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Lean mean it machine


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Evolving the Dynamic Datacenter.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Lean mean it machine

  1. 1. ACCELERATE OR RESTRAIN GROWTH. Business data is a crucial component in maintaining Guaranteeing datacenter performance and availability is From rationalisation and virtualisation to automation and ENABLE OR OBSTRUCT CHANGE. competitive advantage. getting harder: there is more data aggregation, Computacenter helps Increased business demand and more demand yet less budget organisations find the best-fit, for IT functionality has driven and fewer resources. To ensure the best-value solutions and strategies INCREASE OR DECREASE PRODUCTIVITY. considerable and rapid datacenter growth for many organisations. datacenter stays lean and mean, IT departments need to optimise to make their datacenter more predictable, sustainable and THE DATACENTER IS A DECISIVE FACTOR every device, every square metre, affordable. every watt and every second. IN EVERY ORGANISATION’S SUCCESS, AND THEREFORE MUST DELIVER ON TIME, EVERY TIME. GROWTH/ CONTENTS BUSINESS CHANGE MULTI- VENDOR PROOF NCEPT OF CONCEPT ITIES FACILITIES 04 06 08 E SU BL INDEPENDENT ST ON L N LED SOLUTION-LED TA VICE ADVICE AI IC NA ED END-TO-END O-END GUARANTEED BL 04 Taking control of 06 Driving datacenter 08 Datacenter-driven BILITY LITY CAPABILITY OUTCO OUTCOMES PR E your datacenter assets value and performance business transformation FLEXIBLE TERMS REDUCED PREDICTABLE COSTS COSTS VENDOR DOR 10 12 NSHIPS RELATIONSHIPSACCREDITATIONS IMPROVED QUALITY OF SERVICE £ COST AFFORDABLE RISK REDUCTION AVOIDANCE 10 At the heart of 12 Partnering change IMPROVED BUSINESS the solution CONTINUITY RISK MITIGATION 03
  2. 2. TAKING CONTROL OF YOURDATACENTER ASSETS Taking control of your datacenter assets We enable our customers to understand and take control of their existing datacenter MULTI- infrastructure. We will help you to become agile and responsive, turning your datacenter VENDOR PROOF OF CONCEPT into an internal service provider. FACILITIES INDEPENDENT The datacenter needs to Without integrated technologies, With 30 years’ experience of ON L N LED SOLUTION-LED VICE ADVICE continually adapt to cope with real-time management and end- delivering complex infrastructure planned and unplanned demands to-end visibility, the datacenter projects and managing from the business, an issue can quickly spiral out of control, datacenters, we understand the which has intensified with huge impacting budget targets and risks, the challenges and the END-TO-END GUARANTEED virtualisation sprawl and the business goals. opportunities, helping you to make CAPABILITY OUTCO OUTCOMES expectations of cloud computing. the best use of new and existing All too often, organisations have assets, so that your datacenter incomplete or inconsistent views meets today’s objectives and FLEXIBLE TERMS of their IT assets. Computacenter delivers tomorrow’s outcomes. helps organisations get a grip PREDICTABLE COSTS of every facet of their datacenter – from the devices and data to power consumption and VENDOR DOR problem resolution. NSHIPS RELATIONSHIPS ACCREDITATIONS COMPUTACENTER UNDERSTANDS YOUR BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL GOALS. WE WORK WITH COMPUTACENTER AND THE DATACENTER: YOU TO IDENTIFY YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE ASSETS AND HOW THEY ARE USED, BRINGING WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? YOUR DATACENTER THE CONTINUITY, STABILITY AND AGILITY IT NEEDS, SO YOU CAN GET TO MARKET FASTER AND EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS.04 05
  3. 3. DRIVING DATACENTER VALUE ANDPERFORMANCE Driving datacenter value and performanceToday’s datacenters need to Computacenter helps We will help you automate manual We’ll work with you to identify and implement improvements to your datacenter capability. Throughwork harder, faster and smarter organisations decide what tasks, utilise more capacity and optimisation, virtualisation and automation, we’ll ensure your datacenter is better equipped to meetif organisations are to meet their datacenter systems to retain, virtualise the right workloads – all changing demands and new data consumption and efficiency goals. revamp and remove in order to of which are key steps on the