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Unified Communications & Collaboration: Connecting people and information


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Unified Communications & Collaboration: Connecting people and information

  1. 1. Unified Communications& CollaborationConnecting people and information
  2. 2. Unified Communications& CollaborationContents Introduction IP Communications Visual Collaboration Corporate Mail Corporate Collaboration Embrace, Enrich, Empower
  3. 3. 4 • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS & COLLABORATION • • • Increase productivity in the workplace with Unified Communications and Collaboration Enabling organisations to be more productive, drive growth and bring products faster to market by connecting people and information in disparate locations. It’s ubiquitous. It’s empowering. Its growing. Communication UCC brings together traditional and emerging technologies impacts every interaction, every process, every decision in to provide a cost-effective and cohesive framework for every organisation and workplace. today’s contemporary workplace. With these foundations in place, organisations will be able to find smarter, faster and Thanks to technological advances, communication more economical ways of working. and collaboration have broken free from physical and geographical boundaries to become perpetual and To realise these benefits, organisations need to implement pervasive. We read emails while waiting at a restaurant; the right platforms and processes – and ensure they participate in web conferences when working from home; complement rather than constrain the adoption of the full share information via team workspaces from the train; and UCC portfolio. participate in video conferences with colleagues while on holiday abroad. Whether your journey starts with IP telephony, email, visual or corporate collaboration, a joined-up approach based on “In five years, we expect the user environment to be substantially Computacenter: a proven and different for mainstream business pragmatic partner users. UCC will essentially • e take a user centric consultative approach to W UCC to ensure human end user outcomes are change the way users work on a realised via the introduction of a technology based routine basis.” Gartner1 UCC solution • e have more than 30 years experience of W implementing and managing workplace and With the choice and flexibility of user touch points on the networking technologies increase, workplace communication and collaboration can • omputacenter will define the best-fit, best-value C quickly spiral out of control to become a complex and costly solutions for leveraging the benefits of integrated activity that encumbers rather than empowers. communications and collaboration • ur team has a number of vendor and industry O By taking a unified approach to communications and certifications and brings together a wealth of collaboration, organisations will not only be able to reduce expertise across voice, video, messaging and data the associated capital and operational spend but also improve the end user experience. • omputacenter is vendor and platform agnostic C and offers flexible commercials • ur unique Customer Experience Centre enables O Cohesive and cost-effective organisations to prototype and prove best-of- breed UCC solutions from the likes of Cisco, The concept of Unified Communications and Collaboration Microsoft, Avaya and Polycom, before they make (UCC) has been on the corporate radar for a number of a purchasing decision years, but only now is it becoming a technical reality – and a business priority.
  4. 4. • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • 5 the needs of the business and its users will be paramount to success. Without such integration, organisations will “Enterprises should pursue a broad soon find they are duplicating effort, technologies and UCC convergence strategy but costs. should resist pressure to depend entirely on a single vendor, which A seamless user experience can lead to reduced functionality As an experienced UCC provider, Computacenter will help right-size your investment and solution to deliver the best and lack of innovation.” Gartner1 business outcomes. We will help you consolidate existing technologies, integrate multi-vendor offerings and plan a UCC roadmap that results in a seamless experience for end users. Thanks to our extensive infrastructure and services expertise, we can provide support and advice at every stage of the UCC lifecycle – from readiness assessments and proof of concept to implementation, user education ) (UC n (UCC) and support and management. ns oratio tio llab As sourcing and provisioning options for ca Co s i un a UCC technologies and services evolve, edi Au mm M o on e dio we will help you make an informed ge k Vid ing ati IP C Co a s nic choice between on-premise, off-premise e renc ing Te on hon Vid k-to n ed mu De l Sig e V nf erenc C d fer and hybrid models so you can deliver lep - Unifi nf en om oI gita bC o maximum value for minimum cost. P cin s o eo Unified C Di y Vo g eo We ice Vid UCC on Me ati ag ss or in g ab C oll h a ls ent g Un g Em a rta Pr ri n Ins kin e n il Po ifi e M e em es or tan ce S d e F il N e tw ag es t M ss s a g an l ag in ci a nt M in g g So nte (I M ) Co
