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Car purchase


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Buying with Cryptoceeds option

Published in: Automotive
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Car purchase

  1. 1. Buying High Value Products with CryptoCeeds eWallet
  2. 2.  Your own private fund manager & VAs  Buy Real Estate, Automobiles and other properties  Payments to Dealerships are all settled in cash  Refunds are always sent back to Cryptoceeds
  3. 3. Restrictions  US Residents only (available now)  Canadian Residents (starts on June 2014)  Internationals (last quarter of 2014)  Philippines (May 2014)  Requires credit check as payments are coursed through inhouse financing
  4. 4. Steps for Purchasing Online  Get a quote from ANY Car Dealership Online and Offline  Send the quote to our Car Sales team (  Car Sales Team will coordinate with the Dealership  Dealership will contact you about the approval of your purchase and the delivery/pick up date of your car  Processing takes 3 weeks depending on individual circumstances
  5. 5. Walk-in/Visiting a Dealership
  6. 6. For Car Dealership Walk-ins  Choose a Car  Refer your Car Sales Agent to your Fund Manager to start the payment process  Dealership calls you back
  7. 7. Existing Car Loans?  Send financing details to our Car Sales Team.  Car Sales Team coordinates with Dealership pertaining to full payment of your existing loan.  Car Dealership issues your Unencumbered Car Registration Certificate under your name
  8. 8. Taxes?  You will be taxed for next year for income received in form or in cash  For further details, consult a tax professional
  9. 9. Questions?