minimise overheads and maximise journey to a dynamic datacenterAs well as optimising existing efficiency. And, with consultants and an IT-enabled, IT departments need accredited to the highest level withto build the business case for all major datacenter vendors, weinvestment in new technologies will take complete responsibility DYNAMIC DATACENTERand consumption models. for the operational management of all the technology suppliers andSweating legacy assets is not a ensure support for heterogeneouslong-term solution. It not only environments is maintained.increases the total cost ofownership, but also the riskof security breaches andservice outages. OPTIMISATION VIRTUALISATION AUTOMATION COMPUTACENTER IS ACKNOWLEDGED BY CUSTOMERS AND VENDORS ALIKE AS TODAY’S DATACENTERS NEED TO WORK HARDER, BEING A MARKET LEADER IN DEPLOYING AUTOMATION AND ORCHESTRATION TECHNOLOGY, DUE TO OUR PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF DELIVERING FASTER AND SMARTER IF ORGANISATIONS ARE TO MEET INTEGRATED END-TO-END SOLUTIONS. THEIR FINANCIAL AND EFFICIENCY GOALS.06 07
  4. 4. DATACENTER-DRIVEN BUSINESSTRANSFORMATION Datacenter-driven business transformation We are uniquely placed to help you build and deploy a dynamic datacenter at the very heart of your CHANGE business. We’ll ensure that your datacenter infrastructure is truly cloud-ready, becoming a key enabler of strategic growth, delivering new ways of working and increasing commercial advantage. GROWTH We will assess your current state RELOCATION and help build a roadmap that facilitates continuous improvement and embraces new consumption models, such as cloud computing. MIGRATION The datacenter will no longer just facilitate change; it will be IT-ENABLED a champion of change, a TRANSFORMATION springboard for innovation, a source of competitive advantage. It will be a strategic business asset. GROWTH, INNOVATION, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. THEY ALL COME BACK TO THE DATACENTER AND ITS AVAILABILITY AND AGILITY.08 09
  5. 5. AT THE HEART OF THESOLUTIONWe can help make your datacenter Computacenter offers three types Computacenter works with ITlean, mean and fit-for-purpose by of engagement: departments, not around them,removing cost, complexity and and we provide advice to help youbarriers to change. Our purpose- reduce costs, improve service,built Solutions Centre was the Proof of concept (POC) – By continuity and economies of scale.first multi-vendor testing facility prototyping, testing and validating we can help you Computacenter offers a managed As Europe’s largest independentin Europe and has been used by analyse the expected ROI Reducing costs: Consolidating hosting service from highly- IT infrastructure serviceshundreds of customers since its before committing to largelaunch in 2002. The Solutions datacenters will reduce costs in available datacenters across the organisation, Computacenter is project expenditure. floor space, power and cooling. UK in Romford, Manchester, in a unique position. We offerCentre hosts an array of enterpriseinfrastructure and cloud-ready Load testing – We can help you Leeds and Nottingham and in an end-to-end service for all Improving quality of service andintegrated systems which can be gain clarity on the high and low Frankfurt, Germany. datacenter requirements, from continuity: By moving to a well-used for load testing and proof performance boundaries of a managed environment we can transformation, supply andof concept exercises. solution prior to implementation. help you improve performance, The Romford datacenter was disposal, maintenance, monitoring, By identifying the optimum availability and security whilst the first in Europe to be Tier IV reporting, relocation, hosting and system and application enabling appropriate levels of design-certified by the Uptime cloud services. configuration we can ensure any resilience and continuity. Institute and is located within the deployments support immediate M25, only 30 minutes from the and future workloads. Driving economies of scale: City of London. Reducing the number of site Stage services – Through the hosting systems can deliver combination of established economies of scale, while logistics and a purpose-built our automated scalable environment, our customers can solution can also significantly reduce operational disruptions reduce costs. and downtime by ensuring systems are ready to deploy prior to shipment. ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS SAVED £750,000 PER YEAR ON DATACENTER FLOOR SPACE COSTS AND HAS DRAMATICALLY REDUCED ITS IT MANAGED SERVICES BILL BY ALMOST £800,000 PER ANNUM THROUGH TESTING AND PLANNING CARRIED OUT AT THE SOLUTIONS CENTRE.10 11