  5. 5. 6 • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • IP Communications Laying the foundations for a collaborative future An IP-based communications infrastructure is the first step Thanks to our vendor independence and extensive towards transforming how employees, customers, and experience, you will be able to select the technologies that partners interact in today’s contemporary workplace. best fit your business needs, user communities and budget. Without these robust and flexible foundations, UCC To minimise capital expenditure, Computacenter will initiatives will fall at the first hurdle. To seamlessly support identify opportunities to leverage existing networking and voice, video and data, organisations need a network and communications assets. We also help organisations to cost communications infrastructure that works all the time, every effectively leverage exciting collaboration software solutions, time. such as Microsoft Lync, that has been acquired via a wider licensing agreement. Although many organisations have already embraced an IP-based approach through IP telephony and VoIP, these Computacenter not only makes IP communications more implementations are often in silos or on first generation affordable but also reliable. Our consultants are equipped technologies. According to a survey by Ovum2, fewer than with a unique blend of both telephony and networking skill one in five large companies have near-ubiquitous use of IP sets, ensuring network performance and readiness elements telephony. are scrutinised and modified where required. To realise the full financial and productivity benefits of UCC, IP communications have to be omnipresent and fit-for- Accelerate change and decision-making purpose for today’s connected and highly collaborative workplace. Whether this means expanding your existing By combining our expertise and industrialised services with IP telephony deployment, upgrading to newer IP best-of-breed technologies, your organisation will be able communications solutions or migrating from a legacy PBX to establish an IP-based infrastructure that will encourage infrastructure, Computacenter can help. the adoption of other UCC solutions, which will not only transform the workplace but also reduce operational costs. For example, users will be able to take advantage of Making communication predictable and presence solutions, such as Cisco Unified Presence and affordable MSN Messenger, which display the availability of colleagues We have end-to-end IP communications capabilities, and regardless of their location, device or timezone. Such can assist with readiness assessments, design, technology visibility can accelerate decision-making and problem supply, implementation and support. resolution as senior executives or subject matter experts can be located and contacted without delay. Computacenter will help you evaluate internal processes, applications, infrastructures and communication costs Presence is just one of the many UCC applications that to develop a realistic IP communications roadmap and can be deployed once a solid and scalable IP-based business case. communications infrastructure has been established. IP Communications: why it matters • educes telecommunication bills and the need to invest R • nables the adoption of rich collaboration tools that drive E in dedicated telephony lines greater innovation, agility and productivity • implifies change in line with business growth, office S • acilitates flexible and remote working thereby reducing F consolidation and team restructuring the need for dedicated office space for every employee
  6. 6. • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • 7 Case Study: Harvey Nichols enhances the customer experience and will make savings of £1 million with unified communications Challenge Harvey Nichols is synonymous with quality. To ensure an exceptional retail experience, the companys 2,500 employees need to be able to deal with customers requests quickly. This often involves contacting other stores, the head office or warehouse – a process that was hampered by Harvey Nichols disparate telephony systems. This decentralised approach was also adding unnecessary cost and complexity to day-to-day business operations. Solution Harvey Nichols partnered with Computacenter to implement a new unified communications infrastructure incorporating IP telephony and wireless connectivity. Based on Cisco technologies, the new solution has simplified collaboration across the companys 11 sites as well as IT support. Computacenter also provided the underlying IPT foundations, which involved the implementation of structured cabling solutions at each location and upgrading the local area network to Power over Ethernet Cisco Catalyst switches, and is responsible for supporting the solution HARVEY NICHOLS under a five-year contract. Results As well as significantly reducing Harvey Nichols telephone bills, the new infrastructure is more cost-effective to support, which will result in savings of £1 million over 10 years. Employees can devote more time to customers and answer queries in a shorter timeframe, which helps improve the retail experience and maintain Harvey Nichols reputation. IP Communications: how Computacenter can help • We have a dedicated networking and communications • ur IP communications services are closely integrated O practice with end-to-end IP communications capabilities with our workplace offerings to ensure a seamless user • Computacenter has relationships with all the key IP experience communications vendors and holds Gold partnership • hanks to our multi-vendor status, we can fulfill all your T certifications with Cisco, Polycom and Microsoft IP communications technology requirements – from • We were Cisco’s UK Enterprise Partner of the Year in peripherals and end points to soft clients and underlying 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 infrastructure components
