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Bridging the gap between consumer and workplace IT


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Computacenter helps organisations take advantage of Apple technologies as part of employee choice and digital allowance programmes to maximise staff mobility, productivity and satisfaction.

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Bridging the gap between consumer and workplace IT

  1. 1. Bridging the gap betweenconsumer and workplace ITComputacenter and Apple together
  2. 2. • • • BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN CONSUMER AND WORKPLACE IT • • • Computacenter helps organisations take advantage of Apple technologies as part of employee choice and digital allowance programmes to maximise staff mobility, productivity and satisfaction. Consumer technologies are getting smarter and faster. And users want to integrate this pace and performance into their working lives. Devices, such as the iPad and the iPhone, are at the forefront of this collision in the workplace between consumer and corporate technologies. As a result, organisations need to be ready to embrace – and support - Apple solutions as part of the enterprise IT portfolio. Technology can be an important differentiator for potential employees, and in particular top graduate talent. Equipping the workplace with the right devices is crucial to maintaining a productive environment and satisfied workforce. To meet user expectations and close the gap between corporate and consumer devices, organisations are increasingly adopting employee choice and digital allowance programmes. With benefits such as reduced training and lower support requirements, such schemes can be good news for both employer and employee. Apple crosses the corporate chasm Consumers have been quick to recognise the rich functionality and flexibility of Apple’s mobile devices. Thanks to their seamless connectivity and reduced susceptibility to viruses, more and more organisations are also recognising that Apple devices and applications have a role to play in today’s contemporary workplace. The iPad in particular can prove a real differentiator, with organisations developing bespoke applications that enhance employees’ ability to work remotely or demonstrate products to customers via a familiar and intuitive interface. With Apple technologies’ increasing popularity in corporate deployments, and particularly under employee choice schemes, IT departments need to ensure they have the right skills and services in place to support both devices and their users. They also need to ensure that Apple devices are managed in line with existing policies and processes to ensure a consistent user experience and prevent the formation of a new support silo. 3
  3. 3. • • • BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN CONSUMER AND WORKPLACE IT • • • Seamless support across hybrid environments End-to-end lifecycle management Computacenter has been helping organisations source, We provide out-tasked support and end-to-end managed implement and manage Apple technologies for more than services that integrate with existing services to deliver a 25 years. Our services have been specifically developed comparable experience for Apple and PC users alike. to enable IT departments to effectively manage hybrid workplace environments We run an ISO 9000 accredited Swap Centre, which is fully equipped with spare Apple parts and devices to ensure The difference in operating systems does not need to be users experience minimum downtime in the event of a a barrier – we can provide a corporate service for all your problem. technologies. Our mobile device management service is particularly well Our Source and Deploy services enable a centralised supply suited to Apple notebooks and the iPad when used by chain for mixed PC and Apple environments. We combine remote workers. When organisations identify a requirement flexible commercials and transparent pricing with stringent or demand for the iPad there is often concern from corporate service level agreements and personalised procurement customers around security. options. For example, via our Computacenter Connect web shop, organisations can create a bespoke catalogue that Computacenter is frequently asked about the best way to includes the latest Apple technologies and rapidly access ensure that corporate and legislative security adherence product information, stock availability and custom pricing for is achieved. We work with customers to fully understand a variety of workplace solutions. requirements before recommending a middleware partner based on technical and commercial understanding of the Our Supply Chain services, which include asseting, output and experience required. configuration and on-site delivery, reduce the time to desk and value for Apple devices, which will enable your At the end of the device lifecycle, we will remarket and organisation to achieve a faster return on investment. recycle your Apple hardware through our specialist subsidiary RDC in accordance with environment regulations As well as assisting with the sourcing and deployment of and often at zero cost. Apple technologies on a corporate basis, Computacenter has the expertise to facilitate the introduction of employee By combining feature-rich Apple technologies with choice or bring your own schemes. Computacenter’s industrialised and integrated IT services, organisations will be fully equipped to support the We understand the risks that need to be addressed when contemporary workforce of today and tomorrow. personal devices permeate the workplace and will help you establish the right policies and processes. Computacenter can also help with designing and deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure, which is often a key enabler for such programmes.4
  4. 4. • • • BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN CONSUMER AND WORKPLACE IT • • • Govern, gain, grow Computacenter enables organisations to take full advantage of A long-term relationship: Apple Apple technologies and deliver cost-effective and low-risk employee and Computacenter choice programmes. Our skills and services will help you: • omputacenter is an Apple Authorised C Remove cost and complexity Systems Integrator £ All our Source and Deploy services are based on industrialised processes that safeguard quality while • e are an Apple Authorised Reseller, W Apple Authorised Service Provider and minimising cost. Centrally procuring your desktop, Cost Reduction laptop and mobile technologies via a single supplier Apple Authorised Finance Provider such as Computacenter will reduce administrative • e have Apple approved service centres W overheads and ensure predictable outcomes and in Hatfield in the UK and Kerpen in transparent pricing. From directory integration and Germany user authentication to security and backup, we enable organisations to make the most of Apple’s high- • ur 2,000 strong engineering force, O performance solutions to keep IT costs and effort low. which supports more than 1.5 million user devices on behalf of our customers, includes a number of accredited field Maximise business agility engineers Our web-enabled procurement processes, e-commerce integration and supply chain services help ensure rapid provisioning of Apple technologies Growth / Business Change to new staff, which will facilitate growth and change. We will help you take advantage of the full features and functionality of Apple devices to enable your staff to work smarter and faster, regardless of their location. Increase staff productivity and satisfaction Enterprise-standard support will help maximise uptime and user satisfaction. By including iPhone, iPad and notebooks in the corporate IT landscape, organisations Access to Skilled Resources will be able to recruit and retain more talented employees who will help drive business success. 5
