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Membership meeting


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Membership meeting

  1. 1. Membership Meeting
  2. 2. Agenda• Login Issues• 10K Bond• Cyber Insurance• Compumatrix Digital Voucher• Other issues
  3. 3. Login Issues• Re-registration does not resolve the issue• One more week• This will not affect logging
  4. 4. Out-of-Site Activities• Submitting Blogs on Bloggers Central– Posting comments on blogger’s central– Submitting videos (just choose a video, give yourown description)• Send blogs to
  5. 5. Compumatrix 10K Bond• 2 years• Transferrable– Through sale– Through Assignment– Through Donation
  6. 6. Cyber Insurance• Coverage– Your Computer– Other devices you use to connect online– Printers & Other peripherals• Protection– Fire, Theft, Flood or any Natural Disaster– Online Fraud– Data Loss, Systems Error
  7. 7. Compumatrix Digital Voucher• Used to Transfer your Balance to a File or Printit out on your Computer
  8. 8. 5 Security Checks
  9. 9. Why print on a voucher?• Physical Safekeeping• It can be sold or assigned
  10. 10. Other Issues• Announcements from Other Management