  7. 7. 8 • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • Visual Collaboration Enabling instant and effortless interaction From video conferences and digital signage to web As well as getting the client interface right, Computacenter meetings and telepresence, visual collaboration is adding a helps organisations assess the impact of visual collaboration new dimension to workplace interactions. on their back-end IT infrastructure, particularly in terms of increased network traffic and storage capacity. Customer meetings, internal briefings, staff training and corporate announcements no longer require hours of travel To minimise the need for additional investment, we will or a long lead time. Instead they can be scheduled and help you leverage existing assets and identify untapped completed immediately without anyone having to change resources. For example, Microsoft Enterprise Agreements their location. often include a Lync license, which combines instant messaging with presence, IP telephony, audio-conferencing The versatility and velocity of visual collaboration is attracting and video-conferencing features. growing interest at both employer and employee level. Video conferencing in particular is expected to experience massive Boost revenue generation with digital growth, with industry watchers predicting that video content signage and media will constitute 91 per cent of global network traffic by 20143. As well as empowering employees, visual collaboration can To be ready for this explosion in visual collaboration, provide a valuable and highly effective platform for customer organisations need to ensure employees have access to and partner engagement through the use of digital media high-quality content and intuitive end points. Incompatible and signage. From e-posters and information points to on- hardware, poor performance and complex set-up processes demand video content, digital signage and media can boost can quickly derail the adoption of new collaboration sales and enhance the customer experience. technologies resulting in a low Return On Investment (ROI). By working with Computacenter, you will be able to tap into these benefits with minimum effort and expense. For Rapid adoption and ROI example, we helped O2 equip 400 stores with a digital signage solution for sharing promotional material and hosting By partnering with Computacenter, you will be able to handset tutorials. As a result, the company was able to fast-track implementation, adoption and benefits realisation attract and retain more customers. across the visual collaboration landscape. We have extensive experience of sourcing and deploying all the Whether your visual collaboration journey starts with desk- major technologies, and will assess the readiness of your IT to-desk video, digital signage or immersive telepresence infrastructure and user groups. rooms, Computacenter will help future-proof your investment and ensure a seamless integration with existing investments We will identify which solutions are best suited to different and new solutions . employee roles - for example video conferencing could be offered desk-to-desk via a standard definition solution, As visual collaboration solutions become more pervasive, such as Microsoft Lync, or via a dedicated room and high we can also assist with management and maintenance to definition solution, such as Cisco TelePresence. ensure maximum uptime and an excellent user experience. Visual Collaboration: why it matters • educes the need for business travel and associated R • ngages customers and staff and helps drive innovation, E expenses and carbon emissions growth and revenue generation • upports flexible working practices and facilitates faster S • inimises the risk of business disruption due to adverse M decision-making weather conditions or emergencies
  8. 8. • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • 9 Case Study: Hospitals in East Kent improve medical training and patient care with integrated video conferencing solution Challenge East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust serves a wide geographical area. With its main hospital sites some miles apart, the trusts clinicians frequently had to travel to attend meetings and conduct training sessions. The trust recognised travelling was not an efficient use of clinicians time. In addition to the impact on productivity, the trust was also keen to reduce travel expenditure and its impact on the environment. Solution The trust partnered with Computacenter to design, implement and support a sophisticated video conferencing solution. The solution installed at the trusts three acute hospitals includes high-definition displays to enable clinicians to share images from the hospitals Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) such as x-rays and scans. Results By enabling its healthcare professionals to hold virtual meetings and share medical information, East Kent University NHS Foundation Trust has reduced travel costs and its impact on the environment. More importantly, the solution enables faster diagnosis and treatment of patients, and improves mentoring and training for medical staff. These factors all contribute to improving the standard of patient care delivered to the population of East