  5. 5. • • • BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN CONSUMER AND WORKPLACE IT • • • Apple Technologies in Action Desktops Notebooks Tablets Prime products: Prime products: Prime product: • ac mini: Small and light, the Mac M • MacBook Air: The ultimate everyday • Pad: Ideal for working on the move, i mini is based on the latest dual-core notebook, the MacBook Air features the iPad features a dual-core A5X Intel Core i5 and i7 processors solid-state storage so boots up in chip, is 9.4mm thin with a 10-hour • Mac: The all-in-one iMac features a i seconds battery life and weighs just over 650 quad-core processor and exceptional • acBook Pro: With state-of-the-art M grams graphics with LED-backlit display processors, game-changing graphics • ac Pro: The most powerful and M and high-speed I/O, the MacBook Innovative features: quickest Mac, the Mac Pro has up to Pro offers exceptional performance • wo cameras for FaceTime and HD T four cores of processing power and video recording comes with solid-state drive options Innovative features: • i-Fi and cellular ensures users are W • Multi-touch trackpad always connected Innovative features: • ideo mirroring enables instant display V • Wireless keyboard and mouse • Wireless keyboard and mouse • FaceTime camera and microphone on an HDTV or projector • Thunderbolt high-speed data transfer • MagSafe power connector • Advanced graphics processor Business benefits: • mbient light sensor on MacBook A • aceTime camera and microphone F Pro to automatically adjust brightness • nstant-on capability eliminates boot- I on iMac thereby conserving power and up time, which maximises productivity relieving eyestrain • portfolio of more than 140,000 A Business benefits: applications provides unrivalled • ompatibility with Microsoft Office, C Business benefits: functionality for a range of common ability to share files with PC users • attery lasts up to seven hours on a B business tasks as well as industry- and the ability to run the Windows single charge to enhance mobility specific requirements operating system or virtualise PC • atteries can be recharged up to B • espoke applications can be easily B desktops will simplify the transition 1,000 times, which is enough for and economically developed to between PC and Mac devices five years of typical usage, which support new business initiatives and • traightforward networking and S equates to nearly three times the customer offerings integration with devices and lifespan of typical notebook batteries peripherals, eg. printers and external thereby minimising need to invest in hard drives, minimises set-up time replacements and ongoing IT management costs • esistance to PC viruses safeguards R • esistance to PC viruses reduces risk R security of business disruption, protects data and safeguards intellectual property Key Computacenter services Key Computacenter services Related Computacenter services • Product evaluation • Centralised procurement • Product supply • Rapid standardised procurement • Integrated supply chain • Mobile device management • Configuration and logistics • Mobile device management • eployment services and Swap D • End-to-end support • End-to-end support service6
  6. 6. • • • BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN CONSUMER AND WORKPLACE IT • • • References Eversheds lawyers stay connected with the iPad International law firm Eversheds has signed a deal which could eventually see all of the firms lawyers move on to Apple iPads. In a collaboration with IT partners Computacenter and Citrix, the firm intends to explore how the introduction of the iPads to the business can help its lawyers to work more flexibly. As part of Eversheds’ culture to drive innovation through the business and the firms ethos of delivering first-class client service excellence, it is the firm’s intention that the iPad pilot will explore new ways of ensuring that Eversheds lawyers can not only stay connected to clients but access the data they need 24x7. The pioneering initiative will allow lawyers to review documents, host virtual meetings, arrange schedules and access mail and business intelligence from wherever they may be in the world. Eversheds CIO, Paul Caris said: “The iPad is an incredibly intuitive device which will be popular with our lawyers. With Citrix technology we expect to deliver key applications to lawyers including email, document management and client relationship management systems whenever and wherever they need to.” Computacenter provides an integrated Swap service for the iPad estate and also some security parameters via Mobile Device Management to enable remote wipe and sandboxing of information. Broadcasting company reduces support costs and attracts top talent with new Apple notebook environment The customer’s ability to provide high-quality broadcasting services depends upon the availability of its IT systems. More than 1,000 members of staff rely on Apple computers to carry out their daily activities. The organisation’s ageing laptop estate, however, frequently caused downtime and was expensive to support. As a result, the customer needed to migrate staff to new Apple devices and integrate them with Google applications. The project had to be completed with minimal disruption and in a short timeframe. To ensure the success of the project, the customer enlisted the help of long-term IT partner Computacenter. Computacenter ran an e-tender to find the most cost-effective deployment, migration and training available to the customer and managed the transition to the Apple devices using its Desktop Technology Optimisation (DTO) approach. Nearly 1,000 notebooks were replaced over a six-week period, with a success rate of 99.7 per cent, underpinned by excellent user feedback. The legacy devices were then remarketed and recycled by Computacenters specialist IT asset disposal arm RDC. The new standardised Apple estate will help the customer recruit top talent, reduce support costs and decrease the number of laptop outages to improve staff productivity. More information To find out more about how Computacenter can help your organisation exploit the benefits of Apple technologies, contact your Computacenter account manager or call 0800 014 7420. 7
  7. 7. Computacenter (UK) LtdHatfield AvenueHatfieldHertfordshire AL10 9TWUnited KingdomT: +44 (0)1707 631000F: +44 (0)1707 639966www.computacenter.comComputacenter is a leading independent provider of ITinfrastructure services and solutions. From desktop todatacenter, we help our customers minimise the cost andmaximise the value of IT to their businesses. We can adviseorganisations on IT strategy, implement the most appropriatetechnology, optimise its performance, and manage elementsof our customers’ infrastructures on their behalf.Computacenter operates in the UK, Germany, France and theBenelux countries, as well as providing transnational servicesacross the globe.© Computacenter 2012 Version 2