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Compumatrix ebook

  1. 1. A No-brainersGuide to CompumatrixSocial Network &Online Franchise
  2. 2. Prof. Henry JamesBanayat, is an ITEducator and the Founderof the Compumatrix SocialNetwork: An incentive-based social networkdeveloped to provide asustainable incomestream to its members.AUTHOR PAGE:Henry James Banayat
  3. 3. Designing in PowerPoint……………………….5Writing Effective Ebook Copy ………………..9Optimizing Ebooks for LeadGeneration & Promotion………………….…....12Tracking Your Ebook’s Success ……….…….16TABLE OF CONTENTS:
  4. 4. Creating a title page for each chapterhelps to separate your topics andkeep your readers engaged. Placing avisual image that illustrates theconcepts of your chapter is a greatway to start things off.CHAPTER 1:Designing in PowerPoint// Page 4
  5. 5. You can create marketing ebooks in different layout platforms,such as Adobe InDesign and Quark Express. Yet, if you don’thave access to these, PowerPoint offers a good alternative forimage-friendly design.Whether this is your first time creating an ebook or you’relooking for a fresh way to update your strategy, this templateshould give you exactly what you’re looking for.EBOOK TITLE// Page 5
  6. 6. It’s important to stay consistent with your initial style choice. Ifyou start using a specific line style, title color, or image frame,stick with it. Failing to do so will only create a chaotic experiencefor your readers and distract them from the knowledge you’retrying to share with them. By being consistent, your readers’photographic memory will recognize what certain colors andformatting mean from section to section.EBOOK TITLEIf you start using aspecific line style,title color, or imageframe, stick with it.”// Page 6
  7. 7. 21% of adultsreportedreading anebook in 2011.Readers’ eyes are drawnto highlighted text, soyou can featureimportant stats andfacts as callouts.At HubSpot, we havenoticed that data-drivencontent performsexceptionally well withour audience. Peoplegravitate towardsspecific informationconveyed with graphs,charts and figures.That’s why we leveragethis type of informationin our ebooks.EBOOK TITLESource: Pew Internet & American LifeProject, 2012// Page 7
  8. 8. Good images are not easy to find. You cannot just stealsomething from Google Image. However, you do have othersources of visuals to choose from!For instance, we recommend Flickr’s Creative Commonslibrary. As long as you properly attribute each image, you canuse any of the ones you find. You can also downloadiStockphoto images and use them in your ebooks.CHAPTER 2:Writing Effective Ebook Copy// Page 8
  9. 9. Instead of trying to usesophisticated language toconvey a point, writesimply and clearly. That’sthe most effective way ofeducating readers andhelping them understandthe new material you’reproviding. This is shouldalso hold true for all yourother marketing efforts,such as email marketing,call-to-action creation, andlanding page production.“Clarity trumpspersuasion,” as Dr. FlintMcGlaughlin of MECLABSoften likes to say.IMAGE CAPTIONEBOOK TITLE// Page 9
  10. 10. Want to make sure you’re keeping your ebook exciting? Hereare some areas to keep in mind: Use BUZZWORDS in the title that emphasize the value ofyour offer. Examples include adjectives like “amazing,”“awesome,” or “ultimate.” Keep your format CONSISTENT so that you create amental model for readers and enhance theirunderstanding of the material. When appropriate, make use of formatting, likebold, italics, and font size changes, to draw people’s eyesto your most important content.EBOOK TITLE// Page 10
  11. 11. CHAPTER 3:Optimizing Ebooks forLead Generation &PromotionMake sure you’re keeping your ebook’s color schemeconsistent. Use your company colors, and try not touse more than three to five colors in your layout.// Page 11
  12. 12. VISUALText with alink to alanding pageYou clicked on a call-to-actionbefore you downloaded thistemplate. Think about how yougot here—you clicked on a call-to-action in an email, on a socialmedia update or somewhere else.EBOOK TITLEPlace calls-to-action throughout your ebook. A call-to-action isa link or visual object that entices the visitor to click and arriveon a page that will get them further engaged with yourcompany. For instance, a call-to-action can lead to anotheroffer, your annual conference, or even a product page.// Page 12
  13. 13. EBOOKCOVERDESCRIPTIONOF EBOOKFORMYour ebook shouldbe available on alanding page onyour site. This is aweb page thatdescribes youroffer and providesa form with contactinformation thatvisitors need to fillout in order toaccess your ebook.For instance, youwent through thislanding page toaccess thistemplate.EBOOK TITLELANDING PAGE VISUALIZATION// Page 13
  14. 14.  Advertise your new ebook onyour website. Feature a linkto your offer’s landing pageon your Resources page oreven homepage. Promote your ebook throughyour blog. For instance,consider publishing anexcerpt of your ebook as ablog post. Or write aseparate blog article on thesame topic as your ebookand link to it at the end ofyour piece to encouragereaders to keep learning.EBOOK TITLE Send a segmented email to your community who haveindicated an interest in receiving offers from your company. Leverage paid advertising and co-marketing partnershipsthat will help you promote your ebook to a new audience. Don’t forget to publish social media updates with a link toyour ebook.// Page 14
  15. 15. Ensure that you have marketing analytics in placethat measure the success of your ebooks. Youneed to have access to landing page analyticsthat give you insights into how many peopledownloaded your ebook and how many of thesepeople converted into opportunities andcustomers for your business.CHAPTER 4:Tracking Your Ebook’s Success// Page 15
  16. 16. You can use inbound marketing software such as HubSpot totrack the leads who downloaded your ebook and converted onoffers. In this way you are able to measure your ebook’s success!EBOOK TITLELanding pages arean essential part oflead generation.Factors from pagedesign to the qualityof the offer behindthe form can allinfluence how wellthese critical pageswork. HubSpotlanding pageanalytics help youmeasure yourlanding pages andoptimize them forsuccess.// Page 16
  17. 17. If you’re interested inimproving your leadgeneration processes, requesta custom demo of theHubSpot all-in-one inboundmarketing software.CALL-TO-ACTION PAGE