Kent. Visual Collaboration: how Computacenter can help • omputacenter has strategic relationships with all the C • e offer 24x7 monitoring services from our Video Network W major vendors, including Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft, NEC, Operations Centre to safeguard availability of both visual LifeSize, Panasonic and Samsung collaboration applications and the underlying infrastructure • ur end-to-end expertise means we can address O components infrastructure, integration and content management issues • ith an extensive product catalogue and configuration W as part of any implementation and logistics operation, we can fulfill all your sourcing • omputacenter has been awarded a range of vendor C needs for visual collaboration hardware – from tablets and accreditations, for example we are a Cisco Gold Partner smartphones to LCD displays and plasma screens and hold the Cisco TelePresence Video Master ATP • orking in partnership with our asset disposal subsidiary, W Partner status RDC, we will ensure that redundant equipment is recycled • ur user acceptance testing, training and support O or redeployed to minimise waste services will encourage rapid adoption and enable a faster return on investment
  9. 9. 10 • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • Corporate mail Embracing the next generation of messaging Corporate mail is changing – and fast. Cloud computing, We understand the different corporate mail delivery models integrated workflows and mobile devices are just some of – on-premise, off-premise, private, public and hybrid – and the factors influencing the structure and delivery of today’s will help assess the needs of your organisation, user groups greatest communication commodity. and IT operation so you can make an informed decision. The ability to exploit next-generation email services will To help organisations realise the financial and agility benefits depend not only on an organisation’s applications and of cloud-based messaging services, Computacenter has infrastructure but also how they provision messaging developed C3Mail. Billed on a fixed price per month per to employees. The ongoing criticality of email as a mailbox, the solution offers the flexibility of a dedicated or communication channel means services must be affordable, shared infrastructure with Computacenter implementing and predictable and accessible – and not just from the desktop. managing the email infrastructure within your premises or at By 2016, at least 50 per cent of enterprise email users will one of our high-availability datacenters. rely primarily on a browser, tablet or mobile client instead of a desktop client.4 We also provide a services wrap for public cloud offerings, such as Microsoft Office 365, which ensures corporate To respond to employee demand and the evolving email mail and collaboration tools come with the enterprise level landscape, IT departments need to replace legacy platforms support demanded of such critical applications. and processes with a more scalable infrastructure and agile approach. To avoid the capital expense and disruption associated with such upgrades, many organisations will be Removing cost and complexity drawn towards a private or public cloud delivery model. Although the volume of corporate mailboxes and messages As well as optimising costs, cloud computing can accelerate is expected to continue to grow, the increased adoption the adoption of self-service features, increased inbox of more interactive and real-time UCC technologies will capacity and integrated instant messaging – all of which decrease email’s dominance in the workplace. contribute to greater staff productivity and satisfaction. As a result, organisations need to be ready to offer a seamless user experience to prevent both spiralling support costs and increased complexity in the workplace. For Selecting the right sourcing model example, rather than providing multiple touch points for With corporate mail no longer restricted to on-premise different communication and collaboration tools, the email delivery models, organisations need pragmatic advice to inbox can also be used to aggregate voicemails and instant help them establish and execute the right approach for their messages. business. Whether you need to upgrade your existing messaging Computacenter has extensive experience of migrating, infrastructure, enable integration with other UCC solutions upgrading and managing enterprise email infrastructures, or adopt a new delivery model, Computacenter can provide and will enable you to achieve an optimal balance between trusted advice and end-to-end support. performance, risk, cost and agility. Corporate Mail: why it matters • ptimised infrastructure improves availability resulting in O • pgrading legacy technologies mitigates risk and U greater productivity and a better user experience removes cost and complexity • obile access, integration and cloud-based delivery M • ew sourcing models based on utility billing reduce N options increase business and employee agility capital investment and make operational costs more • utomated workflows and self-service options speed up A predictable core business processes and minimise manual effort
