication Collaboration interconnectivity for existing platform room based or immersive video conferencing systems into Lync video Exchange 2010 What’s new Business outcomes How Computacenter can help • educed I/O overhead enables R • mproved reliability resulting in less I • valuate migration costs and E users to achieve more on lower business disruption and greater benefits of different delivery models, specification hardware staff productivity for example public cloud versus • elf-service tools for various S • educed IT support costs and R on-premise common processes, including complexity • nable greater flexibility with E managing email groups, setting pragmatic cloud offerings, which up automatic replies and changing provide organisations with the address information option to deploy Exchange 2010 on • etter search functions to aid legal B a dedicated or shared infrastructure discovery and larger mailbox sizes implemented and managed by • ntegration with other Unified I Computacenter either on-premise Communication Collaboration or in one of the provider’s high tools availability environments • evelop Unified Communication D Collaboration strategies and maximise integration with other Microsoft tools, such as Lync and SharePoint 6Workplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 6 1/27/2012 5:04:32 PM
  6. 6. • • • • • UNLOCK THE BENEFITS OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORKPLACE • • • Office 2010 What’s new Business outcomes How Computacenter can help • emote access to documents R • Improved workforce mobility • uild a business case for the B via Windows Live SkyDrive and • Increased productivity migration and evaluate the impact Microsoft Office Web Apps • Improved employee collaboration on the organisation • hoto and video editing capabilities P • implify the customer journey from S within PowerPoint entitlement through to enablement • owerPoint Broadcast enables P • educe the impact on the service R staff in remote locations to view desk during migration material in real-time including live video and audio • nhanced data analysis capabilities E in Excel, eg. Spark Lines, which enable greater visualisation of data Office 365 What’s new Business outcomes How Computacenter can help • loud-based versions of C • liminate the need for email E • valuate if users and applications E Exchange, SharePoint, Office Web upgrades, backup and security are suited to a cloud delivery model Apps and Lync patching resulting in reduced cost • uantify migration costs and Q • pplication components can A and complexity savings that can be realised be purchased individually or as • ore responsive to business M • dvise on most cost-effective A preconfigured offers growth and change licensing options and the impact on • xtensive security measures to E • Predictable monthly expenditure existing Microsoft agreements support public key encryption and digital signatures • arlier access to application E upgrades than on-premise users • oney back guarantee if service M level agreements are not met SharePoint 2010 What’s new Business outcomes How Computacenter can help • amiliar Office interface simplifies F • ore informed decision-making M • ive customised Computacenter F user adoption and accelerates time and greater agility offerings accelerate deployment to value • implified IT management and S and provide frameworks for • onsolidated platform for intranet, C lower maintenance and training common SharePoint projects, such extranet and Internet sites costs as intranet, website and extranet • entralised IT administration and C • nhanced collaboration features E development management features increase employees’ productivity • nable greater flexibility with E • Mobile integration C3Collaboration offering organisations the option to deploy SharePoint 2010 on a dedicated or shared infrastructure implemented and managed by Computacenter either on-premise or in one of the provider’s high availability environments 7 Workplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 7 1/27/2012 5:04:32 PM
  7. 7. • • • UNLOCK THE BENEFITS OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORKPLACE • • • • • Case Studies Morrisons keeps supermarket shelves fully stocked with Computacenter partnership Morrisons is the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK with 456 stores and 131,000 employees. To ensure it gets the right products on the right shelves at the right time, Morrisons operates a number of manufacturing and logistics facilities, including around 20 factories, 16 warehouses and 15 distribution sites. Gary Barr, IT Director at Morrisons, comments: “Up to 10,000 cases of goods an hour have to be processed at each warehouse. If our IT systems are unavailable for just a few minutes, we are unable to process stock for storage or distribution, This can impact not only the availability of produce in our stores but also lead to perishable items going out of date.” In 2008, Morrisons launched a major five-year IT transformation programme, known as Evolve with the aim of optimising efficiency throughout all its operation. One of the first Evolve projects was the upgrade of Morrisons email systems to Microsoft Exchange. This involved not only migrating a large amount of data from 8,600 users inboxes but also implementing a new backend infrastructure to provide better disaster recovery. Computacenter designed the new email environment and helped procure and implement all the key technologies. “The email migration was a high risk project as email is an important tool in the supply chain,” comments Barr. “We partnered with Computacenter as it had the skill sets and resources we needed to deliver the project on time and to budget.” The email upgrade has improved staff productivity and satisfaction through enhanced communication. “Computacenter help us safeguard IT service quality, which is key to keeping our supermarket shelves fully stocked in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” comments Gary. 8Workplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 8 1/27/2012 5:04:34 PM
  8. 8. • • • • • UNLOCK THE BENEFITS OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORKPLACE • • • Hertford Regional College reduces risk with Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade Hertford Regional College (HRC) is a centre of excellence in vocational education. It has nearly 4,000 full-time students and around 700 members of staff. As a further education provider, HRC needs to ensure students are fully prepared for the real world. Russell Barley, Network Services Manager at HRC, comments: “We need to provide students with access to the same technologies they will use in the workplace, this means we must offer the latest software.” The college took the decision to upgrade its desktop estate to Windows 7 to meet this requirement. “We needed an experienced and trusted partner that could reduce the risks associated with the project and ensure our deadline was met,” comments Russell. Computacenter worked closely with the college’s IT team to prepare the infrastructure for the operating system migration. This involved upgrading some servers to Windows 2008 R2 and helping test the college’s 150 applications to ensure they would run on the new Windows 7 platform. All 650 student desktops in more than 25 classrooms were migrated to the new operating system over a four-week period during the summer of 2010. By migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7, HRC has been able to provide students and college staff with a future-proofed and environmentally friendly desktop environment that supports increased collaboration. Windows 7 also offers greater stability and faster performance than Windows XP, which means HRC can provide students and staff with an enhanced computing experience. “Windows 7 is more intuitive and easier to use, particularly for students that are not particularly IT savvy,” comments Russell. “We can now offer our students reliable and high-performing computing facilities to ensure they have the maximum chance of gaining success in their chosen career.” 9 Workplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 9 1/27/2012 5:04:34 PM
  9. 9. • • • UNLOCK THE BENEFITS OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORKPLACE • • • More Information To find out more about how Computacenter can help your organisation work smarter and faster with Microsoft technologies, contact your Computacenter account manager or call 0800 014 7420 Visit: www.computacenter.com/microsoft 10Workplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 10 1/27/2012 5:04:34 PM
  10. 10. Computacenter (UK) Ltd Hatfield Avenue Hatfield Hertfordshire AL10 9TW United Kingdom T: +44 (0)1707 631000 F: +44 (0)1707 639966 www.computacenter.com Computacenter is a leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services and solutions. From desktop to datacenter, we help our customers minimise the cost and maximise the value of IT to their businesses. We can advise organisations on IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology, optimise its performance, and manage elements of our customers’ infrastructures on their behalf. Computacenter operates in the UK, Germany, France and the Benelux countries, as well as providing transnational services across the globe. © Computacenter 2012Workplace Collaboration Microsoft CC.indd 12 1/27/2012 5:04:34 PM