  6. 6. PARTNERINGCHANGE REDUCED COSTS Our datacenter virtualisation programmes typically deliver ROI within 12 months due to our considerable experience in relocation and consolidation projects and co-ordinating platform migrations. IMPROVED However, before any of these QUALITY OF activities are undertaken, we first SERVICE assess the requirements of each application to ensure the impact of change does not threaten system reliability, performance or integrity. Working in close partnership with IMPROVED your organisation, our experienced BUSINESS consultants will agree a roadmap for your datacenter infrastructure, CONTINUITY adopting approaches such as consolidation, virtualisation and storage; ensuring a low risk, cost- effective solution that meet the needs of your business. RISK MITIGATION COMPUTACENTER’S EXPERTISE AND KNOWLEDGE OF DATACENTER TRANSFORMATION PROVIDES A PERFECT FIT FOR THE KEY BENEFITS OF A A PARTNERSHIP THAT WILL HELP CLIENTS DRIVE OUTCOMES IN DYNAMIC DATACENTER VIRTUALISATION, AUTOMATION AND THE PATHWAY TO CLOUD.12 13
  7. 7. BAA makes cost savings of more than £1.8 million BAA partnered with Computacenter to design, plan and implement a new virtual datacenter. The virtual “ By virtualising our production systems we have been able to make a with agile virtualised datacenter has enabled BAA to significant contribution to the datacenter. reduce its production environment company’s strategic goals by 246 servers, with spare capacity for IT simplification and cost WE WILL SUPPORT AND GUIDE YOUR JOURNEY TO to support future growth. reduction while achieving This has contributed to cost greater business agility and savings of £1.8 million. The new THE DYNAMIC DATACENTER – ” infrastructure will also reduce IT performance. GIVING YOU GREATER VISIBILITY READ THE FULL carbon emissions by 1,239 tonnes CASE STUDY Terry Fusco, Head of IT, a year, minimise risk and enable greater business agility. Heathrow, BAA AND CONTROL OF YOUR DATA ASSETS AND INFRASTRUCTURE; ENABLING YOU TO INCREASE PERFORMANCE AND REDUCE Eversheds increases competitive advantage To ensure Eversheds can focus its internal resources on the differentiating elements of IT, the “ Working with Computacenter makes our datacenters easier to control. The COSTS; AND TURNING YOUR DATACENTER INTO AN AGILE, with IT transformation CLOUD-READY ENVIRONMENT law firm has outsourced a number environment is robust with and outsourcing of core services to Computacenter, excellent provisioning for partnership. THAT DELIVERS TO YOUR ” including offsite datacenter disaster recovery. hosting. Computacenter helped Eversheds implement a virtual server infrastructure as part of the Conor O’Brien, STRATEGIC BUSINESS migration to its hosted facilities. As well as achieving a 25:1 server Head of IT Services and Operations at Eversheds PRIORITIES. consolidation ratio, Eversheds READ THE FULL can provision new systems more CASE STUDY quickly, which helps to limit the need to invest in new hardware.14
  8. 8. Computacenter has the depth and breadth to support you at every stage of the datacenter life cycle. Our end-to-end service capability means we have the insight to help effectively design, build, test, and manage complete IT infrastructures. To find out how Computacenter can make your datacenter fit-for-purpose now, and for the future, speak to one of our datacenter specialists at or visit (UK) LtdHatfield AvenueHatfieldHertfordshire AL10 9TWUnited Kingdom Computacenter is a leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services and solutions. From desktop to datacenter, we help our customers minimise the cost and maximise the value of IT to theirT: +44 (0)1707 631000 businesses. We can advise organisations on IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology,F: +44 (0)1707 639966 optimise its performance, and manage elements of our customers’ infrastructure on their behalf.e: dynamicdatacenter@computacenter.comw: Computacenter operates in the UK, Germany, France and the Benelux countries, as well as providing transnational services across the globe. © Computacenter 2012