  10. 10. • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • 11 Case Study: Morrisons keeps supermarket shelves fully stocked with Computacenter partnership Challenge Morrisons is the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK with 456 stores and 131,000 employees. To ensure it gets the right products on the right shelves at the right time, Morrisons operates a number of manufacturing and logistics facilities, including around 20 factories, 16 warehouses and 15 distribution sites. To safeguard the timely delivery of 250 lorry-loads of goods to each warehouse every day, the retailer must ensure it has continuously available IT systems. Solution Morrisons has partnered with Computacenter to deploy and manage new technologies as part of a major IT transformation known as Evolve. One of the first Evolve projects was the upgrade of Morrisons email systems to Microsoft Exchange. This involved not only migrating a large amount of data from 8,600 users inboxes but also implementing a new backend infrastructure to provide better disaster recovery. Computacenter has helped the retailer migrate to Microsoft Exchange, deployed a new warehouse picking system and is responsible for lifecycle management for 10,000 desktop devices. Results The email upgrade has improved staff productivity and satisfaction through enhanced communication, and by working with Computacenter, Morrisons has been able to maximise the benefits of its IT transformation. As well as safeguarding the supply chain and increasing staff productivity, the new IT services and systems have helped reduced costs. This will contribute to the £100 million annual cost savings expected from the Evolve programme. Corporate Mail: how Computacenter can help • e have developed a portfolio of industrialised email W • s one of Microsoft’s top three large account resellers A services to simplify migration, licensing, backup and in the UK, we can help with licensing for Exchange and archiving, infrastructure support and management Office 365 as well as broader Enterprise Agreements • e migrate around 200,000 Microsoft Exchange W • e host more than 35,000 mailboxes on behalf of our W mailboxes per year and have more than 300 accredited customers Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers • ur C3Mail offering delivers an enterprise email service O • omputacenter can assist with integrating corporate mail C with a guaranteed availability and data sovereignty for a with presence, instant messaging, web conferencing, and fixed price per month per mailbox soft phone technology to provide a richer experience for employees
  11. 11. 12 • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • Corporate Collaboration Uniting teams for greater productivity Today’s workplace is a chameleon. Its location and structure as Microsoft SharePoint and Cisco Quad. As a result, you is constantly shifting as globalisation, mobile technologies will be able to create a best-of-breed corporate collaboration and flexible working practices result in more agile and platform that is scalable, cost-effective and easy to support. decentralised business models. Working in partnership with ICS Solutions, we will ensure As people and information become increasingly dispersed, you derive maximum value from any existing investments organisations need to be able to unite colleagues, teams in collaboration tools, and optimise the underlying IT and decision-makers across multiple sites, countries and infrastructure to prevent any problems with capacity or timezones. availability. A corporate intranet is just the first phase of the corporate collaboration curve. To complete tasks and projects Collaborating via the cloud effectively and economically, staff also need access to virtual workspaces, real-time document sharing and knowledge- To help organisations minimise the need for capital based communities. investment and accelerate adoption of new technologies, we can assist with cloud-based implementations of To facilitate such a holistic approach, organisations will need corporate collaboration solutions. to embrace a range of collaboration technologies and social networking concepts – from extranets and employee profile For example, our C3Collaboration service enables a utility- pages to websites and wikis. based implementation of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in a private cloud at one of our high availability datacenters. With Taking a flexible and integrated approach to corporate pre-defined templates, user training and adoption modules, collaboration will be essential as knowledge-based networks C3Collaboration delivers rapid results and transparent replace hierarchies in the workplace. commercials. We can also assist with a public cloud approach. Computacenter offers an extensive Microsoft Office 365 Enabling an integrated approach services portfolio from readiness to deployment. Office 365 Although most organisations have already adopted some includes not only corporate collaboration tools but also elements of corporate collaboration, many have yet to email, conferencing and presence functionality. establish a standardised and integrated approach. This disparate approach can not only increase operational costs Computacenter offers an extensive Office 365 wrap – from but also limit employee flexibility. readiness assessments and pilots to migration, infrastructure management and end user support. Computacenter will help you amalgamate collaboration tools, content and portals to provide employees with a Whether you source your corporate collaboration capabilities unique and unified experience. via the cloud, an on-site roll-out or a hybrid model, Computacenter can help maximise adoption, integration and Thanks to our extensive vendor relationships, you will be performance, so staff can work faster and smarter. able to evaluate established and emerging solutions, such Corporate Collaboration: why it matters • Improves knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer networking • inimises travel requirements, costs and environmental M • Enables faster and smarter decision-making impact • Unites distributed teams resulting in greater productivity • Reduces costs as the need for telephony decreases • ccelerates time-to-market for new business initiatives A • Increases staff satisfaction and retention and product launches
  12. 12. • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • 13 Case Study: ICS Solutions and Harrods Empowering a diverse workforce with SharePoint Challenge Harrods has a blended workforce consisting of over 8,000 full-time and part- time employees, and associates hired by the various brands it hosts. It also has contractors recruited during peak periods such as Christmas. Harrods needed its Intranet to overcome the challenge of integrating this mixed workforce. It should improve corporate communications and employee engagement, by surfacing and centralising all news and information. Moreover, the Intranet allows Harrods to be compliant with new UK legislation, which determine that all staff should have access to the same benefits and information. Solution ICS Solutions developed a bespoke layout for Harrods that reflects the brand’s identity and functionality needs, including: custom site map, breadcrumbs, RSS aggregator and web parts. Among the web parts built within the SharePoint Intranet is a telephone directory, with the contact information from all 8,000 employees. This directory uses Business Connectivity Services to allow users to update their own details. The auto complete functionality makes access to this real-time information easy. Results To develop a solution that could address the complex needs of such a varied workforce, Harrods chose to implement an Extranet on a separate farm and synchronise the two sites. Moreover, PCI regulations, Forms Based Authentication (FBA) and Active Directory were implemented. To provide a comprehensive search experience, Search Server 2010 Express was configured to work together seamlessly for both sites. Corporate Collaboration: how Computacenter can help • e take an assessment-led approach that enables you to W • 3Collaboration delivers 99.9 per cent availability for C prioritise your investment and adoption roadmap based on Microsoft SharePoint for a per user and per gigabyte business needs charge • ur corporate collaboration service is closely integrated O • omputacenter and ICS have more than 35 years of C with our networking practice to ensure infrastructure combined experience of Microsoft solutions and are both readiness and ongoing performance certified Gold Partners • e bring together the best solutions from vendors such W • e offer hosting, support and management of your W as Microsoft, Cisco, Polycom, Avaya and Citrix and can hardware infrastructure in our secure and UK-based assist with the procurement of software licences and datacenters hardware components
  13. 13. 14 • • • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION • • • Embrace, enrich, empower The corporate workplace knows no boundaries in terms Visit our UCC Experience Centre of time or location. To deliver maximum value and achieve Hatfield, UK maximum flexibility in this evolving landscape, both employee and employer need to embrace new ways of Helping you to make an informed decision - hands-on sharing information and interacting. demonstrations and multi-vendor technology trials. • ee integrated, multi-vendor demos across voice, video, S UCC provides the foundations for today’s IT-enabled messaging and collaboration business and tomorrow’s devolved workplace, and strips away the constraints that can prevent innovation and • lan the right adoption road-map P business growth. • rial the right communications and collaboration services T for you By combining IP communications with email, visual and corporate collaboration, UCC connects people and To book a visit, please contact your Account Manager. information to create a joined-up enterprise regardless of their disparate locations. Working with a proven partner will enable your organisation to maximise the benefits of taking an integrated approach to communication and collaboration and future-proof your investment. According to Gartner1, “We are at the start of a 10-year cycle of UCC change and evolution. The maturity of these solutions today varies and, as a result, they have different characteristics in the market and in enterprises.” Computacenter is the ideal partner to ensure your organisation avoids the hazards of UCC transformation and instead unlocks the previously unimagined benefits through new ways of communication and collaboration. More information To find out how Computacenter can help your organisation exploit UCC to maximum effect, please contact your Computacenter Account Manager or call 0800 014 7420. Alternatively, email: or visit: Sources 1 Gartner Symposium: Unified Communications and Collaboration Scenario – Is Leveraging Hybrid Solutions the Key?, Bern Elliot, Matt Cain, October 2011 2 Large Enterprise Survey: IP Telephony and Unified Communications, October 2011, Ovum 3 Cisco Visual Networking Index 4 artner Press Release: Gartner Reveals Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users for G 2012 and Beyond, December 2011
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